MIMICS-2 study three-year results Barbara Rantner, Munich, Germany, 16:10-16:15 Luca Bertoglio, Milan, Italy, 17:00-17:20 The Charing Cross (CX) Symposium, with its world-class faculty and unique focus on live audience participation, has announced the launch of a not-to-be missed and timely vascular and endovascular education virtual event: CX 2020 LIVE.

New validated anatomic classification of chronic venous obstruction of the iliofemoral tract and its clinical implications On label treatment of short and angulated neck: Why it matters? It is—at times—a hair’s breadth away between triumph and disaster.”. Current trends in data and device development. Audience participation, discussion and polling, 16:10-16:15 Podium 1st: Twelve-month results from the ABRE study Black reported a low rate of major adverse events (2%) within 30 days of intervention, and an overall primary patency rate of 88% at 12 months. Jalaie chaired a BD-sponsored symposium that provided an update on the VERNACULAR trial. All Rights Reserved   •   Privacy Policy. Michael Jenkins, London, United Kingdom, 16:05-16:10 CX 2020 Live - Gore Satellite Symposium Abdominal. In my opinion, it is probably two weeks at an absolute push to recover a stent from thrombosis. Jan Heyligers, Tilburg, Netherlands, 17:05-17:10

Jorge Fernández Noya, Santiago Compostela, Spain, 16:55-17:00

Audience participation, discussion and polling, 16:30-16:35 Giovanni Pratesi, Genoa, Italy, 17:10-17:15

Your experience is paramount, so we are using a platform that has delivered over 50,000 virtual events to millions of attendees. Misti Malone, Silver Spring, United States, 16:25-16:30 Ludovic Canaud, Montpellier, France, 16:10-16:15 Audience participation, discussion and polling results, 16:30-16:35 BIBA Medical, North America It is also critical to have a good working relationship within your own, and between departments. Eric Verhoeven, Nuremberg, Germany, 16:30-16:35 These highly interactive sessions will follow the signature CX style and include live discussion, audience participation, polling and Techniques & Technologies edited cases. The newer stents take this design consideration into account,” he explained. CX Aortic Vienna 2020: Where content is king, CX Aortic Vienna 2020: Less than two weeks to go, High quality education on aortic disease treatment at CX Aortic Vienna, CX Aortic Vienna: Left subclavian artery revascularisation during TEVAR is a “natural evolution”. Lars Lönn, Copenhagen, Denmark, Chairman: Stephan Haulon, Paris, France Programs will take place every Tuesday and Thursday over five weeks from May 26 to June 25, 2020. Amer Zanabili, Oviedo, Spain, 16:25-16:30 Thomas Zeller, Bad Krozingen, Germany, 16:50-16:55 CX 2020 LIVE accredited with 10 EU/US reciprocal CME credits – Click here. Is distal oversizing the sole reason for distal SINE in chronic dissection and are there device specific differences? Kevin Mani, Uppsala, Sweden, 16:30-16:35 Audience participation and discussion, 16:50-16:55 Audience participation and discussion, 17:00-17:20 SCHEDULE: […] The CX 2020 LIVE audience heard from both O’Sullivan and Jalaie that there is a need for a standardised reporting system that stratifies disease, to accommodate for differing expectations of outcomes after stenting. The CX Symposium Putting our customers first has always been an intrinsically important part of business strategy, but the last 6 months have shone an even brighter light on the needs for us to be there for our customers, and meet their ever-evolving needs. Giovanni Torsello, Münster, Germany, 16:50-16:55 According to Jalaie, these groups can be treated in an endovascular manner, with a distal landing zone of stent just above the orifice of the deep femoral vein. O’Sullivan presented highlights of the trial and real-world experience with the Venovo venous stent system. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy. The reason is probably the different extension of the pathology of the patients included in these studies.”. Outcomes of carotid artery stenting in selected patients are now as good or better than endarterectomy When is the use of angulation control beneficial in TEVAR Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK), chairman of the symposium, invites you to CX 2020 LIVE, and outlines the content of the first two sessions. The pivotal investigational device exemption (IDE) study, conducted at 24 global sites, included a total of 200 patients.

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Created with Sketch. Alexsandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, 16:40-16:45 Raghu Kolluri, Columbus, President of ASVM, United States, 16:45-16:50 Chairing: Giovanni Pratesi, Genoa, Italy, 17:00-17:05 IVL for calcified EVAR access Wrapping of the ascending aorta as an option for acute type A dissections

The Abre stent is a self-expanding , nitinol stent system with an open cell configuration, and is delivered on a triaxial catheter. Clinical assessment and work-up of patients with possible pelvic congestion syndrome Hence Verhagen, Oegstgeest, Netherlands, 17:05-17:10 Industry Symposium: Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) for EVAR access and AIOD A online series of training events will be delivered via Zoom Pro the week of October 26-30. VOYAGER: The role of rivaroxaban in PAD lower extremity revascularisation patients  Chairing: Michele Antonello, Padua, Italy, 17:00-17:07 Robert Jones, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 16:30-16:35 Fielding a question concerning the optimal solution for stent occlusion, particularly for patients that are very symptomatic, Black answered: “We follow stents very closely, because if you are going to solve the problem of stent occlusion, you have got a very short window to do that. Some of them will respond under compression alone. As they are both very experienced, the technical aspect can [also] be ruled out. Moderator: Andrew Holden, Auckland, New Zealand, 17:00-17:05 Designing venous stents to cope with venous anatomy: What is needed below the ligament Contrast-enhanced duplex US for intraoperative assessment of endoleak management European Society of Vascular Surgery Venous Thrombosis guidelines – implications for superficial vein thrombosis

