Hello! One of our favorite things to do now while camping is to walk around and see everyone’s rigs. Hey Mike! A Ford Transit Connect comes with either a short-wheelbase (104.8 inches) or the long-wheelbase (120.6 inches) version. Anyway love your rig! Mike, I am trying to figure out how the rear bench folds up – do you have a photo of the bench? Hi Mike, I am really interested in your design. Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m new to carpentry so I’ll be doing the bed and foldable couch myself. In 2010, Ford brought their compact European cargo van to the U.S. This alternate power supply will provide the supplemental energy needed to power the van’s new accessories; ie ventilation fan, interior reading lights and mini fridge. This camping van was built with an incredible amount of cleverly placed storage. But I’m not the smartest guy on the block, so let me say, “Good Luck”. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect a hefty price tag, considering the size of the lithium ion battery pack. Have questions about our van conversion? It will join the Mustang Mach-E and upcoming electric F … Here you can see an example of a sliding bed design when it’s folded out for sleeping. It all depends on your power source. During our campground stays, we’ve observed quite a few RVers having trouble pulling into spots because their vehicles were too large for the site or, in some cases, just too tough to maneuver. The interior ceiling liner was removed for the installation of the wiring and the new fan. I’m just curious as to how the base is secured to the van. I have used mine with a small electric burner and some meal prep and it was ok. May 05, 2018. First and foremost, we had the van checked by our local mechanic. In a few short days, pick up your campervan and drive away with a smile on your face! Let me know how it turns out! Perfect for us since we were taking ’em out anyway! Battery – not sure about Ford offering a second battery, I use a secondary battery from GoalZero to power laptops, fans etc. Share some pics or a post when you get things set up. Options include: Roof racks, bike racks, awnings, and exterior storage accessories, Solar panel, charge controller and Bluetooth monitor packages, Send an email or give us a call to discuss your ideal setup, Once we determine everything needed to create your van, we’ll provide you with an estimate, A 50% down payment will reserve a spot in our conversion schedule, We purchase and assemble as much as possible in advance to shorten the install time, Once your van arrives at our shop, we quickly and expertly install your conversion components. Perhaps more importantly, the Transit Connect Electric, as a pure electric vehicle, is well suited for commercial fleets that travel predictable, short-range routes with frequent stop-and-go driving in urban and suburban environments and a central location for daily recharging. Your email address will not be published. The interior lights will mainly function as reading lights, which will be accessible in the sleeping area. If that is the case, it could work. We talked through how each part of the design would be accessed and used, making small tweaks along the way. We love the light colors, the unique layout of the bed, and pop-up shelves on the back doors. Once it’s up it’s quite sturdy. I think I have that file in my archive and I’ll put together an email to you in the next day or two with some details. I didn’t have to rip out any flooring as the area under the second row of seats does have some exposed parts. Excellent design! The couch on the left folds down flat when it’s time to go to bed at night which saves space and give you a place to sit during the day. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Our Ford Transit Connect conversion cost us less than $2500, about 30 hours of labor, and a whole lot of planning to get us there. Before we begin, I must disclose that this was our first major electrical project and a certified electrician should … I did research some in my early designs and they look amazing. So it’s not built for too rugged of travel but great otherwise. We like that it was built with adventure in mind. This was great – we are considering a similar conversion. – We planned to install a curtain to separate the main cab from the front cab, get a visor for the front windshield, and cut Reflectix window inserts for all of the back windows. Meaning, when the car is running, it can charge the house battery but when the car is off, the car battery is not drained. The removal was relatively easy, just delicate and time consuming. So you do have to get the mattress a bit out of the way to raise the bench. I’m really excited to see this. Ford has sold more than 655,000 of the combustion engine Transit Connect since coming to market in 2003. Stay up to date on our latest builds and exciting views from the #vanlife road! She uses multiple small boxes for storage that can be easily re-arranged and removed as needed. The Transit Connect’s unique combination of hauling capacity and fuel efficiency made an immediate impact. This picture shows how it looked after install. