So I do very little in the VO booth. Onscreen he is totally devoid of charisma, slightly less so in the game. He's just not good @ doing an American accent...neither is Ewan McGregor. Made his voice sound really gritty. Game » This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll I just find Sam Worthington so boring, he has no flair. Giant Bomb users. Almost half a year went by before the 44-year-old would find out he had been cast in the film, which was the day he says his entire life changed. His monologue that played in Black Ops 4 trailers (Nobody gives a f*** about you) was one of my few enjoyable things about that game's presentation. i didnt mind it but then im an aussie so maybe i just didnt notice so much? It actually gives us the confidence to create scenes that have high emotional impact because you’re not going to have to film each person separately and just hope that it all gels together., I never really thought of his performance...because it felt so natural and immersive. Worthington is terrible this game. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I mostly worked with Rich MacDonald (Section) who I knew from a movie we did together in 2011, great guy... and Kamar who played Menendez,  both guys were absolute pros and made the whole thing a lot of fun. Activision is poised to break entertainment records once again with developer Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, released at midnight Tuesday. If we couldn’t have actually authentically replicated the emotion of the actor’s performances, we would not have been able to pull off the story because it’s all rooted in human emotion. As he ages he gain perspective on the world and his function,  he may beat other people but rarely himself. Wow man, beautiful way to compliment someone. Rewatching videos of Black Ops, I have to say that I don't think Sam Worthington gets enough praise from fans for his performance as Alex Mason. He’s so nice and it’s just a dream come true. Oh, except for the fact that a single casting decision nearly ruined the game for me. Privacy | All rights reserved. His performances in Avatar and Terminator Salvation have already stuck him in a very bad light for me. A line here and there seemed slightly off, but his performence was solid for me. It was pretty much every single time he slipped back into his flashback which made me think he was originally SAS or something in his past life, but adopted the accent from working with the US or got brainwashed and lost his accent. He’s so smart. He would come to me many times after we would do the scenes and I’m perfectly happy with his performance and he told me like, “Dave, let me see it. I can see exactly why He’s one of the most humble, nicest, hardworking people I’ve ever worked with. Let me give you an example of Kamar de los Reyes who plays Raul Menendez. I hate watching/hearing him in actual movies so him being the voice actor for the main character moved it from maybe buy to the gamefly que. You sure?” They actually give this level of commitment. No situation is hopeless to him, so what appears as an impossible thing to bear for most is really just another day for him... he's a soldier, he takes orders and gets shit done, end of story. He's no Nolan North. Is it true that Woods originally was given a character name called "Frank Barnes", but this was changed to Frank Woods? Treyarch knew who they were getting by hiring Sam Worthington and if you want to blame someone it's not that guy, in my opinion. He's no Bill Hader (that guy would be able to give an individual voice to every character in the game) who is a brilliant voice actor.. he is predictable in that way and he gives Mason the voice Treyarch wanted for their lead character. Having worked in Harvey Norman for nearly a year the aussie accent REALLY grates on my ears so I should hate it... but I don't. We can actually get all the actors together and do an entire scene in one take, which I can tell you just opens up so many creative opportunities for the quality of what these guys are doing. None really, we'd go over the dialogue, I'd Woods-ify it and then we'd capture the magic on set. Just to wrap things up with a simple one, what advice would you give any aspiring actors and/or voice-actors? . 4. It was still within him, and watching him watching the footage that I showed him was cathartic for him. He also voiced the character of Alex Mason in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in 2018 and recently completed filming for The Georgetown Project, starring Samantha Mathis and Russel Crowe. Sam Worthington has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, ... Black Ops 4 in 2018 and recently completed filming for The Georgetown Project, starring Samantha Mathis and Russel Crowe. Mason: Sam Worthington. At Treyarch, we’ve always tried to push it further each time. I actually didn't mind his accent coming through a bit. With all the other, awful voice actors of the world they could have gotten, he did just fine. Anthony talks about the important role Hollywood talent played in the new game in this exclusive interview. Sometimes the accent shows through but that can even happen in movies.