But a more sceptical approach could have differentiated it from the podcast and been more enlightening. However, Serial fans are finding a lot of repetition in the show, with new updates few and far between. With Luke Brindle-Khym, Rabia Chaudry, Saad Chaudry, Donald Clinedinst. “These results in no way exonerate him,” a spokeswoman for the Maryland Attorney General’s Office told The Sun. It is skilfully created, and mostly empathetically told by the director Amy Berg. By the time of the season one finale, the. Syed was a teenager when he was convicted of the … Here’s what to know before watching.]. Now, the story is getting worldwide attention again as HBO airs its new docuseries, The Case Against Adnan Syed. Here’s a quick look at the finale’s major revelations. The odd murder case became a story known around the globe when it was rehashed in the NPR-produced podcast Serial in 2014. The Case Against Adnan Syed will dive into every tiny detail of the perplexing case. Was it necessary to show photographs of parts of their daughter’s body surfacing from the ground? ‘Do love and remember me for ever,” Hae Min Lee writes in her diary. There is the revelation that Lee told friends she had been sexually abused as a child, a detail that has no bearing on this case, unless the filmmakers are suggesting that this may have been a motive for her murder, though this is not revisited. This is new. In his statement to Berg, Wilds said that Syed showed up to his house in Lee’s car with the body in the trunk. ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’: Finale Reveals New DNA Test Results. "To you listeners, it's another murder mystery, crime drama, another episode of, Sobering messages like that are probably why the subreddit eventually set up a, They did not, however, stop investigating the case. Because of markings caused by a phenomenon called lividity, which Gorniak described as “the settling of blood after you die,” she said that Lee’s body must have lain for eight to 12 hours somewhere other than where she was ultimately buried, in Baltimore’s Leakin Park. According to the documents, one female DNA profile not matching Lee was found on a piece of rope found near the place where Lee was buried. In them, he made several new claims. “My prayers are not just that Adnan is exonerated but that God brings the truth to light,” says lawyer and family friend, Rabia Chaudry, who is also a producer on this show (and the catalyst for Serial). Wilds gave two police interviews and testified at trial, and the contradictions among those accounts were well documented in “Serial” and in earlier episodes of the HBO series. One was that the police had coached him to say in his second taped interview that Syed first showed him Lee’s body, in the trunk of her car, at a Best Buy parking lot, not at a meeting point off Edmondson Avenue, as he had originally said. Private investigators hired by Berg asked Erik Ervin, a turf physiologist from the University of Delaware with a Ph.D. in horticulture, to examine the grassy lot, along with photographs of the car from the day police discovered it. No physical evidence against Syed was presented at his trial in 2000, so these findings could add heft to his innocence claim. (Click here for a useful comparison of the various timelines Wilds gave to investigators.) Its makers say it does, “presenting new discoveries as well as groundbreaking revelations that challenge the state’s case”. UK release date announced for The Case Against Adnan Syed . But she held onto, It’s a good thing that Clare Crawley loves dogs, because Bachelorette contestant Blake Moynes and his dog are basically inseparable. But they will do so armed with new facts. Wilds led the police to the car about six weeks after Lee was killed. Serial podcast subreddit as full of theories, Rabia Choudry, the lawyer and family friend, scholarship fund for Woodlawn High School, serial killer and rapist in the area named Ronald Lee Moore. The DNA of investigating officers, who might accidentally have left some material behind, was eliminated. Lee and Syed are reimagined walking arm in arm through idyllic woodland. The defense requested that they be compared with prints in the database. Berg contacted Wilds, who declined to be interviewed for the series. “Most people don’t have the resources you do to track me down,” Clinedinst tells the filmmakers, which almost sounds like a challenge. Has The Case Against Adnan Syed got any more to add? In early 1999, Lee was strangled and buried in a shallow grave in Baltimore. There is something desperately sad about the gulf between the interviews with these grownup, self-aware women and the gauche journal entries of their friend who would never join them.