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone on 07787 111338 / 01507 359071 for further details. Our plan would be to put a roof top tent on the top for two to sleep up there and then two can sleep inside the van. Follow the link to see all of your Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion options: 2014 brought the U.S. market a fully revised Transit Connect. Ford will follow the introduction of the Transit Connect Electric in late 2010 with the roll out of the Ford Focus Electric in 2011. We received a wireless hotspot upon signup that worked well for the times when we didn’t want to drain our phone batteries. With heavy-duty drawer slides, and collapsable L-brackets holding the backdoor countertops, every inch of space is useable. PluginCars.com is a trusted and reliable source of information about next-generation automotive trends. Ford Transit to plug in with electric power from 2022. Connect Campers provides a tailored solution that is specific to the Ford Connect, allowing owners that do not wish to build a custom solution to turn their van into the campervan conversion home from home.. I would recommend possibly widening a compartment to fit more gear and if the height is truly an issue to consider getting a rooftop container. I think it would be really neat to have a large board with a TV mount inside as well. Working on a budget. PluginCars.com, Copyright ©2020 Recargo, Inc. A few simple tips before you visit the dealership. Our Ford Transit Connect conversion cost us less than $2500, about 30 hours of labor, and a whole lot of planning to get us there. And post any questions about the Ford Transit Connect conversion below and I’d be happy to answer them, How to Travel More For Less By Making It A Priority in Your Life, A Year In Our Camper Van: Lessons Learned After 43 States Traveled. With the introduction of the Ford Transit Connect Electric, unveiled at this week’s Chicago Auto Show, Ford may have produced the first halo truck. We are looking at buying at connect to do something close to this. We love the style of this Transit Connect design. We were looking for a van that had: We planned to do a combination of camping, staying with friends and family, and AirBnBing, all while working remotely. I just bought a 2013 connect as well and very interested in more details with your design plan if you’d be so willing. Our Ford Connect Campervan Conversion Kits are exceptionally well made, laser cut to perfection and arriving with full assembly drawings. I am thinking about using this design with a top on the drawers so they could be used to set a camping cook top and table. Also, is it secured to the van in any other areas? Let me know if there is a particular aspect you want to know more about. With the most headroom in its class, now more than ever the first generation is a popular choice for compact camper van aficionados. The electric Transit will join the Ford Mach-E crossover and the Ford F-150 EV in Ford's electric lineup when it goes on sale, targeting businesses … – Our passenger van did not come with the Ford factory-installed roof rack and it can’t easily be added after. That said, the basic function remained unchanged. I plan to use some of your design ideas. We’ve also seen our fair share of Sprinters that look amazing on the inside but were later circling busy streets in cities and towns looking for a suitable place to park. ago. It does quite poor on inclines (weak) and very poor on any secondary roads. Ford executives declined to answer questions from PluginCars.com about whether the company would ever introduce a unique nameplate or design for a hybrid or electric car—only responding that nothing has been ruled out. Enjoy your build! Is the transit reliable ? With the most headroom in its class, now more than ever the first generation is a popular choice for compact camper van aficionados. We had only evenings and weekends over a timespan of two weeks to finish it, so we ended up allotting about 25-30 hours of total labor. Let me know if you’d like to discuss further, happy to toss around some ideas. Comment below! I am selling my condo & hitting the road. Like other electric vehicles, it provides peppy, smooth and silent acceleration—which is almost generic for electric-drive vehicles. Do you know if ford offers a second battery for the transit ? Are they pretty sturdy when pulled out? Could you please send me some pics and the build design? Hi Jess, I haven’t seen one like that yet with the middle row of seats intact but I do think that could work well. From there we built the two drawers for the back storage area. So, we purchased a Rhino-Rack package with tracks, mounts (RTL600), and crossbars (VA137B) with installation from. Mine is bare bones right now but I love how maneuverable it is in the city and great on gas! This Ford Transit Connect was designed by Sunshine Coast Adventure Van. I am planning to build mine this winter, to be