secondary school borokiri iv (PU: 32/22/07/004)Govt. Nigeria: Administrative Division (States and Local Government Areas) with population statistics, charts and maps. It has a total size of 109 square kilometres (42 sq mi). Share on Facebook Follow on Facebook Add to Google+ Connect on Linked in Subscribe by Email Print This Post (20 Wards ) Abuloma/amadi-ama (59 Polling Booths ) Abuloma town hall i (PU: 32/22/20/015) Abuloma town hall ii (PU: 32/22/20/016) Abuloma town hall iii (PU: 32/22/20/017) Abuloma town hall iv …

[3], Rivers State has an independent judiciary, which interprets and applies the law in the state. school elekahia ii (PU: 32/22/19/041)Igwe hall open space nkpogu town i (PU: 32/22/19/001)Igwe hall open space nkpogu town ii (PU: 32/22/19/002)Igwe hall open space nkpogu town iii (PU: 32/22/19/003)Ilo hall i (PU: 32/22/19/027)Ilo hall ii (PU: 32/22/19/028)Ilo hall iii (PU: 32/22/19/029)Iwezor hall i (PU: 32/22/19/008)Iwezor hall ii (PU: 32/22/19/009)Mechanic complex i (PU: 32/22/19/032)Mechanic complex ii (PU: 32/22/19/033)Nchelem (PU: 32/22/19/010)Ndah hall i (PU: 32/22/19/004)Ndah hall ii (PU: 32/22/19/005)Ndah hall, elekahia (PU: 32/22/19/042)Nyeche hall (elekahia) (PU: 32/22/19/034)Nyeche hall (elekahim) i (PU: 32/22/19/038)Nyeche hall (elekahim) ii (PU: 32/22/19/039)Ochiri hall, elekahia (PU: 32/22/19/043)Odum hall (PU: 32/22/19/025)Odum hall (PU: 32/22/19/026)Opposite the evening market i (PU: 32/22/19/030)Opposite the evening market ii (PU: 32/22/19/031)Sou thern grocery frontage ii (PU: 32/22/19/007)Southern grocery frontage i (PU: 32/22/19/006)State school elekahia i (PU: 32/22/19/016)State school elekahia ii (PU: 32/22/19/017)State school elekahia iii (PU: 32/22/19/018)State school elekahia iv (PU: 32/22/19/019)State school elekahia v (PU: 32/22/19/020)State school elekahia vi (PU: 32/22/19/021)Transamadi urban council i (PU: 32/22/19/012)Transamadi urban council ii (PU: 32/22/19/013)Transamadi urban council iii (PU: 32/22/19/014)Transamadi urban council iv (PU: 32/22/19/015), (11 Polling Booths )Egede street i (PU: 32/22/14/002)Egede street ii (PU: 32/22/14/003)Egede street iii (PU: 32/22/14/004)Egede street iv (PU: 32/22/14/005)Egede street v (PU: 32/22/14/006)Mgbundukwu hall (PU: 32/22/14/001)Mgbundukwu hall i (PU: 32/22/14/009)Mgbundukwu hall ii (PU: 32/22/14/010)Mgbundukwu hall iii (PU: 32/22/14/011)Rumkpailu kwuozo hall i (PU: 32/22/14/007)Rumkpailu kwuozo hall ii (PU: 32/22/14/008), (12 Polling Booths )Lumumba/echue (PU: 32/22/15/011)Open space (PU: 32/22/15/012)Timber/lumumba junction i (PU: 32/22/15/009)Timber/lumumba junction ii (PU: 32/22/15/010)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) i (PU: 32/22/15/001)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) ii (PU: 32/22/15/002)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) iii (PU: 32/22/15/003)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) iv (PU: 32/22/15/004)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) v (PU: 32/22/15/005)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) vi (PU: 32/22/15/006)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) vii (PU: 32/22/15/007)Tobin hall (bu emenike junction ) viii (PU: 32/22/15/008), (50 Polling Booths )C.s.s nkpolu (PU: 32/22/10/050)Chindah estate (by ust) i (PU: 32/22/10/045)Chindah estate (by ust) ii (PU: 32/22/10/046)Council premises space i (PU: 32/22/10/031)Council premises space ii (PU: 32/22/10/032)Council premises space iii (PU: 32/22/10/033)Council premises space vi (PU: 32/22/10/034)Ejiegbu street i (PU: 32/22/10/043)Ejiegbu street ii (PU: 32/22/10/044)Enwume avenue i (PU: 32/22/10/019)Enwume avenue ii (PU: 32/22/10/020)Mechanic village i (PU: 32/22/10/037)Mechanic village ii (PU: 32/22/10/038)Mechanic village iii (PU: 32/22/10/039)Mechanic village vi (PU: 32/22/10/040)Mlle 3 market i (PU: 32/22/10/021)Mlle 3 market ii (PU: 32/22/10/022)National