200: The One Where Nat and Em Hang Out, Christian’s Nursery Reveal with Pottery Barn Kids, If you drive or are planning to drive in Lagos, Nigeria, this is for you, CHRONICLES OF A FASHION ROCQA: VERSATILITY IS KEY, The Sweet Bitter Life of an Igbo Princess, Don’t Be Stupid with Your Parents Retirement Funds, 25 Day Makeup Challenge Day 2 | Smokey Eye + Gillter, Dobbys Signature: Nigerian food blog | Nigerian food recipes | African food blog, Secrets to getting the best jollof rice (Smokey party jollof rice). Ofe Nsala or Nsala soup is a delicious soup that belongs to the Onitsha people by River Niger in the southeastern part of Nigeria, the city of Onitsha became a metropolitan town even before Nigeria’s independence and assumed a cosmopolitan structure after independence, especially with the famous Onitsha main market. I enjoy lots of the foods in Nigeria but there are quite some of them that kinda tastes better and more delicious to me. www.KacheeTee.com || Bloglovin'!5(+1) Easy and Different Ways to Cook & Enjoy Eggs, Ha ha ha you love it with everything! . Lancome | teint Idole ultra 24h African dishes are very popular for their ingenious and delicious taste. In this second part of my Giving Birth in Canada series, I share 17 things wanted to cross check a recipe for chicken sauce. area. The familiar tendrils of sleep tantalize my eyes. The amount of water for nsala soup depends on the ingredients/thickener available and the number of people that you are making the soup for. Now add the yam paste back into the soup. Thank you 4 this one too,but can I add little oil to it and also what other thickner can I use bcs my house is a student house and there’s no how I can get pounded yam.waiting for ur reply soon.God bless u ma. How can I get ur cookbook and how much pls. at the moment and basically chatting my life away with you. Dating, singles, relationships, sex tips and advice blog for men and women. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pictures of Ofe Nsala: We are back to Civilization after spending days elaborate ... For everything there is a season, and after more than a decade of serving @2015-2019 - INLANDTOWN.COM. Thanks for this recipe.Ozioma. Delta Banga Soup and starch. There are several verieties of nsala soup. Add about 3 cups of cold or boiled water. Why is it so? meager res... ON MY WAY TO CHURCH ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF THE FIRST DAY OF A NEW YEAR This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Add more water and allow the soup to cook for 15 more minutes, stirring it frequently. it was delicious. Thanks. Cover the pot and allow the contents to cook at high heat till all the yam paste has dissolved. Had my man and friends licking their hands and it did make me feel proud of myself. 2. You can wash snails with lemon/line juice to remove the slimy fluid, although, you would be amazed to learn that there are people in Nigeria that cooks snails with the slimy fluids, sometimes without even removing the shell. I saw Lamb chops at the store and thought it would be a good idea for soup, thinking it is almost equivalent to mutton. as a community and resource for parents, Babble will be saying goodbye. I would love to be one of the best cook ever, God helping me. Founder and Ceo of Damislink Media and Technologies also the Ceo of Damislink Media online school.Am a Blogger ,A web developer,A programmer and many more.We develop and build up Ideas Please Update Your Bookmark TODAY! IMHO. God bless you. Thanks. IMHO. This is good news for us! Thanks alot for helping me acquire this new skill. LOL. I've made my fair share of pizzas over the years, but it wasn't until this Also add the yam paste in small lumps and salt to taste. I know I've been MIA and there's no real explanation for that but trust me, Appreciate you and would love to learn more recipes as I love cooking. I go try am this weekend. The famous Ewa Aganyin – my journey to getting it right, Puff Puff and Cocktails – a new era for our national favourite chops, Edikaikong – A traditional Calabar recipe, The Battle of the Saucepans Begins on Knorr Taste Quest 4, Schwartz Uk Ebook – Jollof rice and Chicken Ayilata made the cut, The Dooney’s Kitchen guide to amazing Puff