(Excerpted from “Oromia: an Introduction,” by Gadaa Melbaa, Khartoum, Sudan 1988.). The system regulates political, economic, social and religious activities of the community. In fact the first 6 individuals were Filipinos, they may quip!! [77], The Oromo people developed a luni-solar calendar, which different geographically and religiously distinct Oromo communities use the same calendar. Barentu/Barentoo or (older) Baraytuma is the other moiety of the Oromo people. We exists in nature as a synergy of many many identities. [29] This historical information, according to Mohammed Hassen, is consistent with the written and oral traditions of the Somalis. The Oromo are divided into two major branches that break down into an assortment of clan families. The myopic projects of politicians to dwarf the giants of yesterday will only create a defeated, hateful generation suffering from an undeserved inferiority complex. [94][95], The Oromo people are engaged in many occupations. were Oromos, but people thought they were Amharas and blamed us as oppresors while they were oppresed by their own people.

Thus Iyasu, Haile Selassie, Mengistu and Abiy Ahmed were all born to Oromo fathers. Ongoing riots in Oromia and Wolayta; state fragmentation in the Amhara region, and the standoff between the federal government and the Tigray region have put the survival of the government in question. The Oromo people of East Africa are divided into two major branches: the Borana Oromo and Barentu Oromo. The Tulama Oromo people are an Oromo subgroup inhabiting the region surrounding Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.The Tulama Oromo are agriculturalists and follow the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.. See also. His father Ras Mekonen was the son of Dejazmach Wolde-Mikael, the governor of Gola, near Ankober, who was the son of (Ato?) Population: 25.4 million (2007 National Census). The Oromo also functioned as military and administrative leaders. dividing and weakening the Oromo national movement led by the OLF. Mohammed Rashad Abdulle, Abebe Aregai detention (See Oromo protests: 2014 and 2015/16 and the Country Policy and Information Note on Ethiopia: Opposition to the government). He ruled Sidamo and Harer and died at the age of eighty fighting against the fascist Italians in 1936. [41], The historical evidence, suggests that the Oromo people were already established in the southern highlands in or before the 15th century and that at least some Oromo people were interacting with other Ethiopian ethnic groups. There are also Oromo in the former Wollo and Tigray provinces of Ethiopia.[58]. Ras Gobena Dachi was one of Emperor Menelik’s highly revered generals. Oromos are the only pure race around anywhere in the world, they will accost you with it! How ironic for Oromos to tell the world they were marginalized from politics. Again most of these people you mention considered themselves Ethiopian.

Also don’t you dare mention the word ‘Ethiopia’ because there was no such country, ever, they will lambast! Iyasus Mo’a The aftermath of the sixteenth century Abyssinian–Adal war led to Oromos to move to the north. There is a great recent essay published on Ethiopia Insight by Worku Burayu that explains the true meaning and origin of the common word therefore helping to lift the ignorance surrounding it: Qeerroo is an Afaan Oromo word literally meaning ‘unmarried young man’, as Qaarree is for ‘unmarried young woman’. Tiki Gelana These records suggest that the Oromo were pastoral people in their history, who stayed together. When one can verify the inaccuracy of this claim by just checking widely available resources, the enormousness of the error gets even more magnified. Similar in tone, a US-based Ethiopian working group has urged Washington to play a more vocal role in the deepening crisis. *Ras Mekonnen, Tefri’s father was a famous a Selale/Doba Oromo general and administrator. There was a rumor that she was a Gurage. The religion hostile to that of Amhara race who lorded over them helped the expansion of Islam. Stuck? Debunks marginalization political outcry. Ethiopia Violence Fuelled By Fighters Trained In Sudan: PM Abiy, Coronavirus – Ethiopia: COVID-19 reported cases in Ethiopia (20 October 2020), Ethiopia suspends privatisation of Ethiopian Airlines.
Gelete Burka Endalkachew Mekonnen’s father, Ras Bitwoded Mekonnen Endalkachew was also a prime minister.That makes eight Oromo prime ministers. [100] Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in response to Oromo and Amhara protests in October 2016. In the same year he marched to Tigrai, took over Axum and defeated Dejazmach Sabagadis, the ruler of Tigrai at the Battle of May Islamay. O’Boy. Fatuma Roba – Athlete Genzebe Dibaba Lelisa Desisa We are not ready to pay important sacrifices when members of WBO are ready to, pay an ultimate sacrifice to liberate their people and their country, Oromia.

Shantam Shubissa Yadesa Bojia – Graphic Designer and Artist Atse Susenyos trusted only his time-tested Oromo soldiers. [18][19][20], There are three Gadaa Organs of Governance: Gadaa Council, Gadaa General Assembly(gumi gayo), and the Qallu Assembly. According to oral and literary evidence, Borana Oromo clan and Garre Somali clan mutually victimized each other in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly near their eastern borders. Qaybti 3 )Daawo Videoka Gabadhi Nabadid Basaska o Ahayd iyo #Nabadid karbaajka qabsadey Cawa Daawo A - Duration: 27:59. The Borana The Borana include: Samaalo Walaabuu Rayyaa Sinknesh Ejigu

Not ''shilling,'' for anyone, saying that oromos have always played a major role in ethiopia, both the muslim oromo [wollo, yejju, and the dynasties they formed], and the christian oromos. [83] The cultural and ideological divergence within the Oromo people, in part from their religious differences, is apparent from the constant impetus for negotiations between broader Oromo spokespersons and those Oromo who are Ahl al-Sunna followers, states Terje Østebø. [62] The Oromo language's main linguistic varieties are Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo, Eastern Oromo, Orma and West Central Oromo. [110] Within Kenya there has been radio broadcasting in Oromo (in the Borana dialect) on the Voice of Kenya since at least the 1980s. But there needs to be greater clarity on the nature of the crisis for an informed and meaningful intervention. Except where otherwise indicated, Everything.Explained.Today is © Copyright 2009-2020, A B Cryer, All Rights Reserved. How dare you write this article to tell us there were Oromo prime ministers!!!

A number of these groups seek to create an independent Oromo nation, some using armed force. Barentu Oromo people are one of the two main moiety of the Oromo people in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia.Between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, the Borana Oromo and Barentu Oromo people had differentiated from the confederation. It makes an argument about some raging topic of Abiy’s Oromo heritage which none except the Oromuma Onegawian extremists bring up. Ittu .Qallu Ittu .baaye Ittu .babbo Ittu .Arojji Ittu .Gadulla Ittu .Gaamo Ittu .waayye Ittu .Galan ittu .Wacaale Ittu .Elele Ittu .Addayo Ittu .momajii Ittu .Alga Ittu. Elfenesh Alemu Gurage Amhara Konso Oromo Tigre etc… are all but limbs on a body called Ethiopia.