“We are very open about our mistakes, and I hope most of the time we respectfully question decisions. “Forty to 50 [procedures] a year, I would say,” O’Sullivan replied. Industry Symposium: Endovascular treatment of complex aorto-iliac occlusive disease

Therefore, conservative management is reasonable, and does not preclude subsequent intervention for persistent symptoms.”. Tailor fragile aorta treatment with latest generation thoracic stent graft system If 2020 has taught us anything, ... From top of mind CX topics in commerce, customer data, sales performance management, sales force automation, marketing and service plus industry-specific stories in consumer products, ... SAP Customer Experience LIVE won’t disappoint! Vascular Access Consensus. Armando Mansilha (Porto, Portugal) chaired the session. Prospect and appraisal of a new sirolimus-coated balloon over paclitaxel for the treatment of PAD Back to CX 2020 LIVE Login. Houman Jalaie, Aachen, Germany, 16:30-16:35 Audience participation, discussion and polling, 16:50-16:55 Email: info@bibamedical.com, BIBA Medical, Europe (Charing Cross Symposium organiser), CX Aortic Vienna Abstracts – Society of Vascular Surgery of Italy, CX Aortic Vienna Abstracts – Vascular Ultrasound Practitioners, Charing Cross 2020 – Consensus Update Book, Critical limb-threatening ischaemia meta-analyses, Industry Symposium: Endovascular treatment of complex aorto-iliac occlusive disease, Industry Symposium: Overcoming the limitations of paclitaxel: A new sirolimus-coated balloon for the treatment of PVD. May 13, 2020—The Charing Cross (CX) Symposium has announced the launch of an interactive vascular and endovascular education virtual event, CX 2020 Live, which is designed to deliver high-quality vascular education.

Audience participation and discussion, Chairman: Roger Greenhalgh, London, United Kingdom Santi Trimarchi, Milan, Italy, Chairman: Roger Greenhalgh, London, United Kingdom

Audience participation, discussion and polling results, 17:00-17:20 The majority of patients had stents placed in the common iliac vein, with a “high percentage” (44%) having stent extension into the common femoral vein, therefore crossing the inguinal ligament. Highlights of the VERNACULAR Trial and real-world experience with a venous stent Edited case: Repair of a thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm using an off the shelf endovascular graft Endovascular Today (ISSN 1551-1944 print and ISSN 2689-792X online) is a publication dedicated to bringing you comprehensive coverage of all the latest technology, techniques, and developments in the endovascular field. This meeting is a vascular education calendar special with complimentary registration. You have entered an incorrect email address! Podium 1st: Paclitaxel survival results related to DCBs at four years Nikolaos Tsilimparis, Munich, Germany, 16:30-16:35

Stephan Haulon, Paris, France, 16:40-16:45

TEVAR in acute uncomplicated type B dissection – where are we today? However, he added that for selected cases, a recanalisation of the femoral vein, in addition to the iliac tract, could be taken into consideration. Tan Chieh Suai, Singapore, 17:16-17:17

Panagiotis Kitrou, Patras, Greece, 16:40-16:45 [But] for venous stents, you want diametric stiffness and this means you want stent struts to be thick. Manj Gohel, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 16:20-16:25 International variation in carotid surgery is huge despite all the randomised trials performed The advantage of inner branch technology in resolving the current challenges in fenestrated and branched solutions – large centre experience and lessons learnt Classification and treatment of endothermal heat induced thrombosis: Recommendations from the American Venous Forum The 2020 Virtual Symposium presented by iaedp™ provides healthcare professionals the same CEUs opportunity that the original in-person Symposium offered, but safely and conveniently online.

Moderator Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) subsequently concluded that this “is a technology that is clearly here to stay”.

Complex occlusive iliac lesions: How to treat them Edited case: Expanding indications for aortoiliac disease – key clinical and technical learning from challenging cases Audience participation and discussion, 16:20-16:25 United States: New meta-analysis on DCB for critical limb-threatening ischaemia suggests increased mortality and amputation at one year Andrew Holden, Auckland, New Zealand, Chairman: Hugh Markus, Cambridge, United Kingdom EndoAVF technology update Advantages of balloon-expandable covered bridging stents in FEVAR and BEVAR procedures: Which one is best and why Catch-up on 20 hours of high-quality aortic education in your own time!

Thursday 11 Jun 2020 Live stream from 16:00 BST Live stream starts in ... BIBA Medical, Europe (Charing Cross Symposium organiser) 526 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5NR, United Kindgdom TEL: +44 (0)20 7736 8788 Email: info@cxsymposium.com BIBA Medical, North America : Preliminary learnings from the EXCeL Registry The ABRE study met both its primary safety and efficacy endpoints at 12-months, Stephen Black (London, UK) informed the CX 2020 LIVE audience during his Podium 1st presentation, saying that the data demonstrated “sustained and statistically significant improvement in quality of life measurements and venous functional assessment scores” following the use of the Abre venous self-expanding stent system (Medtronic) in the treatment of symptomatic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction in patients with venous occlusive disease.

Validation studies of virtual reality simulation performance metrics for mechanical thrombectomy in ischaemic stroke Tel: +44 (0)20 7736 8788 “Developing a deep venous service is not hard, but it can be very hard work,” Gerard O’Sullivan (Galway, Ireland) began. Charing Cross Symposium 2020 starting at 2020-04-21 00:00:00 to 2020-04-24 00:00:00.