Buick will also have its own electric vehicles, including two crossovers. The Lyriq is meant to be a global product. Do you like how the Lyriq looks? GM is electrifying its vehicle portfolio.

This technology should work a lot like Hyundai's Smart Park. "Our intention is ... this will be a national play for the brand. We may earn money from the links on this page.

GM is taking another step towards the luxury EV space against Tesla with the Cadillac Lyriq, but not until 2022. Advertisement Cadillac's First Electric Car Will Be This Crossover So why is it taking so long to get a real luxury rival into the U.S. market? On the front line of this product offensive is the new Cadillac Lyriq, an all-electric utility vehicle that officially makes its debut Thursday. A year and a half later, we now know the thing is called the Lyriq, and it will be the first of a new nomenclature all unfortunately ending in -iq. It's not unreasonable to expect similar giddy-up from this Cadillac. In fact, it may end up going into production in China ahead of the US, if recent reports are to be believed. So is Mercedes. "We are moving forward with proper names for our products," said Carlisle.

At least they’re real names? One look inside the Lyriq and you'll understand why. It totally looks out of the fil 'Minority Report'. The Spring Hill plant will still be where the Cadillac XT6 and XT5 are assembled, but the GMC Acadia will be moving production to Lansing Delta Township Assembly in Michigan. Once the Spring Hill plant and Factory Zero are operational, GM will have three plants in the U.S. assembling electric vehicles. Its front end is a bit on the busy side. "And that future begins now." Jaguar has been there, and BMW has the iX3 going on sale in Europe soon and an all-electric crossover for the U.S. market coming next year. The brand will continue with the current alphanumeric nomenclature on existing models, "but we're all about proper names" from here on out, he added. automaker announced that its Hamtramck, Michigan, plant, GM announced an investment of $2 billion into its Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant to reconfigure it for electric-vehicle production, including the, The announcement comes shortly after the automaker said that its Hamtramck assembly plant, now known as Factory Zero, in Michigan would be where the.

And so now that Cadillac is to be…. Once its driving range is depleted, the Lyriq's battery pack can be replenished quickly.
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