Padilla was born into a show business clan. He made his first movie in 1931. Videospace database is shared between two main categories: MOVIES and their RELEASES. watched: {{ }} {{ dateFormat(data.userdate, 'DD.MM.Y') }} ({{ data.source }}) poster

bloopers / humour. {{ }}/ {{ dateFormat(data.created_at, 'DD.MM.Y') }}, Added this condition: good. condition: bad. The page will reload on close. Padilla had already made approximately three dozen movies before the Japanese occupied Manila in 1942. Video list ends. extra. condition: useless. uncut, {{ }} /

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edited from He made his first movie in 1931. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. price: {{ data.price / 100 }}{{ data.price_currency }}. as director ({{ pivot.pivot.description }}) He was the uncle of Rudy Fernández and Robin Padilla. Carlos Padilla Jr. is nephew of Jose Padilla, Jr., Ateng Osorio, Amado Cortez and Roy Padilla, the father of Robin Padilla. spoofs in subcategory: {{ data.subcats[0].name }}, ({{ dateFormat(data.pivot.rated_at, 'DD.MM.Y') }}). does not respond. {{ }}/, sequel In order to have your collection to be visible on page, it needs to have a rating and text must be more than 30 characters. thumb_up_alt Padilla also represented his country as a lightweight boxer during the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States, in 1932 and the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in 1936. Create first! Sorry for the inconvenience, search results: {{ searchResults.length }}, {{ customDate(notification.created_at) }}, If you are the copyright holder of the material presented on this page and you wish to have the material removed from this site please fill in the following data: 1. spoof of {{ data.pivot.comment }}), "{{ data.description }}" documentary. as composer added picture First select a collection you wish to add your review. photo He lost to Lawrence Stevens (South Africa) in the Round of 16. Please try again, YouTube search daily quota has been reached, please try again later. ill pay: {{ data.price / 100 }} {{ data.price_currency }}. added by {{data.user[0].name }}, ({{ data.releases[0] }}) Complete list of movies by Actor Carlos Padilla Jr. including First Movie, Latest & Upcoming movies information along with Movie Cast & Crew details, Images, Videos etc. Physical recordings are ex. prequel If you wish to write your own review click 'review this movie' button now! used by Distribution, which is done with a physical or digital dowload. {{ dateFormat(data.updated_at, 'DD.MM.Y') }}, Add new entry from keyword. The release contents differ from each other 3. condition: mediocre. as composer His second movie, Doctor Kuba (1933), was also successful in the Philippines; in it he played second only to the leading actor Don Dannon. | "{{ data.description }}"

promo material Carlos Padilla Jr. - Age, Bio, Faces and Birthday. For example Die Hard Quadrilogy Bluray box includes four Die Hard Movies. Carlos Padilla is an actor, known for Innocent Voices (2004), The Perfect Game (2009) and La otra mitad del sol (2005). klippi. backcover. Carlos "Sonny" Dolorico Padilla Jr. (born 1934/35) was a boxing referee and judge from the Philippines.Padilla was a recognizable movie star but when his career began to decline, he rejoined the world of sports and became a boxing referee.. condition: mediocre. condition: mediocre. [Show and edit credits], {{ data.multi_pivot }} VHS and BETA tapes, optical DVD, Bluray, UHD and Laserdisc discs. "{{ data.description }}" added by: {{ dateFormat(data.userdate, 'DD.MM.Y') }}. condition: useless. "{{ data.description }}" still ill pay: {{ data.price / 100 }} {{ data.price_currency }}. cover page b-side spinoff

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Your email so we can reply to you. references as writer José Carmelo "Pempe" Ruiz Padilla Jr. (July 16, 1911 – June 18, 1978) was a Filipino actor who appeared in several dozen movies. For example Movie Die Hard has finnish releases in VHS and Bluray formats. 4 productions, showing credits: {{ microListCount['titles'] }} / 4 as director What material you are requesting to be deleted 2. condition: very good.

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In 1932 he was eliminated in the first round of the lightweight class after losing his bout to eventual gold medalist Lawrence Stevens. price: {{ data.price / 100 }}{{ data.price_currency }}. Carlos Padilla, Actor: Voces inocentes.

condition: bad. condition: good. review. Learn how and when to remove this template message,é_Padilla_Jr.&oldid=976544937, BLP articles lacking sources from April 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 September 2020, at 15:12. remake If you dont have a suitable collection, you can add one by clicking 'add new collection' button. D: Padilla also represented his country as a lightweight boxer during the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States, in 1932 and the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in 1936. as producer ({{ pivot.pivot.description }}) José Padilla, was a Filipino lightweight boxer who competed at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Blind Rage, The Fighter, Action Is Not Missing, Zamboanga Carlos Padilla Jr. is on Facebook. Digital dowloads are files that user can dowload on his/hers computer. added by: {{ }} {{ dateFormat(data.userdate, 'DD.MM.Y') }}, trailer. in certain country or continent released by distributor company. You have made sure that the release to be copied has correct information and is fulfilled as complete as possible. He married Arsenia Francisco, a famous actress, and they had six children: Zenaida, Jovy, Maria Edith, Pempe Jr. (José III), Og, and Joena. rating: {{ data.rating }}. Digital dowloads does not qualify releases on streaming services such as Netflix or HBO, unless user can legally download releases on his/hers computer.

Carlos Padilla Jr. known from movies inc. no posts about this subject. A Review is only visible if it has a grade from 1 to 10 and if it has review text more than 30 characters. spinoff of He made his first movie in 1931, a silent horror film called Ang Multo sa Libingan, also known as Ghost in the Cemetery.

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The release cover pages differ each other 2. disliked condition: very good. in subcategory: {{ data.subcats[0].name }} His father José Padilla Sr. was the governor of Bulacan from 1928 to 1931, and his brother was Carlos Padilla and Roy Padilla. remake of

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