However, with Peter's past of dodging bullies punches, or taking them, he was pretty good with the evading parts. Full Moon High Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She was Salia, Mark's right hand woman, and also a dragon. And now all of this is happening? Until the day she went scatterbrained and mistakenly went North for the Winter when she should have gone South, and ended up in Everett, Washington. ", "Nothing. Raynare cackled, "Well, these guys might have ruined it for me, but at least I still have the prize. She then returned to normal with a smile on her face, "I said and looked like that, and he melted like butter to my request. After they saw him leave, Derek leaned in near Ashley, as he asked, "So we're going to go follow them? She grew up among her kind, always migrating with birds and keeping out of sight. That's what matters.". Just as Christie came out to see him run after someone. Sorry about that Pet-" she stopped, and stayed silent for a minute but gains an extremely shocked look on her face. ", Ashley had a scheming smile on her face, "Oh yeah. "Get it! A young man's life changes when he and others are bitten and transformed into werewolves. Everyone saw as clothes were flying all over the place, as Peter and the two girls overpowered the poor boy. AND WHAT IF I'M HORRIBLE IN THE SACK?! Despite this, she seems to be able to sense the mood when things get serious. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But at the moment, reality went back into his head, as he thought, 'Besides with Christie being a hunter, it would never work out for us due to me being a werewolf.' All I see is the exact opposite of the kid that was sick most of the time." However, unknown to the trio, someone on the rooftop was watching on them: a Hunter. The moonlight, although halved, still shined through the leaves and the branches, the moon shined through illuminating the darkened floors of the forest. ", Kylie blushed, as she cupped her cheeks, as she turned away, smiling, "Yeah, but I only want Mikey to be the only putty for me, and no one else. "CHARGE!". Wikis. "Hey, we all should sleep here tonight. he then walked back inside just as the person who was knocked down was revealed to be someone in a hood as the person got up and ran away in fear. Alpha pulled the lines back, as they snapped back in place, while other hunters charged right at him, firing silver bullets. But then she gained a surprised look at the conclusion she came to, as she turned to her niece, and asked rather shocked, "Don't tell me you're having this guy pretend to be Peter! When it was closing in on night, it was becoming cold due to after the rain. Thanks, Aunt Kate. "Follow me," she said, as she stepped in with the others to follow. Once they were all there, leaning on the railing, they saw what was lay before them. It's me, Ashley. Woods. And I can tell the legging boots are brand new as well. Or a mountain lion. "Peter?" She had only a towel wrapped around her body while she was slightly dripping wet, and her hair matted to her body but shined in the lights of the night time. He then fired out two grapnel lines past the hunters, to which their intended target was a tree log. ", Mark blinked at that analysis, as he asked, "Really? You didn't happen to get a look at it did you? ", Everyone hopped down, with Derek carrying Megan down, and Mikey walking towards the control room to where Kylie was present at. She wouldn't have recognized her from last night's report from Raynare's group, but the description of flowing azure blue hair was what caught it on, 'It's her! She had sharp blue eyes, with long flowing aqua purple hair tied into flowing pigtails tied above her head. The girl continued to look scared as shown by the way the person backs into the wall. Two people in particular were watching them from behind one of the buildings. The woods were darkened and silent on the night of a half moon. He then zoomed around the place, even more excited. Peter just smiled, "I think your stomach's a lot more honest than you are." Raynare's gun was shot right out of her hand, as she looked at the destroyed gun on the ground. Poor Mikey's fighting skills sucked; he couldn't throw a decent punch or kick. Games Movies TV Video. Meanwhile, Alpha seemed to be doing a bit better, as he was experimenting on his Omni-Gauntlets. Directed by Larry Cohen. Or more precisely… what she was going to do next. But Peter turned to Ashley, as he nodded to her, "I think it'll do. In truth, the place looked abandoned and had seen better days than this. Peter sensed it, as he shivered straight up, as he whipped around, "Peter… be a dear and try something on for us…". Christie smirked at this, "Man, I look smokin' hot in this; Peter's not gonna resist this one bit." ", Kylie chimed, as she clasped her hands together, smiling, "It's your new Pack uniform, Peter. ", Kate became interested and serious when he mentioned that, as she asked, "Really? ', She shook her head, as she looked at herself in the mirror, determined, as she stated, "No. Perfect for editing and analyzing my pictures." "It's okay, I just want to ask you something," Peter said, as he gently walked towards her. ", As Peter changed, Derek and the others looked to one another, as they remembered the news on what Peter had found out about Christie's double life of being a werewolf hunter. Because of these traits, she is even called a "birdbrain". She was wearing a mini-skirted dress with sleeves that ended at her elbows, but showed off her cleavage, much to her embarrassment, and had white trim on the skirt and neckline, as well as a white buckled belt sewn into it. But then panicked, "GAH! But Raynare didn't show fear at all, as she taunted, "Wow. After what happened last night, everyone was just planning to sleep in for the weekend, hoping to relax once in a while. Derek chose annoyed, as he spoke to her, "This had better be good for you to have us get up on a weekend. Welcome to the Characters category. Subway cars were sticking out of the sides, other had crashed and fallen, creating makeshift walkways to the other level cars. "I've got a sort of outing with Christie today. ", But Kate gave her a death glare, as she stated, "How many times do I have to tell you? Take the shot!" Her eyes were azure blue as well, along with her wolf ears innocently sticking up. It's just Kate; Aunt makes me sound ancient old. ', Christie had a dead panned look on her face, as she thought, 'She doesn't recognize him. 'But if it did… then…', At a hotel room, Christie had gotten out of the shower and was heading into the bedroom. You missed! ", Christie was washing her hands for what felt like the 10th time, as she tried to figure out on what to do. ", Suddenly, Alpha launched his grapnel line from his right fist, and shot it right at Raynare. As they and Raynare were trying to write themselves back up again, they saw the assailants that had attacked, running right at them on all fours. His black spandex sock-like footwear had also been altered, with upper greave and knee armored guards colored steel gray, along with steel gray ankle guards, and on his shoulders, steel gray shoulder guards. 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