But is it worth disabling my second monitor? I've seen people reporting successes on my monitor, Acer ED242QRA, but when I asked them about flickering, they said it did flicker in some cases. I'm looking for help on any reviews/opinions on these monitors. MSI OPTIX G27C / G27C2? How do you find ghosting with the overdrive off? 144Hz tần số làm mới  - Hình ảnh hiển thị không bị chồng hình ảnh cũ. If anyone has a work around, I would love to hear it. 5 comments. Tấm nền cong cũng giúp bạn đắm chìm vào game, giúp tăng khả năng trải nghiệm của bạn. Built with AMD® Freesync™ adaptive sync technology, the G27C2 can match the display’s refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. MPG27CQ here, FreeSync enabled but works without issues only if I set refresh rate @120hz. No. Colors and details will stay sharp at more angles compared to other monitors with less viewing angles. Những loại trò chơi này đòi hỏi sự chuyển động rất nhanh và chính xác, tốc độ làm mới cực cao và thời gian phản hồi nhanh sẽ giúp bạn luôn vượt hơn được đối thủ. Được tối ưu với các máy MSI Gaming – Mang đến trải nghiệm tốt nhất cho người dùng. Purchasing Help. Cổng hình 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x DVI, 1x Displayport 1.2. Giúp màu sắc và chi tiết sẽ thực tế trung thực hơn, giúp bạn đắm chìm trong thế giới game. Bring you’re A-game with the Optix G27C2 curved gaming monitor. I have the G24c, can't try it out till I get home but that is for the tip. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The MSI Optix G27C2 gaming monitor is equipped with a 144hz refresh rate + 1ms response time VA panel which has the most benefit in fast moving game genres such as first person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports. Haven't found much in reviews so far. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 8700k | Zotac 1070ti AMP! Any help would be appreciated . Might be panel variance. *Note: FreeSync technology requires a monitor and AMD Radeon™ graphics, both with FreeSync support. Generic monitor displays normally have a flicker-rate of about 200-times per second, which is unnoticeable to the naked eye, but can cause fatigue over time. I was getting brightness flickering in all games. Did you ever find a solution? Yeah disabling Overdrive solve the flickering but what if i wanted to use it is there any fix to enable overdrive with adaptive sync ? Adaptive SYNC - giúp hình ảnh không bị rách trong quá trình sử dụng. Built with FreeSync technology, the MAG271C can match the display’s refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. overview; specification ; gallery Make sure you can hit your mark with all the latest technologies built-in the Optix G27C2 for competitive play. I disabled "Over Driver" in my monitor on screen settings and now it works perfectly. Get fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate with AMD FreeSync™ technology.