mJrc80ZBcGU1ptmXjy8TZGVq+Xs3YqlkNkI2LfWVblvuQQPCgO2YUcBHUNVeYRQ9Sm86kfRl3DLv This is often done at the same time that your Inclusion Plan is put into place. IEAs are provided for many students and for a variety of reasons. If you have questions regarding your grades and what happens next please read the information and guidance below. The International Baccalaureate has published guidance on how students will be awarded an IB Diploma or Certificate in 2020. xmp.did:fb1919a0-476c-4ae0-89c7-f4d78824b17c 7RiPz4nIk4z3MhxearEkSL+6VVQ7/CAAffbJxiANmEiTzXZJDsVdQeGKrWiib7SK3zAOG0UFqWts / As such, you are able to verify your qualifications in alternative ways and we advise against posting any documents (particularly original documents). However, in order for your documents to be accepted, such emails must: If you have been asked to demonstrate your English language proficiency, we may be able to verify your test results online if you have taken an IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency tests: For IELTS, you can provide your Test Report Form Number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at ug.admissions@lse.ac.uk. It will also be a requirement of your visa application that you have an unconditional offer, so it is in your interests to send your documents as soon as you can. Online teaching will only be made available for Michaelmas Term. JpQi1XlF6noKKmgFf7MiD5MI5BV0qtfsqcmgUfT/AGYfgy4/Ju51AxWcUwjUl+inoKAn+GEnZM51 We appreciate that this is a frustrating and anxious time for our offer holders but please be assured we are doing all we can to support you and to develop processes in this fast moving situation. Where the Issuer or Depository Bank in conjunction with the Issuer, carries out a Bonus Issue pursuant to which Underlying Instruments are freely assigned to shareholders, the Adjustment coefficient method is used to amend the Exercise Price of Option Contracts, and the Daily Settlement Prices of Futures and their Contract sizes with effect from the Ex-Day. TRItTpR/S/2NcvEZ9abOCfk7ULK4udO9BColJ6kmnv09slOBMaRlxGUKS610XUoPj/cySBm4+ryY Apply online LSE's online application system for Graduate study Meet, visit and discover LSE Webinars, videos, on campus events and visits around the world News and events Current processing dates, holiday closures, events on campus and around the world Across campus and halls of residences, we will introduce enhanced health and safety measures. Print However, the School will be ready to do the following: All undergraduate places at LSE have now been filled. To maintain impartiality students must not contact members of the Appeal Panel directly unless responding to a Panel member’s enquiry. We will also be accepting the MyBest Scores option for TOEFL, provided your grades meet or exceed those mentioned above.

EqT0opp1GZ/FilynXvv9bqJDURO8b9wDMPJf5Qea9U5z+cY7LTbN0kRLO1s9P+st6q0JMiwukYFd You may have already declared a qualification we would accept (pending verification), or may be exempt, based on your nationality. This is published online, the evening before the exam and posted as ‘pink lists’ in the Student Services Centre and in the lobby of Clement House on the morning of your exam. In Wales, A-level, AS, GCSE, Skills Challenge Certificate and Welsh Baccalaureate grades will be awarded on the basis of teacher assessments. However, if your travel plans are impacted by COVID-19 we will put support in place for you to access your teaching and learning remotely in Michaelmas term. You will be asked to tell us when you are likely to arrive (it is ok to give us an approximate date) and then provide us with a little more information on the reason for your delay so we can provide you with the right guidance and support. /JIdirsVdiqHe5cXDwrHy4RrIWrT7RYU6f5GRlIhBLra6M7yKUK+nT4q1BrXoaDpTK8WXiJFcmMZ LioUg/a3G9coHPfkzmZdEnjm/M15VV49OijP2pBzYjav2eQ77ZM8PS2q8vkmOkHzWL6mqTW8luQa Nv7cqOaYY8clbTb1rtJGI+w3EGlK7Vy7TZTMG2WOfEgvr2oqZCzAqv2RxGZ/DFr45IJtX1eJGlml If you marginally miss the conditions of your offer at Confirmation, the School is only able to give due consideration to those with severe extenuating circumstances. xmp.iid:fb1919a0-476c-4ae0-89c7-f4d78824b17c You should be aware that it can take some time to get IEAs in place so even if the Appeal Panel grants you IEAs following an IEA appeal application we may not be able to get them in place in time for your exam. If you have decided you no longer wish to study the programme for which you have been made an offer, then - under exceptional circumstances - you may be able to be considered for a different programme. XYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYqxeylUtGpBk9KtFHc12yoFwIA7WEykikkHKQhf8nrkm4gnmskPpaTc LSE has undertaken extensive and rigorous risk assessments and health and safety assessments on all rooms and communal areas of the LSE campus. +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A9S/WIaA8tj02OV+LFHEF In order for long term IEAs to be put in place your application must be completed and passed to the Panel by the following dates: You should ensure that you make your appointment with the Disability and Wellbeing Service in good time as they will assist you with your application. Lectures will be delivered online for Michaelmas Term 2020.


LSE’s campus and halls of residence will be open to welcome all of our new students for Welcome (Monday 21 September) with a range of enhanced safety measures in place to protect and support you.