The fog-grey chapter that holds Varisco’s history is enveloped with page after page of spectral photography. As a continuation of his grandfather’s spirit, Koxvold strategically divides the 79 pages of text with archival photographs and postcards.

Featuring Iggy Pop, In the Realm of the Senses, Sex Shop, Genieve Figgis, Hans Schierl, Alain Delon, Marlene Dumas, Freud, Rudolph Valentino, anilingus, The Institute of Sexology, 9 Songs, Cy Twombly, Sophie Calle, Henry Hussey, Painting Beyond Pollock, Emma Talbot on Egon Schiele and vaginas and lots more.. On his 1991 single, People are Still Having Sex, LaTour featured a monologue expounding on the fact that ‘people everywhere are still having sex no mater how authority figures such as parents and counsellors try, and despite the risk posed by AIDS nothing seems to stop them’ and as this issue of Garageland testifies neither do they stop writing about it.

Alli Sharma’s paintings of chipped nail varnish are a much more up-yours attitude towards the beauty industry. The costumes, whilst taking elements of Duncan’s original inclination to flowing fabrics (allowing the body to move freely and adding to the flow of the solar plexus), introduced a contemporary structure through the considered cuts and folds in their designs. This blog contains reviews, comment and extra curricular content that adds to the ideas published in the magazine. They allowed us to truly appreciate her influence on contemporary dance. Issue 12: Tudoresque: In Pursuit of the Ideal Home

Thus, the styles of Western modernism that had found purchase in China earlier in the 20th century could not easily fulfil these objectives.

Born in East London in 1882, Madge Gill had a life filled with tragedy.

She says ‘my artworks document an obsession with surface colour, yet my personal approach to make-up is quite masculine and almost chromo-phobic’. or leaning against a wall, coupled with the fact that many were works in progress and unframed gave the whole exhibition a contemporary feel. Transition Gallery Unit 25a Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN Directions. Unlike Hindu philosophers, Taoist poets, Jewish mystics or Catholic hermits, this turning away from our external reality towards an inner contemplative life was not made from choice, nor did it necessarily involve a search for the divine. Amongst all this self-reflection it is maybe no surprise that there appears to be a crisis in our mental health, with anecdotal evidence indicating that anxiety disorders and depression are at an all time high in the UK. What is the story one wonders behind the aesthetic young man in the brown sweater with his resolute yet melancholic stare. Garageland is an arts and culture magazine published bi-annually by Transition, from its base in East London. ‘The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude’ Voltaire. Alex Michon furthers the fashion/art link from Ferragamo to Lisa Milroy via Beecroft and Bourgeois. Szandra and I communicate through our masked mouths, interrupting and collaborating with each other’s thoughts. I move to another painting and the pale violet becomes a fine blue mist, as if a damp morning from outside of the city, came by to leave its breath marks on this stained taught fabric. Ojih Odutola’s ruminations on the formal power of mark-making not only create bodies that ripple with singing flesh but conjure loose intelligible landscapes. NOW AVAILABLE. Six canvases covered by a layer of golden rice form the conceptual glue of the show. Whatever the status of her artworks Gill went on to be a medium in her Upton Park neighbourhood and is is said to have organised séances at her home, drawing up horoscopes and offering spontaneous prophecies. Situated amongst a constellation of small drawings all made by western modernist/contemporary. It’s not all blue however, Picabia injects drama with exaggerated scratches of deep red around his figure’s cheeks and curvaceous lips. From China with Love' is at once reminiscent of a tourist-scrawled line of graffiti, and indicative of the trans-global underpinnings of this show, in which UK-based artists Cai Yuan, Sheng Qi and Xi Jianjun respond to the mythologised work and life of Vincent Van Gogh. series scrambles notions of good and bad taste, questioning signifiers of high and low society by reconfiguring cultural stereotypes. The repetitive blocks of pattern and line that fill the paper and calico she worked on are familiar to anyone who has a passing knowledge of outsider art.

The unpretentious hang, with some paintings exhibited informally on a table or leaning against a wall, coupled with the fact that many were works in progress and unframed gave the whole exhibition a contemporary feel.

Farooq Chaudry’s production and Marie Canteny’s Studio for set and costume design serve to greatly enhance the girls’ movements. In our film club section I look at films about actors, two of which, Opening Night (Cassavetes, 1977) and Sunset Boulevard (Wilder, 1950), show the identity problems that actresses encounter as they grow older. © Toyin Ojih Odutola. Thom Browne Enters the Year 2132. Toyin Ojih Odutola, Imitation Lesson; Her Shadowed Influence, Toyin Ojih Odutola, A Countervailing Theory. Philosophically musing on the current lockdown, Alex Michon recounts how an altruistic coming together between artists and neighbours brought about some much appreciated community creativity to her west London neighbourhood. Sunrise and sunset, they often look similar but lead in two different directions: night in, night out; up for work, burrowing down till noon, and it’s from this perspective of pastel pink and cold cyan that I began to ponder Frieze 2019. Beyond this we have a longing and admiration for its purity, it is art as necessity, art as a lived fantasy. 14: Film 9:  Migration 142 Cambridge Heath Road 13: Paint

From a disposable cardboard fertilization kit, to seaside souvenir spanking paddles, and spray on condoms the collection shows the ever-enduring Pandora’s box of inspiration that the subject holds for artists.

Gallery iopen Monday to Friday 11.00 - 17.00 (by appointment). At the same time, the figure of Van Gogh and the history of Western modernism provides a framework for thinking through these established artists’ practices anew, questioning measures of value and exchange between different cultures and temporalities. Sex is the cherry on the top.’ So tuck in and enjoy! Speaking to the artist Graeme Grant at his exhibition in West Kensington, I asked how lockdown had been for him; 'Eventually, I actually found it very productive, he told me, 'But to be honest, for the first month I just couldn't do anything. Orders for shop collection or delivery to home or studio are being processed as normal. Published twice a year, Garageland is an incredibly fascinating London based magazine that looks at the world of contemporary art, culture and ideas. Two of the featured artists, Cai Yuan and Xi Jianjun, were officially banned from all Tate premises following their ‘interventional performances’ of the 1990s as creative duo Mad for Real. The reverberations from A Countervailing Theory, the first UK exhibition of Toyin Ojih Odutola’s work, is as mesmerising as it is metaphorical. The exhibition unfurls as a sequence of articulations, Ojih Odutola's monochromatic drawings whisper a narrative, from life to death and life anew, charting a relationship that pushes against the dictums that establish this imperial social body. This issue of Garageland looks at a subject that fascinates us all - ourselves. Issue 9:  The full Whitechapel, The London Hospital and Migration here

The aesthetic preferred by the regime consisted of bright and shining, mainly primary colours, employed in a strictly realist style. Shakespeare’s King Lear becomes Kurosawa’s Ran. Can’t you see’X-Ray Spex, 1978. Thank you for your patience and support. Paul Housley works with the stuff that is paint. These experiences, which we are told inspired her artwork, are, in common with other outsider artists, the starting point in any conversation about Gill. We can never know how true these statements are and we know that no person is one thing.

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