And the one we tested in 2018 needed an agonizing 11.4 seconds to reach 60 mph while emitting an excruciating engine drone. Cadillac took the CTS, its mid-size, rear-drive sedan, out of production back in January 2019. It leaves production already shorn of any V-6 or all-wheel-drive options. It’s just another sedan that won’t make the cut. Names that carried substance, presence, and prestige wherever they went. Offered as a battery-electric, a hybrid, or a fuel-cell electric, the Clarity was there for Honda to test the waters, put some leading-edge vehicles out on the road, and then evaluate the experience before launching more mainstream versions. Future Cars: 2021 and Beyond What’s Next: Cars of the future, in your driveway a few years from now. The Sonic was introduced as a 2012 model. The Lincoln MKC was easily overlooked with its anonymous name and generic looks, even as the market for compact crossovers boomed. Think of the Journey as a tall wagon version of the Dodge Avenger sedan and then try and remember what the Avenger looked like. In the misty past of the 1990s, the Honda Civic coupe was the car upon which the "sport compact" fad was built. The automaker is changing focus to electric vehicles. But don't count on it. If you were being picked up at the airport, the XTS was a welcome site. A mere few days later, the coronavirus hit. How about only 71. No pickups, no SUVs, and no crossovers made this list (but we have lost so many of those in years past). After 52 years of production, Jaguar has finally offed the XJ. Clearly the best of all Chevy subcompact cars. The Grand Caravan is being replaced by the Chrysler Pacifica, introduced for 2017, and the de-contented version of that avant-garde minivan introduced last year, the Chrysler Voyager. But the lessons Honda learned with it will influence what they build for the next several decades. About damned time. As Buick also works toward SUV production, the Regal will stop rolling off of the assembly line. It will not be directly replaced in the Lincoln line, and few will mourn its passing. While the name MKZ is likely gone forever, our money is on the name Zephyr returning someday and on yet another crossover. And once they’re gone, Buick will be left selling nothing but crossovers. Only 11,219 found homes in 2018. Then it came back from 1956 and lasted until 2002. We got the annoucement about the SLC back in 2019, so this is no surprise. But the novelty wore out, and the introduction of a second-generation Volkswagen Beetle for 2012 didn’t change the trajectory. Still, in a weird way, the 6-series Gran Turismo was kind of a sweet thing to drive. As far as small vehicles go, the Honda Fit was always amongst the most satisfying to drive.