All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Fortnite We The People start time: How to tune into Black Lives Matter talk FORTNITE is breaking new ground once again by holding a special showing of We The People in Party Royale today. Those wanting to check out We The People can do so in Fortnite's Party Royale mode starting tomorrow, 4th July. Fortnite has hosted many virtual events and concerts in the past, via its Party Royal feature.

Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile platforms. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. The announcement suggests that the event will be focused on the issue of systematic racism in the media, cultural and entertainment industries, involving various relevant experts with past experiences speaking about the same. Those wanting to check out We The People can do so in Fortnite's Party Royale mode starting tomorrow, 4th July. The first We The People panel was held on July 4th and featured a discussion of racism and racial justice in America. Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s First Patch Fixes Bugs, But Not Bad Textures, Fortnite Is Hosting A We The People Panel On Voter Suppression This Week, a discussion of racism and racial justice, Fortnite Exits Beta, But Breaks Promise Of Free-To-Play Save the World, Fortnite Adds Renegade TikTok Dance Emote & Actually Credits Creator, The Best (& Safest) Names to Use in Among Us, How to Obtain Anemo Sigils in Genshin Impact, How To Make A Party With PlayStation 4's New Update, Who Genshin Impact's Best Free Character Is (& Why), Genshin Impact: Where to Find Geovishap Hatchlings (Fragile Bone Shards), How Long Cookie Clicker Takes To Beat (& What Happens), Among Us: The Best New Tips For Imposters, Among Us Explained: What Sus Means (& How To Tell Who Is), COD: Blacks Ops Cold War Beta Extended By One More Day, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Characters Spotlighted By Insomniac Games, Xbox Fires Female Host Because She Was Receiving Death Threats, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, Kingdom New Lands Free On Epic Games Store, AOC’s First Among Us Stream Is One Of The Most Viewed In Twitch History, AOC Is Streaming Among Us With Twitch Stars For Voter Awareness, Newest Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer Brings Back Mysterious Exo Stranger, Pokémon GO Changes Which Pokémon Can Hatch From Eggs, Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Defeat The Phase Spider Matriarch, The Outer Worlds Gets A Visual Upgrade On Nintendo Switch This Week.
Fortnite is holding its second We The People panel this week, this time focusing on the topic on voter suppression.

“We The People” aired on July 4 in the same way as the Nolan films, at a pre-determined time in the Party Royale game mode of Fortnite, and then ran for twenty four hours. Holding a second We The People panel shows that Epic is willing to give more than one-time lip service to addressing important issues, and it will be interesting to see if it makes these discussions a more permanent part of its platform. Epic has announced it will be screening Opus United's anti-racism presentation We The People in Fortnite's Party Royale mode this weekend, starting tomorrow, 4th July. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited.

Fortnite‘s Party Royale, a new mode in the massively popular battle royale shooter that showcases various forms of live entertainment, hosted We The People… That idea saw its most spectacular implementation yet when Fortnite held a virtual Travis Scott concert complete with stunning visual effects and a massive avatar of the rapper towering over the crowd. Fortnite is now set to collaborate with the OPUS UNITED again to bring another ‘We The People x More Than a Vote’ event for fans which will be hosted by Cari Champion. Events like the Travis Scott concert proved that it was possible, and the new We The People panels are showing that Fortnite could serve as a platform for more than even Epic Games may have been intending. Further, the event will consist of a stream of conversations involving journalists such as Elaine Wilteroth and Jemele Hill. Everything we currently know about the game lineup for the PlayStation 5. Even before it began hosting We The People panels, Fortnite was experimenting with how to use its massive reach to offer players more than just a game. Optical drive, Hucard support and plenty more in the Analogue Duo. The first screening begins at 2.46pm in the UK and 8:46am CT - a reference to the 8 minutes and 46 seconds former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was reported to have pressed his knee against the neck of George Floyd, resulting in his death and sparking ongoing anti-racism protests around the globe.

Epic Games may not have foreseen Fortnite playing a role in the political education of its players, but it seems to be leaning into its newfound responsibility. Fortnite is holding its second in-game We The People panel on Tuesday, this time to discuss the issue of voter suppression in the United States. Starts tomorrow, repeated every other hour. We The People is hosted by news commentator Van Jones, and is described as a "series of conversations that advance the dialogue around race in America with prominent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices in business, sports, media, music, and entertainment". The latest 'We The People' event is an impressive change of direction from the game. Guests include former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth, journalist Jemele Hill, rapper Killer Mike, and hip hop musician Lil Baby, and the panel will discuss how to change systemic racism in media, culture, and entertainment. The panel will consist of a mix of athletes, actors, rappers, and activists, including Jason Heyward, Jalen Rose, and Yvonne Orji. One particular event, however, is one of a kind and different from the ones Fortnite has hosted earlier.