Painter at side of ship: Where do you think you're goin', Dad? Boys and girls fall in love, that is, they are driven mad and go blind and deaf and see each other not as human animals with comic noses and bandy legs and voices like frogs, but as angels so full of shining goodness that like hollow turnips with candles put into them, they seem miracles of beauty.

Constable: Have you just sent a telephone message of a threatening character to Mr. Hickson of Portland Place? It washes away the mud and sand that keeps on blocking up the bends. Now, be off with you.

It is a sensation something between that of an angel let out of his cage into a new sky and a drunkard turned loose in a royal cellar.'s_mouth_quotes_146537. Gulley Jimson: Go and do something sensible, like shooting yourself! The Horse's Mouth is a 1944 novel by Anglo-Irish writer Joyce Cary, the third in his First Trilogy, whose first two books are Herself Surprised (1941) and To Be A Pilgrim (1942). Bobby: You start yelling "stop, thief" at innocent people... Bobby: ...and you'll find yourself in hot water. Make them respect you.

"Straight from the horse's mouth" is a way of saying that what you are telling comes from the information's source - not through intermediaries that may have confused the message along the way. That's the way to treat strangers. - "You mean do some research?" Abel: That's all right, I'll work down there. Everybody does, once.

He just went up the road. But not all are easy to understand. Gulley Jimson: Old women's feet... thin, flat, long, clinging to the ground like reptiles.

Because it's true. Most of the book is completely true; it comes from the horse's mouth. Who's done you a real injury. This comes straight from the horse's mouth, so it has to be believed. It's the story of my life. I don't know you. Numbers were invented by Arabs who hate art. They begin as a lot of funny words. Mrs. Morton Graines Waring? A few common horse quotations are self-evident. ', 'To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius. It's a new world every heart beat.

The analogy here is to examining a horse’s teeth, which reveal its age with some accuracy. He wanted to mortify some flesh, but he didn't know which.”, “So evil is the brood of the slogans that the most splendid and noble battle cries, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, bred nothing but new and more cunning, more hypocritical despots, better organised murder, popular nationalism drunk with the conceit of hooligans, militarism as the tool of demagogues, hatred not to be assuaged by the blood of millions and a century of tears.”, “She had never realized how little her “devotion” meant to a man who was himself “devoted” – not even to a human being but to something that seemed to his imagination (which had done so much to create it) infinitely more beautiful and worthy – the Cause.”, We’d love your help.

Next thing you know he'll be getting into your beer like prussic acid; and blotting out your eyes like a cataract and screaming in your ears like a brain tumour and boiling round your heart like melted lead and ramping though your guts like a cancer. Putting up her face like a duck to the moon. Miss D. Coker: Well, he's our Father, isn't he?