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After leasing the Volt I ended up buying one, and later bought a Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid. What impressed me, though, was his car on the street outside – a Cadillac. Now, it seems, GM will use Spring Hill once again as an important part of the company’s transition to an all-electric future—hopefully this time, for a future it can fully see through. The new model should hit the market sometime in the next year. This system is lightweight, less invasive, so it optimizes the energy stored and layout for the model. Take a step into the future and witness the performance and luxurious style of this all-new, all-electric Cadillac SUV model.
A 33-inch diagonal advanced LED screen will span the entire viewing area of the driver and contain every bit of driver information imaginable as well as infotainment info and controls. I bet Cliff Peters and Al Capone, if they were still around, would agree. The exact setup of electric motors and specs are also unknown at this point. When it comes to the price, some sources suggest that base models will go around 75.000 dollars. As one of the major players, on the market, GM is also working on such technologies. Very well and good. Some of the European EV SUVs were even withdrawn from sale because the automakers could not get enough batteries for even the tiny production numbers being built. I've read both 100kWh and 150kWh for the Lyriq's battery size. This layout also lowers the center of gravity with a 50/50 weight distribution, which will achieve better mileage and charging capabilities. Of course, we count on loads of hi-quality materials but the interesting thing is that dashboard will take a lot of inspiration from the new Escalade. As you can imagine, Canadian pricing is not yet known. What's New for 2023? Privacy Policy.

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Cadillac says its internal testing shows the Lyriq will go nearly 500 kilometres (485 kms, to be exact) on a full charge. This SUV model will feature the first genuinely hands-free driver-assistance technology through Cadillac Super Cruise. This will be a comfortable crossover, so you may presume that one of the biggest rivals will be Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. Even though the Lyriq's originally planned 100kW battery pack seems to have been increased to 150kWh, the lower energy density of the Ultium batteries (built more for their low cost than performance) will only provide the Lyriq with something over 300 miles of EV range (in 2022). Unless something has changed in the last 18 hours, the battery pack will be 100 kWh. The Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV is expected to launch in 2022 and start at less than $60,000. Charging rate will be up to 150 kW. While Cliff Peters was dazzled by that 1930 V16, I got my first glimpse of the brand spanking new Cadillac Lyriq EV crossover, which was introduced to the world recently via streaming video from the company’s headquarters in Detroit. Still, we presume that the company will aim for something like 300 miles on a single charge. 2022 Cadillac Lyriq Test Drive, 0-60, Safety Ratings – Cadillac’s 1st entrant in the higher-class electrical power vehicle existing marketplace is definitely the Lyriq SUV, previewed employing a concept … This is funny because I have been telling people the same thing. The Lyriq should be on sale sometime in late 2022 as a 2023 model. Just about all anybody really wants to know about an electric vehicle is how far will it go?

But by coming out in 2 year's time Cadillac probably doom the Lyriq to share the ELR's sorrowful fate. Sales (772) 419-9576; Service (772) 236-6065; Call Us. Which are all hallmarks of Cadillac’s best selling traits.
I am happy that Cadillac will be building such a nice looking, cool, all-electric crossover. And the more affordable Tesla Model Y, which already exceeds the future Lyriq's price/performance, will be further enhanced over the next Two years. The Cadillac ELR is a wonderful car for cruising or commuting. I agree to receive emails from Green Car Reports. “I got on the ‘Trib’,” he said, “and I wrote obituaries for six months. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is its all-electric nature.

GM and Cadillac have some great engineers and designers, but their product planners and marketing teams seem to be clueless. Nothing has broken or falling off. Caddy shows its persistence with the debut of the LYRIQ all-electric concept crossover that could spawn a production model in time for the 2023 model year.

But I cannot see how the Cadillac Lyriq will be competitive and sell well in 2022, even if they priced it smartly, exceeded all of their design goals, marketed it well, and wisely introduced the AWD, performance model first. “It is not only an exceptional EV, but first and foremost a Cadillac.”. New 2022 Cadillac Lyriq Price, Interior, Specs – 2022 Cadillac Lyriq initially entrant in to the high-class power car market place will be the Lyriq SUV, previewed using a design automobile in addition to razor-sharp design together with a modern day cabin. If we can rely on the recent concept version, the 2022 Cadillac Lyriq will come with a pretty attractive styling, which comes in a typical crossover manner, but with the new design language, which is a little bit more radical compared to models that run on classic internal-combustion engines. Skip to Main Content. The Lyriq is Cadillac's—and General Motors'—first crossover on a new dedicated electric platform, and it's due out in 2022 for the 2023 model year. But that would give maybe 200 miles of EV range with a 100kWh pack (at least with the heavy Hummer). A lineage of ingenuity brings Cadillac to this very moment, and we are proud to introduce the, This SUV model is constructed on an all-new modular platform, powered by Ultium. That is great for all those who don’t find touchscreens too convenient. Deluxe stereo. Canadian pricing and availability will be released at a later date. Volkswagen is investing in an $800 million expansion of its plant in Chattanooga to build the ID.4 electric crossover plus a second vehicle, starting in 2022; and it promises that the plant will be among the most advanced EV facilities in the industry. 1401 US Highway 1 Vero Beach FL 32960 . If we can rely on the recent concept, there are some pretty amazing things to come, not just in terms of battery in performances, but in terms of various other design characteristics as well. Stock photography by. I will be buying any Chevy electric car with a car payment I can live with. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Gerald Johnson, GM’s executive VP for manufacturing, confirmed the investment of more than $2 billion in manufacturing, with most of that directed toward Spring Hill, which will become the company’s third facility producing EVs. I was drawn into my love of EVs by the Chevy Volt, which offered great value when it was released. When it comes to the price, some sources suggest that base models will go around 75.000 dollars. We presume that the screen in 2022 Cadillac Lyriq will feature a slightly different design. But Cadillac certainly saw the bad reception that Mercedes got with the EQC that managed only 200 miles of range, so they are quoting at least 300 miles of range. Saturn represented a new way of designing and selling vehicles so they could compete with Japanese (and Korean) automakers. While we are waiting for the details, we can make some predictions and the first thing that comes to mind is the range. I don't see anything that Tesla or other companies are doing that is pushing the current envelope. Naturally, the cabin will come full of the latest tech goodies.

As we’ve already mentioned, GM is working on a completely new platform. The numbers are still a mystery, but we presume the company will aim a 0-60 time in about 4-4.5 seconds. This particularly refers to the large 34-inch TFT screen, which consists of three integrated units that cover pretty much everything, from infotainment to instrument gauges. The last innovation from Tesla was doggy mode. Listen to your favorite music through the studio-quality sound system that will have you singing along for the entire ride. GM is probably congratulating themselves in delaying the Lyriq and Hummer's production until their new Ultium/BEV3 drivetrain and mass production LG battery factory will be completed. All Rights Reserved. As of today, it won’t even go into production for nearly two years, which would be some time in 2022.