While it’s clear the 10.9sec 0–100km/h sprint time is nothing to write home about, the little engine is typically characterful and muscular from down low, which makes it a sharp little number point-to-point at urban-friendly speeds. The 1.6 e-Hdi version of Peugeot 208 has an average consumption of 3.8 liters per cent, according to Peugeot. But what you actually notice is how much slicker the six-speed manual is (one cog more than mine) and how better paired clutch and throttle are. Technology, huh? Dynamically, things are pretty simple: speed-sensitive electric-assisted steering, all-round disc brakes, MacPherson strut front suspension and a cheap rear torsion beam. Although the  side mirrors are quite small, they do their job at the best if you have them properly adjusted. The panoramic roof have a set of ambient lights that could be disabled, but whose color could not be changed. team. Discover the key facts and see how Peugeot 208 Allure (2014) performs in the hatchback ranking. For the sake of comparison, we looked at the specifications of Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a competitor in theory, because the Japanese model has a starting price close to that of 1.6 e-HDI version  of 208, which announces an average consumption of 3.5 liters per cent. Allowances are more than fair for a subcompact diesel of 115 HP and the linearity of the thruster is one of the most appreciated elements about Peugeot 208 Allure. Car dashboard warning lights: the complete guide, 2020 scrappage schemes: the complete guide, New Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport gets 296bhp and racetrack mode, Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. The steering wheel adjustment is not as generous, it may be too high, but the depth adjustment is satisfactory. £16,065 – £23,145. For context, its $24,990 RRP is $1500 more than a Renault Clio GT-Line, $1300 more than a Mazda 2 GT, and equal to the Volkswagen Polo Beats. The rest of our spec? Along with Lime Green and Menthol White colour packs, Peugeot offer a quite a wide range of alloy wheel designs. For those who want even more power, the French brand  prepare a GTI version of 208. However, the diesel engines offer stops at 115 HP. You can even specify 'textured paint' which gives the hatch a matte-like finish. Thankfully I’ve just driven another 208, the hotter 156 THP, and it’s not half bad. Tagged with: peugeot Peugeot 208 Allure photos Peugeot 208 Allure price Peugeot 208 Allure review Peugeot 208 Allure specs Peugeot 208 Allure test drive price Peugeot 208 Allure. The Peugeot 208 Allure is placed towards the higher end of the standard 208's trim options. The GTi only comes … The trunk has only 15 liters (5.3 ft³) more than 207, totaling 285 liters( 100 ft³). The tested version announced a 0-100 km/h (0-60 miles/h) time of 9.8 seconds. Simply, it seems that this is how it works the wheelhouse of 208. Peugeot 208 1.6 e-HDI 115hp Allure Review The real surprises of Peugeot 208 are only in the parts you do not see. By this we mean the screen is simple to reach and control, the steering wheel buttons are well laid out, there’s ample seat/wheel adjustment, properly placed pedals, and trip computer adjustments on a stalk. I’ve decided I’m not a fan, and think loads of buttons (like the Fiesta) or an iDrive/Comand/MMI system with a rotary controller are both simpler (and safer) options to control the multitude of multi-media functions. More than ever, Peugeot 208 became a veritable “fashion statement”, getting  away of the simple elegance of its predecessors such as 205 and 206 which ravaged the segment and leaving aside the “forced smile” of 207. Check performance, specs and equipment, and view the verdict from the expert What Car? Plus there are two other important big-car options. For the rest, the Peugeot 208 has done well in frontal crash tests, side and pole, but managed an average result of rear impact test (which measures the degree of protection to the neck). Why? More next month. Add in a limp and lifeless throttle pedal and I kangaroo out of every junction. It’s matched to a six-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter called EAT6 and made in collaboration with Japan’s Aisin. Sexy little superminis are the heartland for French car makers. The maximum weight of a trailer that can be towed by the vehicle. The integration with the stop/start system could be better, too. So, it’s not unprecedented. This takes away the pleasant experience that offers you the propeller, with no technical failure of the tested specimen. The 208 is designed to be an easy car to live with. This allows all four wheels to move up and down independently, providing a smoother ride when, for example, going over bumps in the road. The CO2 emissions of the car, measured in grams per kilometre. All that’s new about the 208 is wrapped up in this week’s review car – the Peugeot 208 Allure 1.2 PureTech 110 – so we can spend some time, and a chunk of miles, discovering if the 208 … Marshall have diagnosed the problem, but the new sat-nav memory card unit my car needs wasn’t in stock in the UK so we’re playing the waiting game. The drivetrain warranty covers parts of the car, such as the engine, transmission, driveshaft, etc. 2018 Peugeot 208 GTi Édition Définitive review. by: Richard … The cheapest model in the 208 range starts at 11,185 euros with VAT included. On the plus side, although my fuel figures are way off the official claim (whose aren’t?) Due to having the weight of the engine over the drive wheels it also benefits from increased traction. It's pretty quiet and we also managed nearly 48mpg in our trials, which is impressive. Peugeot 208 1.6 e-HDI 115hp Allure Specifications. Save at least £924 on a new Peugeot 208 1.2 PureTech 100 Allure Premium 5dr. In terms of ownership costs, Peugeot Australia’s new importer (shared with Subaru) offers an excellent five-year warranty with no distance limit. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. We live with Peugeot's 208 Allure 1.2 VTi to see how it performs. Value shoppers will likely steer clear, even of the cheaper Active grade, but what the French offering gives you is a point of difference over the crowd. A higher fuel economy means the car will be cheaper to run. Our lifetime average remains in the mid-30s, but I’ve just recorded my first 40mpg tank and the dash readout is promising improvements come the next fill. Read the definitive Peugeot 208 2020 review from the expert What Car? The Peugeot 208 Allure is placed towards the higher end of the standard 208's trim options. The cheapest version of the new Peugeot 208 diesel starts at 13,058 euros, while the most expensive version equipped with the 1.6 e-HDi starts from 15,356 euros with VAT included. The telescope is generous and gives no problems while parking and the mirror is properly sized. And if you’re developing a supermini for city life, then you’d evaluate it in stop/start traffic, right? Peugeot 208 review . A larger cargo area is more practical as it allows you to transport more things. As Anthony ffrench-Constant pointed out last month, the ride’s too firm, and the steering wheel is so tiny it’s like driving a fairground dodgem. Although Renault and other rivals have 1.6 liter diesel engine that are providing  higher power levels, those from Peugeot have fitted the 208 with a 115 HP engine coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed of 1.6 e-HDi Peugeot 208 is 190 km/h (114 miles/h), more than enough for the needs of a regular customer. The ergonomics in most ways are very un-French, in that they’re excellent. What else? It's a hatchback that's designed to be easy to live with and comfortable on the road, so it's perfect for buyers who want little fuss from their car.If you choose either a BlueHDi diesel or a PureTech petrol engine, the 208 returns great economy figures. It should be fixed for next month, at which point we can talk about that trick screen, and how the 208 is even making lil’ old me feel like a giant behind the wheel. It may not be quick, taking 13.3 seconds to reach 62mph, but the engine is designed to provide impressive efficiency and free road tax. The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) carries out safety tests for new vehicles, providing an overall rating for each car’s safety. Enter the Peugeot 208, and while having been on sale for a few years now, it remains one of the more stylish offerings out there. At least until two days later when I started the car in the morning, and while the engine fired into life the screen did not, and remained in that blank state until my journey home in the evening. Not, it seems, if you’re Peugeot, as my 208 is proving impossible to get off the line. Servicing intervals are 12 months or 15,000km, with the first five visits presently priced at $366, $475, $631, $480 and $371. The flagship 208 GTi remains the go-to Pug for keen drivers. Last month I was bemused by the fact Peugeot hadn’t engineered the 208 to be easy to drive around town – blame the flimsy throttle pedal and rubbery gearbox. Wonder how it’ll match up to the fuel figures of my much-missed Audi A1 1.6 TDI? Then around the back, the taillights have merged across the boot like we’ve seen in some Porsches. I did not quite understand the connection between the inside of 208 and those blue lights inside, but we can get through this. This was our test drive for Peugeot 208 e-HDI Allure. A pretty good balance, though its hotted-up 208 GTi sibling obviously ramps things up a notch or 12. The 208 is the first hatchback that can be specified with 'textured paint', while the Menthol White and Lime Green colour packs add a dash of colour both inside and out. Read full review Show more Unless otherwise stated, all prices are shown as Manufacturer's Smoother. Our is the mid-range Allure, which means 16in wheels, tinted rear windows, LED daytime running lights, a grille that supposedly apes the SR1 concept car, chrome door mirrors, air-con, auto lights and wipers, ‘sports’ seats and a leather steering wheel. Auto emergency is standard on the 208 Allure and GT-Line, but you can’t have it with a GTi. Peugeot 208 Allure (2014) ⭐ review. It’s also quite good at rounding off sharp inputs like potholes or speed bumps, and relatively quiet and stable at highway speeds. More unarguable negatives related to the interior include the lack of keyless entry/start, because having to actually put your key in the ignition barrel is so 2014, and the hard-to-access cupholders positioned precariously north of the gear shifter. The use of a touchscreen to control most of the car's interior functions may mean it's less cluttered inside, but it's an awkward and slow system to use.Storage spaces inside are below par for the hatchback class. In the city you might not like this arrangement, but a extra urban ride should change your opinion about the solution chosen by the French builders. The steering wheel and the shift clocks. The other petrol engines have emission ratings of around 104g/km, so they're still only £20 to tax. If you want a fun to drive, well-designed and well-made city car with some premium edges and a characterful demeanour, the 208 still stacks up.