But the battery pack in the Prius Prime is significantly larger. Some pluses and some minuses. The fuel economy is top notch, of course (we are averaging 130 mpg combined and have gone 2500 miles on just over 2 tanks of gas - no long trips yet, just 3 trips of about 120 miles round trip and then mostly around town driving). Ran wonderfully in EV mode when I left the dealer. Receive pricing updates, shopping tips & more! But it does limit the utility of the vehicle. It does seat 5, but in order to add the 5th seat some of the trunk space was lost. I'll pay more attention and see if the service folks can fix something. We’ve analyzed 19 Toyota Prius Prime reviews, as well as performance specs, interior dimensions, fuel economy ratings, and more, to give you all the information you need to make a smart car-buying decision.

This is the first Toyota I've had in 20 years without a rear wiper! Under gas, the gearing seems inconsistent. I was very surprised at the space needed to safely parallel park or to pull out of head-in parking spaces when there were other cars or obstructions alongside. Pretty good. In a snow storm last week, the lack of a rear wiper was a bother, and the rear window heater couldn't melt the snow -- it kept shutting off every 4 minutes, too! I have yet to get the EV mode fully charged since then. Don't bother with a Tesla.

I'd most like other people to know Ihat their Prius Prime can be charged in a standard 110 outlet in about 5 hours. With the $2,000 credit and the $4,500 federal tax credit, the price of this car dropped to $25,000. This 2021 Prius Prime review incorporates applicable research for all models in this generation, which launched for 2017. Is Toyota's voice recognition technology falling behind what it was six years ago? Finally, the car swings wide when parking! And, finally, that the gas mileage is astounding! With its larger battery capacity, the Toyota Prius Prime can travel up to 25 miles on electricity alone. You can go to Niagara Falls, Massachusetts and Washington from New Jersey and you won't need a 2 to 3 hour break to charge (assuming others haven't beat you to the charger). That the trunk space is minimal. We have also found the it to be quite comfortable for a small car and Apple Car Play is a nice addition. Blind spot visibility is better than on the RAV-4 but still not great, and the side mirrors must double duty to compensate for the small range of view out the rear windshield. WE mouth the Limited version in order to get the advanced screen and electronics. Looking for Santa to buy me a Level 2 110 charger. The 2021 Toyota Prius Prime is the only Prius you can get with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, but like all Priuses it looks more like a spaceship than a hatchback car. The interior is clean in design and comfortable.

The 2021 Prius Prime is the plug-in version of Toyota’s popular hybrid. The greatest hybrid ever built is even better for 2020. If Nissan can have it, why not Toyota? Oy!