Fixing A Hole (Take 3) [Excerpt] [01:09]04. There was some bleed between the instruments which meant the guide vocal can be heard on track one.Backing vocals were then overdubbed onto track four, and George Harrison added an eight-bar guitar solo onto track two.On 21 February, back at Abbey Road, they recorded a fourth take, before deciding the Regent Sound take two was the best. Fixing A Hole (Take Unknown) [01:34] Regent Sound Studio, London, 9 February 1967. The Beatles used Regent Sound Studio in London as Abbey Road was unavailable. Sgt. Fixing A Hole (Take 1) [Excerpt] [00:00]02. They created a reduction mix to free up space, which combined the guitar and backing vocals on one track. It was written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon–McCartney. Pepper's Sessions 1966-1967.The recording of Fixing A Hole began on 9 February 1967. Maracas were also added by Starr.Towards the end of the session five mono mixes of Fixing A Hole were made. It was the first time the group used another studio to record for EMI.The Beatles rehearsed Fixing A Hole a number of times before the tapes rolled. The second take became the basis for the final version.The backing track featured Paul McCartney on bass guitar, Ringo Starr on drums and George Martin on harpsichord on track one, and McCartney's guide vocals and John Lennon's rhythm guitar simultaneously taped onto track three. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. "Fixing a Hole" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1967 album Sgt.

The Beatles - Fixing A Hole Sessions (9 Feb. 1967) - YouTube On the fourth track he double-tracked his vocals in places. The new mix became known, confusingly, as take three.They then overdubbed backing vocals, guitar and maracas to complete the song.McCartney then recorded over his guide vocals and John Lennon's rhythm guitar, adding in their place a new lead vocal performance. Fixing A Hole (Take 3) [Start] [00:52]03. The final version was an edit of mixes three and six; the edit can be heard at the 2'06 mark on the album.Full version of the dialogue of the Take 3 will not be published due to copyrightTrack Listing:01. These were numbered 2-6, even though there had been no previous mix numbered one. They then recorded three takes, the last of which was incomplete.