However, the objects are all in OBJ format, so can be downloaded in applications from Cinema 4D and Maya to Adobe's new Dimension software (neé Project Felix). Did not know that, thank you. I keep getting this error, “We have detected that the model has out of bound UVs. Post here if it helps or not, though, please, for the sake of the next person in your shoes and to document the steps taken in case I need to bring in more help. Adobe Dimensions uses a version of vRay for rendering… it may not recognise SU ‘colors’ as they have no texture or UV’s… importing .obj into PS and exporting as .obj works for some people on the AD users forum… john if you got the file from Adobe Stock then the textures themselves should be Png files... Png is a standard which replaced Bmp and Tif files which will cause a crash if you try to use them in Dimension; now the way you bring Obj files into Dimension is to make a canvas first then use the import option... point it to the Obj file 1. you have the option to download the stock model to your local system as a zip file... this is the best option because it works! However, the objects are all in OBJ format, so can be downloaded in applications from Cinema 4D and Maya to Adobe's new Dimension software (neé Project Felix). Get it as part of Creative Cloud All Apps plan. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I'm trying to import numerous OBJ files into a library. Users can create a profile to keep track of uploads or "likes", and can sift through helpful categories such as animals & creatures, architecture, places & scenes or technology, to name a few. The files are in their normal configuration, as noted above - OBJ and MTL files, as well as Dimension's MDL files, all in the same folder - texture assets are all in their own folders, natureally, though I neglected to list that. 3. /t5/dimension/obj-library/m-p/10808293#M2669, /t5/dimension/obj-library/m-p/10818374#M2682, /t5/dimension/obj-library/m-p/10818461#M2683, /t5/dimension/obj-library/m-p/10823152#M2687, /t5/dimension/obj-library/m-p/10824272#M2689. however you can also send it to your cc library and [if you know where to click] you can even change which part of the cc library you send it to... this is the correct workflow i.e, the one Adobe wants you to use, Dimension Stock assects are NOT Obj files while they are in the library... [apart from background images] only Dimension stock assets can be used in Adobe Dimension by dirrect dragging out of the library, files need to be under 1G [unzipped] for the Adobe library system to work... bigger than 1G will fail to sync no matter how good your internet is, bigger files take longer to sync and are more likely to fail... that is why the download a local zip copy is the best workflow, you can NOT put a Obj file into Adobe CC Library because Adobe blocks that file type... yes that is silly but the dev teams don't talk to each other or test the system from outside Adobe so most staff are not even aware that it doesn't work, understand that the cc library are syned to the local system and you can only use these files in Dimension after a file has finished downloading a local copy, Obj files can be opened in Photoshop and saved as Psd files... you can't drag them into Dimension but you can send them to your cc library, files inside the cc library are there own type of library files i.e, they are not Obj, Fbx or Psd files until you download them from the library. Learn how to add and import 3D models in Dimension. If you buy a Dimension asset on Adobe Stock, download it, and extract it, these files are in exactly that configuration. Purge Unused might make a difference. Google hopes Poly will make it easier to create and develop in 3D, according to Google’s blog post published last night. For more websites where you can download 3D assets, see our 5 best websites (paid) for 3D assets or our 7 best websites for free 3D models. Search thousands of Adobe Stock 3D models, lights and material assets within Adobe Dimension. Create product mockups, brand … Google can now add 3D assets provider to its list of services, as it announced a new platform called Poly last night (UK time) much to the delight of VR and AR developers. this vimeo shows you the main two work flows i.e, the correct way and the way that works, work arounds include putting your Stock files inside the Adobe cloud as zip folders i.e, zip is an allowed file type, I hope that clears some of the mess up but let us know if you still need help mate, p.s, yes you can move Bmp and Tif files to the cc library and yes you can import those files into Adobe Dimension but when you try to save the Dn file it will crash and corrupt the save file making your work worthless so just be aware of that. For ideal results ensure all UVs are in the 0-1 space.”. Thanks! None of the other 3D applications I use have ever made use of, produced, or asked for one. Most of the staff here are capable of using other render tools and are familiar with Adobe, so we want to be able to use models in the program to expedite the rendering. Google suggests Poly for developers building for VR, Google's ARCore or Apple’s new ARKit. Dimension supports OBJ, Autodesk FBX, STL, and Sketchup SKP file formats. Poly is a platform where anyone can browse and download free 3D objects and scenes. Using Match Image to add a background; Save, Render, and Export. I want to be able to create "Libraries" of locally stored assets - models, textures, materials, light set-ups, backdrops, etc. When I go to import .OBJ, MTL, and .MDL files into a new library, Dimension says the file formats aren't recognized. Poly allows direct OBJ file upload, so whether you’re creating "an intense space walk in VR, or a serene garden of AR flowers, you’ll find the ingredients you need", Google says. Google hopes Poly will make it easier to create and develop in 3D, according to Google’s blog post published last night. Get it as part of Creative Cloud for just US$20.99/mo. I moved the geometry to the axis and purged out all of the materials that were left over from the scale figure. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Importing .obj files to Adobe Dimensions UV issues. Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This topic was automatically closed 183 days after the last reply. Dimension empowers designers to compose, adjust, and render high-quality, photorealistic images.