Flamingo., London This book has triggered a complete and unsatiable hunger for reading her work. Sollte Ihr Anliegen nicht dabei sein, finden Sie weitere Auskünfte zu Ihren Fragen auf unseren Serviceseiten. Condizione: Good. In the title story, the heroine's serenity is shattered when she learns that her husband is having an affair.
WorldofBooks Once upon a time, I was on the train and this old woman (perhaps seventy years of age) started sharing her life experience with me. It made me suffer with them, share their hopes, dreams and feel their hopelessness. At the same time, her latest book bombs, and begins to doubt everything in her life. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Trade Paperback. To ANYONE who wants to read this: PLEASE don't read this edition. |, 129 The third/titular one is the best thing I read this year.  US$26.99, US$11.60 So I began with this book, a collection of three novellas. Like much existentialist literature, it is written in the first person, the story consisting of a series of diary entries written by Monique, a middle-aged woman whose husband is a hard-working doctor and whose two grown up daughters no longer live at home. But this depth and this humanity cannot end up on the extreme of randomness. I asked myself and her and the world "Why?". The author of many acclaimed works, de Beauvoir was one of the most influential thinkers of her generation.  US$14.99, US$13.81 In excellent condition with minor wear o/w tight clean and square. To see what your friends thought of this book. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting.  US$11.61, US$9.96 The second and third stories are the ones that stick the most in my head. Da: By clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. GlassFrogBooks Her famous work, The Second Sex, was hailed as a landmark study of women, and her novels, including The Woman Destroyed and She Came to Stay, have become well-loved classics. First published in 1967, this book consists of three short novellas on the theme of women's vulnerability - in the first, to the process of ageing, in the second to loneliness, and, in the third, to the growing indifference of a loved one. 'The Woman Destroyed' was part of my parents library and the 70s edition with a naked woman on the cover intrigued me in my adolescence. Verwendung von Cookies und unserer. I feel that in any case I am done for. Until recently, when my mom bought another edition (beautiful photo and design by Christine Rodin and Louise Fili - image below). Flamingo, Fontana., Glasgow, 1986. I am the type of person who loves characters above all. Warning: do not read this if you can't stand unlikeable characters. THE WOMAN DESTROYED is a collection of three stories, each an exquisite and passionate study of a woman trapped by circumstances, trying to rebuild her life.  US$19.36, US$9.59 We all have our reading bucket lists. (Hawthorne, CA, U.S.A.), Descrizione: Fontana Paperbacks, Flamingo Edition, 1984. What an odd thing a diary is: the things you omit are more important than those you put in. A clean, straight book. In the first story, the narrator, a successful literary analyst, must come to terms with the fact that her son does not really share the dreams she has for him and is no longer under her influence.

Innen sauber. Not only the MAIN focus is put on women and their thoughts, but it makes one wonder if the book itself could be so genius if not written by a female. In three “immensely intelligent stories about the decay of passion” (The Sunday Herald Times [London]), Simone de Beauvoir draws us into the lives of three women, all past their first youth, all facing unexpected crises. Start by marking “The Woman Destroyed” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Flamingo, Fontana., Glasgow Even though the protagonists are miserable at best most of the times, I feel like this book celebrates womanhood so beautifully. Although this book was published in 1967 (and the three pieces written at different times), the book this reminded me of most - almost serves as a precedent to - is Ferrante's, I am the type of person who loves characters above all. ― Simone de Beauvoir, quote from The Woman Destroyed “Fathers never have exactly the daughters they want because they invent a notion a them that the daughters have to conform to.” “There was once a man who lost his shadow. It's probably a bad choice, given the time in my life, to suffer through this honest little bit of literature, however now that I've started it's hard to stop. At the beginning of the story she has just seen her husband off on a flight to Rome where he has a conference. How the main character is unable to do anything but fall apart, while her husband cheats and lies. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, political and social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography. Where he had once admired the way she devoted herself to others, he now sees her dependence on others as rather pathetic. Soft cover. I think, I'll write about it in a week or two. I hope it doesn't ruin me. She taught at lycées in Marseille and Rousen from 1931 to 1937, and in Paris from 1938 to 1943. Enthralling as fiction, suffused with de Beauvoir's remarkable insights into women, The Woman Destroyed gives us a legendary writer at her best. HarperCollins Publishers, United Kingdom, London, 1984. Overall, a fascinating read, but it could have been far more profound if de Beauvoir took up the challenge. Three stories. 'The Age of Discretion' deals with ageing, loss, and a woman's refusal to accept her son's career choice as she stares down the tunnel of age. Maurice grows increasingly irritated with her. trade paperback in very good + condition. Segnalaci il libro che stai cercando e non appena sarà disponibile su AbeBooks riceverai un e-mail di notifica. I somehow did not end up reading it even later in my adult years.  US$9.95, US$12.33

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