No pickup truck is going to take his candy. If given a chance I definitely recommend driving one. The cloth buckets offer lat­eral restraint in proportion to the machin­ery below, and there are squeeze bulbs for pumping up the lumbar supports.

Fun Exotic With Amazing Sounds — This car makes you fall in love with the engine and exhaust system making you want to keep driving and going faster and faster.

My wife is terrified it will be a money pit, and you "kind of" confirm that. Read More, + Fantastic engine sound - it sounds all gruff and bassy at low rpms. 1 - 3 of 3 reviews Best thing ever by carman468 from los angeles on Fri Jul 14 2017 If I could Id purchase it again most reliable yet sexy car. I am a traitor, I just love the appeal of the Ferrari, and like you, it … Cornering grip is less but, at 0.80 g, it is still respectable. Even company supremo Luca di Montezemolo went on record at the 360 launch, saying ‘Ferrari won’t be making any more mistakes like the 348’. Everyone should own one once in their life.

Even for a 348, it is quite upgraded from a standard model and is uniquely mine. Above 80 mph, it pays for its truck shape. In a blink, the Ferrari is looking at tailgate. Compared with the Italian, the truck is nearly soundless. Stay off the bumps if you can. Also, the run-out GTC (Competizione) is launched, with just 50 made. It’s the soldered joints that usually cause problems, so repairs are possible, but specialised.

The sills are painted black; later in the year the tb and ts get the same treatment when they’re renamed GTB and GTS. They barely slip. Save cars. That’s why it’s also worth going for the newest car you can find; later cars are significantly better (and better-built) than the earlier ones – especially if the latter hasn’t had a full complement of upgrades. Baggage larger than the thinnest of briefcases—and therefore too big for the foot spaces—will face tough going though. Build quality not quite there, I purchased this car shopping for a 328 - I drove a 348ts and it was so much "snappier" than the 328's I'd tested that I found extra money to get a late spider. Get the real truth from owners like you. Old School Ferrari For Drivers Only. There’s also a new front spoiler, a revised interior and the V8 is boosted to 320bhp. Besides, anything you throw in back (after unsnapping the tonneau and removing its support ribs) had better be soft as a bag of chicken feed.

If you go back over precedent, if you collect all the Austin-Healeys and Porsches and Jaguars and Corvettes and Lotuses and any Ferrari you care to name—a pretty representative cross sec­tion of genuine sports cars, wouldn't you agree?—all they really have in common is a cockpit for two and a compelling sort of Reebok agility.

its not expensive but very valuable to us.

After all, few people buy a 348 now to push it to its limits – even when it was new, few owners would have driven their cars at more than seven-tenths. From the Archive: GMC's original segment-bending all-wheel-drive pickup truck challenges a mid-engine Ferrari to a drag race.
Accelleration was oustanding, so was handling, but you were just left with the impression that it might all fall apart soon... Cons: Would a cocky 348t owner—high on adulation and on rippah, rippah noises from his prancing-horse, mid-engine V­-8—deign to put it on an uppity pickup truck? All you have to do is colour-code the roof and you’ve got the best of both worlds; a car that looks like a coupé, but you can remove the roof if you want. Music (the engine), Feel, Passion, I purchased this car shopping for a 328 - I drove a 348ts and it was so much "snappier" than the 328's I'd tested that I found extra money to get a late spider. reviews reviews. Terrific fun on track - the car goes where you want it to.

Then came the reviews and it all went downhill from there. It's a provocative idea, we admit. All rights reserved.Auto Express™ is a registered trade mark.

We'll spare you the sales script to arrange this match. Okay, you've heard our best rational­izations, now let's have a show of hands. Have owned for over a year and have not had a single issue thus far.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Tested: 1995 Hummer H1 Adapts to Civilian Life, Tested: 1992 Nissan NX2000 Reshapes Sentra SE-R, Tested: 1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit is the Ritz. It has ABS brakes as standard equipment. The slippery, wind-cheating Ferrari is into its element now, gobbling up the gap. The way pickups stop is usually far more exciting than the way they go, but the Syclone has the answer for that predicament too. This car is never boring and still not too bad on gas. + Decent trunk space The Syclone, in case you haven't heard either, is a little black GMC pick­up, hunkered down over bulging Firestones, sort of like a street punk in a muscle T-shirt. Moreover, the springs front and rear have been softened to approximately passenger-car rates. The 348 got a bad rap in its day, but ... © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

— It also happens to be pretty darn good at the other moves we Americans expect of sports cars. 142 Great Deals out of 3,508 listings starting at, 196 Great Deals out of 6,169 listings starting at, A Car You Can Drive To The Track Enjoy Your Day And Drive It Home, Very Rare, Only 2 In North America Ive Been Told.

Being German, she thinks I should go Porsche (plus her brother works for them in Stuttgart). As we said earlier, racing for bucks comes down to the art of selling a losing proposition. Log In, by carman468 Purists moan that it lacks the aesthetic purity of the 328 it replaced, while others carp about its lack of dynamic ability compared with the 355 it spawned. 1993: There’s now a Spider (full convertible), aimed largely at the US market. If results count more than labels, the GMC Syclone is truly a sports car too that will have to be reckoned with. Read More, This car makes you fall in love with the engine and exhaust system making you want to keep driving and going faster and faster. Be careful of heat though, because temperatures above, say, 75 degrees, cause significant power losses. My neighbor has a 348 TS, he inherited it from his father and is thinking of selling. on Fri Jul 14 2017. It clears the quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds, compared with 14.5 seconds for the Ferrari, but the Ferrari is moving 6 mph faster (99 mph versus 93). There's not much suspension travel left after all the lowering that went on to get the hun­kered-down look. Extremely expensive to buy when new (around two and a half times the price of the standard car) just ten of these cars were produced, and come up for sale very occasionally today. I thought I wouldn't miss it but once you drive it you never want to go back. 296 hp @ 5800 rpmTorque The deal is this.
- Expensive service costs - keep aside about $2000 every year for servicing Not that the Syclone is without a trunk. You look for the swaggering sort and you show just enough to get him interested—not enough to make him wary. Its four-cam, 32-valve, all-aluminum V-8 engine, the pride of Maranello, screams with the pain of effort. They scratch for traction. But don't make promises you can't keep. That sensation is missing in the Syclone, as if it had some papal dispensation from the laws of physics. All-­wheel-drive grip on the road was simply awe-inspiring on the megabuck, not-legal-here Porsche 959. Read More, Just love the fact that we own a very rare car. + Fantastic driver appeal -the non-assisted steering is telepathic. from Atlanta 1 - 3 of 3 reviews Best thing ever by carman468 from los angeles on Fri Jul 14 2017 If I could Id purchase it again most reliable yet sexy car. It is also the last of the analogue Ferraris. ...................................... 5 out of 10 people found this review helpful. Can be humbled by a Nissan 350Z or better. The 348 engine also had a dry-sump oil system to prevent oil starvation at high speeds and during hard cornering. + Looks fabulous "One more time, half a mile this time around. For American running, the Syclone has the cards.

The driver decides he needs 4500 rpm showing on the tach when he drops the clutch, just to keep from bogging.

Access them anywhere. Just doesn't get any better than this. 208 in3, 3405 cm3Power

Have You Driven the 1995 Ferrari 348? And they ride hard. But the Syclone's controls are more agreeably placed.

Get information and pricing about the Ferrari 348, read reviews and articles, and find inventory near you. Can we agree that a fast car rises to its highest and best use when you take the guy's money, too? Read More, This model was the first Ferrari I ever drove, but it had tissue paper blocking the gaps in the targa roof.