Eleven were built for the movie with three “hero” cars produced – fully working vehicles. "[10], Following the incident with the light pole, Halicki compressed multiple vertebrae after performing the impressive 128-foot jump in the closing minutes of the film. In fact, before the 2000 movie, the Shelby GT500 was never referred to as Eleanor. The original Mustang wasn’t good enough to fit the bill on its own and had to undergo a rigorous transformation. Once again, the "Eleanor" name is given to the film's featured car; now a Dupont Pepper Grey 1967 Ford Mustang fastback, depicted as a Shelby GT500, with a customized body kit designed by Steve Stanford. Sold at COYS Autosport International January 2012 auction (Birmingham, UK) for £95,000.

All attention needed to be focused on Eleanor and though the producers could have chosen a European muscle car to act the role without the need of any modification that would have lost the spirit of the original movie. Revology Cars was launched in 2014 by Tom Scarpello, a former executive with Ford Motor Company and Nissan Motor Limited. Though four Mustangs are portrayed in the film as "Eleanor" targets, only two cars were used for filming the movie, with license plates and tires alternated as necessary. [26] After two years Classic Recreations terminated the licensing agreement. Fish plating of the undercarriage - 3” x 3/8” steel, RMH 100 (Fake plates affixed to 820 FUA), This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 03:39. Touted as the "main" hero car in the film and used for promotional photographs. Chris from ChromeCars predicts the Eleanor the company owns is now worth $2 million in its unrestored condition. The second car was left absolutely stock - as noted by cinematographer Jack Vacek in the film's DVD commentary - and was not modified extensively other than the obligatory matching paint job, grille change, and seat swap with the stunt car. Halicki's widow, licensed the rights of the 1974 film to Disney for a remake of the same name. Halicki was rendered unconscious from the impact, but filming resumed the following week - utilizing this accident as part of the final film. [23][20][21] Whether the two wrecked cars were rebuilt - or whether surviving shells were built up into functional cars - remains unknown and unpublicized. [9] Halicki's first words - upon regaining consciousness - were "Did we get coverage?

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