Ophiuchus are the people who add the mystery to unexplainable phenomena. Salem is a tiny representation of the countless times innocent women, identified as witches for minor or ridiculous offenses, have suffered torture or death. The Catholic church presided over the torture and murder of anyone who they accused of witchcraft. This is the dilemma at the core of men's connection with women, and the resulting need to control women and her power. ", THE MOON IN OPHIUCHUS: It is no wonder that Ophiuchus can have a hunted look and often wishes to stay in the background. So Ophiuchus is the introvert, the one with a secret. MARS. Sisters Isis and Nephthys protecting Osiris, They also removed the 9th sign, Ophiuchus, the Queen of the lunar calendar, from the Sun's ecliptic and reassembled the Zodiac in the now universally accepted solar 12-sign system. Living so close to the Earth, without having yet developed toys of his own in warfare and the rise of princely city-states full of toiling slaves building him empty monuments, and unaware of his own vital role in conception the male may well have past glances of envy on the woman and what was – in those conditions – her miraculous capacity to bring another human life out of her very belly – and seen in it a connection with the phases of the moon, and the seasons of the earth's vegetation – and stood both in awe and terror – and finally in hatred – and decided to cast this function down from what he rather naturally I assumed was its collusion with the supernatural, the terrible, the uncontrollable forces of nature – and denigrate it to the level of the the bestial, the pernicious and the obscene.

“Adoration to the Mother, the very Great: she who loves her brother Osiris, and is caretaker of the son that she loves. All this said, you can see how a potential 13th sign creates a whole mess as far as the structured base of the zodiac goes. Firstly, the number 12 divides the zodiac wheel into an even number of slices — and it also perfectly aligns to the 12 months of the year, the 12 houses of the zodiac, and the four seasons (with spring, summer, fall, and winter each being broken down into groups of three zodiac signs).

In early societies, women may have had to upgrade men from the wild animal in the same way they domesticated dogs. Otherwise more evolved types, may get accused of depravity even if they are clean and eventually are able to rise above the criticism. Ask a 13 sign astrologer!

Likewise, women may be the role models and inspirations. Hello to anybody caring to perceive beyond any dogma, Instead of integrating Ophiuchus as part of our Universe, mankind has chosen to repress, renounce and ripoff the mysterious powers that each and every Ophiuchus has in his or her collective memory. Chiron also signifies the wound that does not heal. They see people as they themselves demand to be seen, as individuals.Â. Both partners will be understanding and supportive when the other needs to put in extra time at work, as they know that some things are necessary when you want to achieve your goals.

In general terms, Ophiuchus' recent rule of the outer planets is why women's liberation has been the overriding aesthetic and ideology that has consumed global politics and social relations for the last 60 years. And thus the filthy totem was appropriated by the male and taboo assigned in a thousand ways to operate against the female.". Ophiuchus (/ ɒ f i ˈ juː k ə s /) is a large constellation straddling the celestial equator.Its name is from the Greek Ὀφιοῦχος (Ophioukhos, "serpent-bearer"), and it is commonly represented as a man grasping a snake (symbol ⛎, Unicode U+26CE). The appearance of the metrosexual and the androgynous male, especially those born in since 1973, with Neptune or Uranus in Ophiuchus is a visible and palpable expansion of sexual rights. However Ophuichus does fall very close to the ecliptic and the symbolism of this sign being left out of the zodiac does fit into the meaning of the constellation as a whole. They don't agree with the conventional wisdom and are non-joiners and anarchists. Over the years, the original intent and description of the Zodiac has changed radically. You are secretive, but curious of other's weaknesses. The long-established tradition of the persecution of shamanic women and men who frighten authority and demand freedom and autonomy is a fact of life, carried out today by the same repressive institutions and against a new crop of iconoclasts and shamans. This is a built in brake on your instincts.

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Their enemies are the haters and their minions, who are locked into a sense of false community based on opposing what Ophiuchus/13/women's power represents, and will try to destroy her any chance they get. Chiron, the reject and outsider turned healer, may well be a female, or a male disguised as a female; another her-story changed into history. Had an intense and complicated relationship with Brad Pitt with Angelina playing the part of the serpent! Both the republics of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire shared a common goal: to enslave Ophiuchus and her sisters, those who held power in ancient tribal organizations, and reduce them into subhuman bondage, while stealing their discoveries. In our era of war and austerity, the power of women and the coven is making a comeback with a new manifestation. Only those who will willingly fall under their spell are trusted. The constellation Ophiuchus sits between plumb-the-depths Scorpio and high-minded Sagittarius—almost like a horizon line between the underworld and the realm of the #woke. Man's rule was brought forth by violence, not love, and he used it to eradicate powerful women who stood in its way. To have a 13th sign would mess up the whole system. There's a palpable trend towards Ophiuchus aims to restore her symbol, the full female identity. The most important star is Ras Alhague in the head, followed by Sabik in the right leg, Han in the left knee and Sinistra in the right hand. Don't forget the girls, ORDER A READING FROM A 13 SIGN ASTROLOGER.

Then they turned to the heavens and deciphered the planets and stars and their movements, staring with the Moon.

[These books are for 12-sign astrology; However, aspect and transiting angles are the same in all systems. The tarot card associated with Ophiuchus is the one that most people fear. Before their downfall to the onslaught of empires, as far back as human memory can be ascertained, women organized early tribes and human activity.

Female wisdom is an object of hate and disgust. Nephthys was known as the ruler over one of the darker aspects of Egyptian death ceremonies, the Canopic jars. Ophiuchus spends time alone, and is anti-social in groups they can't dominate or trust. Stared smoking age 9, drinking and pot smoking in his teens but never hard drugs.

Tom Hanks/Wilson Davison (02’); Enduring, 24 year Hollywood marriage between actors. The mantle of shame, however, is also transferred. The Ophiuchus generation will experience highly-charged emotions and transformation in their lives due to new ideas and instant communication. Ophiuchus itself has a hard time conforming with any characterization. The slaughter only increased during the so-called age of enlightenment, with the acceptance of science and surgery over the wisdom and healing methods of the Crone. The temple was a venue to celebrate sex, life and death--and menstruation, which women used as the basis of the lunar calendar, and by extension, astrology and astronomy. You want an absolute oversight on the people near to you, for fear of betrayal. Ophiuchus believes in magic, not mechanics. Just like they say that sudden igniting of the Kundalini can send you mad, then also too much of this wisdom flooding the brain can do the same. This anomaly, like others, serves to minimize the female experience, as it does the importance of the Moon's phases in the Solar calendar. MORE. Every Ophiuchus is keenly aware of this inheritance of intolerance and violence used against them.