I still liked it a lot. Larger families will be keen to know the best 7 seater cars available, whereas smaller families can make do with 5 seats in their car. My family fit very well in it. Which secondhand MPV would you recommend for about £12,000? It is the smallest seven-seater on the market, but although there is indeed a third row of seats it’s officially classed as a 5+2 which is probably a more accurate description of it. The Grand Scénic manages to live up to these expectations well, thankfully. They are versatile, practical and for these reasons they hold onto their value well too. It’s engines also aren’t as economical as some rivals, but low maintenance costs and trouble-free motoring will negate this for many used Toyota buyers. Much more versatile. Basically a Volkswagen Sharan underneath, the seven seater Alhambra will be found with better standard equipment levels and identical engines for less and therefore represents a better deal for families on a budget. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

The looks of this car are very generic and plain, especially in the silver colored model that I own. The ground and tent bottom were soaked so we all slept in the MPV. According to Auto Trader, the Citroën took an average of just 25 days between being advertised for sale and getting a buyer, such is their demand. c4-space-tourer There’s a wide range of used MPVs to choose from, but as a driver you don’t just want to be at the helm of a huge box on wheels with a load of seats in it. Unfortunately for me, I saw the flash of the traffic camera and knew that I would be receiving a ticket in the next few days. With £7,500 to spend you can get some nice examples with a full service history and having covered less than 20,000 miles…, Assuming a budget of £12,500, used cars in this sector includes: Volkswagen Touran, Ford C-MAX, Vauxhall Zafira, Kia Carens, Renault Scenic, Citroën C4 Picasso. The included audio system was definitely one of the weakest parts of the car.

We were also easily able to haul camping gear and sports equipment. However, and with the usual provisos of checking the history and living with their size, any of these will make excellent family transport.

Add another £5,000 and haggle a little and you could get a seven seater new enough to still be within warranty. The seats were very comfortable.

We love that it's trim looking but seats seven, and we appreciate having a roof rack.

It has been plenty enough to store whatever, whether it be newly bought furniture or luggage for a business trip.

Not to mention, a good used people carrier needs to be adaptable to your lifestyle – so if keeping younger passengers entertained on longer journeys is a key priority, these cars are comfortable, quiet and packed with plenty of storage space so your favourite things can be transported wherever you go.

The Kia also comes with a seven-year/100,000 mile warranty which will be transferred to the next owner, so a used buyer will benefit from this. © 2020 Evans Halshaw. The recommended engine is the 1.7 CRDI diesel thanks to its strong performance compared to the 1.6 petrol; with the diesel delivering a significant amount of torque to allow for good acceleration even when fully laden with family members and luggage. Not long after we got it the alternator needed to be replaced. The Ford has the huge attraction of sliding rear doors which really come into their own when you are in a supermarket car park, tight up against the car next to you and trying to get a child into the back…and it’s dark, and it’s raining and you’re tired. For example, the MPG is not even close to the best in class, and this not only increases gas costs, but also leads to further environmental harm. John Swift Vauxhall have been producing the ever-popular Zafira since 1990 and is currently in its third generation where it is known as the Zafira Tourer.

The Standard C4 Picasso is still an extremely impressive MPV, not only is does it have an attractive exterior, it strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality on the inside thanks to a well-built and spacious interior. We are also pleased with the gas mileage.

Ford Get a valuation online for your car in minutes. Learn more about our. Our favourite: SE Family 1.6 TDI BlueMotion, Price: £2400 - £24,000 The Renault pretty much created this market with the original which showed the world the value of having independently movable seats instead of a bench affair, and just like the Touran, it’s still appealing today. Some will love the rear sliding doors too, handy if you’re regularly loading children in and out at the side of the road or in a car park. The C3 Picasso is a fabulous family car, a five seater with good leg space between the front and back seats, deep windows so even smaller passengers can see out, a reasonable boot space.

It's fun to drive, really reliable, comfortable, and a lot more attractive looking than most minivans. Our big dog crate fit in the cargo space with room to spare when the third row seat was stored. Usually this doesn't work on minivans, and we love this feature. The most efficient engine will return over 70mpg and benefits from very low CO2 emissions, meaning no road tax to pay. The Peugeot 5008 has been with us for a while now; since its introduction in 2009 this MPV has been a popular car thanks to its practical and durable interior, enjoyable handling and understated looks.

We really have had no major problems with it even though we've put on almost 100,000 miles in the three years we've owned it. There is an excellent level of equipment as standard, a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating for the safety-conscious buyers, and a range of fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines. Even though it is fairly spacious inside, it's inconspicuous design and coloration make it seem less interesting from the outside. So read on to discover the ten best MPVs on the used car market right now. The Air Conditioning works great, the stereo works great, and there are a good amount of cup holders. The third row seating came in handy many times. I like the size and shape of the MPV. With the sudden surge in popularity of the crossover and the SUV, it’s easy to forget that there’s still a very strong demand for spacious, practical and reliable MPVs.

Given their shared VW parentage the Sharan and Alhambra are pretty similar, the S-MAX is by far the best handling and surprisingly sporty to drive for a big car and the Espace shows the benefit of Renault’s vast experience in this market. As a driver’s car, the Galaxy is an enjoyable place to be too, thanks to its 2.0 diesel engines which return impressive fuel economy figures and reasonable road tax costs for this class meaning low running costs for owners. I've had no problems with the amount of space available inside the vehicle. 2003 Mazda MPV - Great family car that was probably much better new. One of my FAVORITE things is that the rear windows ROLL DOWN!!! Sun: Closed. Once, when I was driving this vehicle around the block, I made a terrible decision and decided to try to rush through a light that was clearly just about to turn red. Top 10 Best Used MPVs You Can Buy In 2017. Even though you’re getting more metal you will find the budgets are not a lot different from a medium-sized car. The interior is durable but still feels like a quality product, with cubby holes and nooks and crannies suitable for storing all manner of family paraphernalia.

Our favourite: 1.7 CDTi ecoFLEX Design Nav, Price: £4800 - £21,000 The worst part about this vehicle for me was the MPG of the car.