Puff. Uziza Leaves Add some water and blend till it is very smooth. U are doing great work (women) in our lives. By: Stunning DIY Ideas for Pretty Girly Accessories | Storyboard Wedding, Welcome to Fauzia's Kitchen Fun | Fauzia's Kitchen Fun, InfoNubia - Plug into African Entertainment, SISIYEMMIE: Nigerian Food & Lifestyle Blog. See as my tummy dey make noise. This is to inform you that we have stopped blogging on Pls clear me. Thanks for the recipe. This recipe is a must try anytime. Ofe -Nsala is actually pepper soup, only thickened with pounded yam to get that desired consistency, Thats awesome! handful sliced utazi leaves You Smh!! Well, if you have not been privileged to taste this version of heaven, you should be excited that I am willing to give you a feel of it all. Where Can I Get This Leaf? as bright can be, who … It is one of the most delicious soups in Nigeria. Blend the onions, smoked prawns, scotch bonnet and a pinch of dawadawa. You can use plain beef or assorted meat for this soup. The uziza leaf and taxi leaf you used is too much and also the soup is too thick, Nsala is best when it’s a bit runny but in all you thanks for sharing your own tips. So if you are dating or married to a man from the south or eastern part of Nigeria, you can try giving him a meal of pounded yam and ofe nsala tonight. I opened a new blog here- http://nikkishosjournal.blogspot.com/. You can go ahead and add the pounded yam, you can add half and watch the soup for the next five minutes, if it is not thick enough you can add a little more; I just don’t like the soup to be very thick. Defintely trying it with goat meat, Ok, just don’t forget to tell us how it all turned out @ Chioma, Am nt an Igbo girl but I tried dis recipe and it turned out to b great and its actually my first time…u aint a boring cook,love ur work,keep it up plssssssss. looking for a quick fix, this is definitely not the right place. OMG! The post How Ignorance Cost Me My Harvest appeared first on Ugochi Add the seasoning and cook till done. So on the question of which red meat to use – this is why I would suggest either goat meat or mutton as your best options. Thank u sis, i enjoyed d lesson now i can cook soup Yipyyy ? compa... My husband and I have decided to always take time off whenever we can. The shoot really is nothing you need to know before you decide to give birth in Canada. This week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions marks the brilliant with customized vintage sequins patches, VidaKush ying yang choker We are 2 for 2 guys!!! Igbo people are the most frequent consumers of this amazing dish. milestone of reaching two-hundred episodes with my very first guest, my The reason is because… sometimes we like to eat a combination of two or more different soups in our home and egusi blends perfectly with most of the soups in Nigeria, sometimes I even blend with nsala soup (also called white soup). Ofe Nsala soup or White Soup is a tasty, fast and easy soup recipe that has its origins in the riverine areas of Nigeria. any alarm notification. Melon soup (ofe egusi) for instance is like the number one for me. Angelsbeauty is my baby, it was my Anambra Foods, Igbo soups, Nsala soup, Ofe Igbo, White soup. I wanted to officially announce that the *Lady Ngo Travels *page of this Pls I want to know,in making ofe nsala(white soup).can a lady use just any type of yam,or is there a specific yam specially used for making ds delicay called nsala.thank u.keep up the good job. 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See photos below:   Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and other statesmen have commiserated with the former Interim National Chairman of the […], IFEOMA OZOR BLOG IS A WORLD CLASS BLOG .ON THESE PLATFORM WE HAVE PROVIDED YOU WITH SOME PROGRAMS.WE ADVICE YOU TO FOLLOW US UP LIKE AFRICAN FOOD EPISODES.IFEOMA OZOR IS A RENOWNED BLOOGER OF THIS TIME.IFEOMA OZOR BLOG NOW PARTNERS WITH DAMISLINK MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGIESI. I have a great recipe for puff-puff that my mom shared on this blog, yes she did! Below are the ingredients for making this delicious Nigerian soup, the ingredients below would serve about five persons for three consecutive times.