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Katherine hopes to pursue a career in Neurologic or Geriatric Rehabilitation following graduation in May, 2015. He remembers how the Heat’s team members related with their trash talk and “in my ignorance, didn’t know they communicated the same way as my friends talking trash in the locker room.”  He wasn’t aware of the difference between quadriplegics and paraplegics, noting, “I thought quadriplegic meant Christopher Reeves with a motorized wheelchair, using a vent, and sipping through a straw.” He realized that what he was encountering in the team’s stories were real stories about real men’s lives that had been changed in an instant.

His role is crucial to the story presented in the film because his journey is applicable to those who have gone before, and those are yet to come. Lehrer started her physical therapy career at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, where she has worked for over nineteen years (oral communication, September 8, 2014). In the 2005 documentary film (Murderball) directors Henry Rubin and Dana Shapiro documented people’s life experience with Paraplegia.

Nonetheless, the film doesn’t ask you to choose sides.

Both professors feel that the medical and rehabilitation communities frequently fail to address the considerable ambiguity surrounding sensitive subjects like sexual function and driving capability that many neurological patients face once discharged. Connell, R. (1995). Wheelchair rugby is a full-contact sport. I had nightmares of her attempting to cross a street, shuffling behind her rolling walker and making it almost across only to be distracted by a nearby conversation as the light began to change. Consider Mark Zupan, probably the best player in the sport today. Chairs are reinforced to take the hammering. We may not be in chairs and may not be athletes, but we all have disabilities, sometimes of the spirit.

Print. We may not be in chairs and may not be athletes, but we all have disabilities, sometimes of the spirit. With her, something always ranked 9/10 for pain. As the players talk frankly about their lives, we learn everything we always wanted to know about quadriplegic sex but were afraid to ask. He fell asleep in the bed of a pickup driven by his friend, Christopher Igoe, who drove away not realizing Mark was aboard. She was outwardly defiant and refused to work with most of the staff. The sport of "murderball" combines basketball, hockey, and rugby. She then left Michigan to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie follows Zupan and his teammates on Team USA during a couple of seasons where the off-court drama is fraught with tension. Murderball is a highly engaging, informative look at the lives of a group of quadriplegic men who are also elite athletes. Murderball — Beyond the Documentary: Film Review and Analysis By Katherine J. Voorhorst, SPT .

Apparently he is effective because he marries by the end of filming. Regardless of the method, Murderball should be considered a multi-use tool in the educational tool box.

Invented in Canada in the 1970s, murderball was renamed "wheelchair rugby" or "quad rugby" to make it less offensive to corporate sponsors, but retains its toughness with any name. They agree that Murderball can be a valuable learning tool in the spinal cord injury (SCI) curriculum (oral communication, September 22, 2014). Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013.

Murderball es un documental dirigido por Henry Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro.

Fortunately, she found this not necessarily the case with other nations. Tollestrup tries to bring about the rivalry between the U.S.A. team that is, led by Mark Zupan, and the one coached by Joe Soars. She was fiercely social—she knew the names of everyone on the floor and addressed each one as we passed them each morning. The best thing is when a newly injured individual says ‘because of your movie I want to try to become a rugby player.’ ”  Certainly, now more people are aware of the Paralympics, and he hopes that individuals with quadriplegia will not feel their life is over, but see that inspiration lives on, that there is “a pin prick of light in the dark.”. While reviews celebrate the power of murderball (the sport) and Murderball (the film) to overturn stereotypes of disability as emasculating, both are just as fascinating as a window on how disabled men may strategically embrace stereotypes of masculinity (including sexism) to neutralize the stigma of disablement and restore cultural stature. ( Log Out / 

In those failures, she had learned to rely on herself. The documentary Murderball, directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, is raw, visceral, violent, and beautiful. Murderball — Beyond the Documentary, © 2018 Emory University. Murderball is a raw exploration of masculinity. ", "Murderball," directed by Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, produced by Jeffrey Mandel and Shapiro, photographed by Rubin, works like many great documentaries to transcend its subject and consider the human condition. How do you eat your pizza with your elbows? Also like "Hoop Dreams," it's not really a sports film; it's a film that uses sport as a way to see into lives, hopes and fears. Last week's winner, Broken Flowers, again finished first despite a sizeable increase in its theatre count.

The film follows Zupan and the United States quad rugby team as they train, compete, and unwind in the same way any able-bodied team would.

He fought for respect in school, fought for an education, was a fierce competitor on the court, and seems ferocious as he leads Team Canada against his former roommates.

67-86). What specific choices do the filmmakers make in order to lead us to the desired conclusions about disability, for instance? Something must be said about the femininity in the film, which the filmmakers seem to gloss over.

It's a natural question for a little boy to ask a quadruple amputee, and Bob Lujano is happy to answer it. Lehrer describes how her experience with quad rugby began: one day, she was sitting next to a physical therapist who worked at the Shepherd Center (a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in Atlanta) and who also volunteered with the wheelchair track team.

She recognizes that there is no “crystal ball” to reveal a how and when along the road to recovery a patient may be able to achieve that type of rehabilitative success.

Remember Bob Lujano, who the kid asked about eating pizza? The film is unparalleled as an exposition of ideas about masculinity.

That experience infuses all of your opinion for the rest of your life.

If Zupan is the hero of the movie, Joe Soares is its enigma. Granted, most of the masculinity on screen is aggression-driven as an outlet for lives that one would not ordinarily associate with aggression: the disabled. Murderball has been directed by the duo Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro.

One team member's retort, "We're not going for a ^#^$%#^* hug, we're going for a gold medal," illuminates the ways in which popular (and critical) responses to the film add to its message: they reveal viewers' assumptions about disablement, masculinity, sports, and sexuality; their sense of which assumptions are overturned, and which reinforced, by the film; and their resulting comfort or discomfort.

This documentary film follows the professional and private lives of the 2004 U.S. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Compare this performance with other movies…. Zupan proves to also be the mirror image of Joe in that he is quick to anger if he is screwed with unnecessarily, but he is also quick to forgive those that he is truly close to. Luckily, she seemed to like me too. Photo credit: Jeff Vespa,, 2005, When asked when he started to feel comfortable around the athletes, he remembers it took nearly a full year before he could trash-talk them like his friends in the locker room and also before he realized they didn’t want doors held open.

Año: 2005. We were an amusing duo as we trekked through the hospital. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After all, I was merely a student, and she had refused the help of so many others. This is one of those rare docs, like "Hoop Dreams," where life provides a better ending than the filmmakers could have hoped for. Authors retain copyright for their original articles.

In the context of the film, the story is not about disability, not about a group of disabled individuals who play a violent form of rugby. Rated R Even if they are so down and frustrated with their condition that they are swearing you out of their room and have no desire to participate in therapy, you still have to show up the next day, let go of any ego, and encourage them to try again. Scott Hogsett is the ladies man in the bunch and he seems to be only interested in this aspect of his masculinity where he uses his athletic prowess to “get chicks” and “get laid”.

"I'm a guy in a chair," Zupan says.