street i (PU: 32/22/10/035)National street ii (PU: 32/22/10/036)Obiri aholu (wobo street) i (PU: 32/22/10/047)Obiri aholu (wobo street) ii (PU: 32/22/10/048)Obiri elechi nkpolu i (PU: 32/22/10/009)Obiri elechi nkpolu ii (PU: 32/22/10/010)Obiri elechi nkpolu iii (PU: 32/22/10/011)Obiri marttns (PU: 32/22/10/049)Obiri ogbuji space i (PU: 32/22/10/041)Obiri ogbuji space ii (PU: 32/22/10/042)Obiri okah open space i (PU: 32/22/10/023)Obiri okah open space ii (PU: 32/22/10/024)Obiri wokom (open space) i (PU: 32/22/10/025)Obiri wokom (open space) ii (PU: 32/22/10/026)Obiri wokora (PU: 32/22/10/008)Okoku hall (bu amada lane) i (PU: 32/22/10/017)Okoku hall (bu amada lane) ii (PU: 32/22/10/018)St. thomas school (PU: 32/22/10/016)St. thomas school i (PU: 32/22/10/012)St. thomas school ii (PU: 32/22/10/013)St. thomas school iii (PU: 32/22/10/014)St. thomas school vi (PU: 32/22/10/015)State school rebisi amaikibo road i (PU: 32/22/10/001)State school rebisi amaikibo road ii (PU: 32/22/10/002)State school rebisi amaikibo road iii (PU: 32/22/10/003)State school rebisi amaikibo road iv (PU: 32/22/10/004)State school rebisi amaikibo road v (PU: 32/22/10/005)State school rebisi amaikibo road vi (PU: 32/22/10/006)State school rebisi amaikibo road vii (PU: 32/22/10/007)Town hall space (nkpolu o ruworuko) i (PU: 32/22/10/027)Town hall space (nkpolu o ruworuko) ii (PU: 32/22/10/028)Town hall space (nkpolu o ruworuko) iii (PU: 32/22/10/029)Town hall space (nkpolu o ruworuko) vi (PU: 32/22/10/030), (20 Polling Booths )Aholu water front (PU: 32/22/18/019)Eagle island (PU: 32/22/18/020)Ejigini street open space i (PU: 32/22/18/012)Ejigini street open space ii (PU: 32/22/18/013)Near ust post office open space i (PU: 32/22/18/001)Near ust post office open space ii (PU: 32/22/18/002)Near ust post office open space iii (PU: 32/22/18/003)Near ust post office open space iv (PU: 32/22/18/004)Near ust post office open space v (PU: 32/22/18/005)Obasiolu st. ml3 i (PU: 32/22/18/008)Obasiolu st. ml3 ii (PU: 32/22/18/009)Obasiolu/ojoto junction front i (PU: 32/22/18/016)Obasiolu/ojoto junction front ii (PU: 32/22/18/017)Obiri emika i (PU: 32/22/18/014)Obiri emika ii (PU: 32/22/18/015)Obiri orusa open space i (PU: 32/22/18/006)Obiri orusa open space ii (PU: 32/22/18/007)Sacred heart school diobu i (PU: 32/22/18/010)Sacred heart school diobu ii (PU: 32/22/18/011)Wadugba water front (PU: 32/22/18/018), (14 Polling Booths )Chuku-olunda hall (PU: 32/22/08/013)Enyo hall (PU: 32/22/08/014)Ochiri hall open space i (PU: 32/22/08/004)Ochiri hall open space ii (PU: 32/22/08/005)Ochiri hall open space iii (PU: 32/22/08/006)Ochiri hall open space iv (PU: 32/22/08/007)Ochiri hall open space v (PU: 32/22/08/008)Rebisi hall open space i (PU: 32/22/08/009)Rebisi hall open space ii (PU: 32/22/08/010)Rebisi hall open space iii (PU: 32/22/08/011)Rv/22/276/013 (PU: 32/22/08/012)St. john’s college i (PU: 32/22/08/001)St. john’s college ii (PU: 32/22/08/002)St. john’s college iii (PU: 32/22/08/003), (37 Polling Booths )Holy rosary secondary school i (PU: 32/22/04/011)Holy rosary secondary school ii (PU: 32/22/04/012)Holy rosary secondary school iii (PU: 32/22/04/013)Holy rosary secondary school iv (PU: 32/22/04/014)Holy rosary secondary school v (PU: 32/22/04/015)Holy rosary secondary school vi (PU: 32/22/04/016)Holy rosary secondary school vii (PU: 32/22/04/017)P.h primary school i (PU: 32/22/04/001)P.h primary school ii (PU: 32/22/04/002)P.h primary school iii (PU: 32/22/04/003)P.h primary school iv (PU: 32/22/04/004)Pabpd primary school (PU: 32/22/04/010)Pabpd primary school i (PU: 32/22/04/005)Pabpd primary school ii (PU: 32/22/04/006)Pabpd primary school iii (PU: 32/22/04/007)Pabpd primary school iv (PU: 32/22/04/008)Pabpd primary school v (PU: 32/22/04/009)U.p.e orogbum school i (PU: 32/22/04/031)U.p.e orogbum school ii (PU: 32/22/04/032)U.p.e orogbum school iii (PU: 32/22/04/033)U.p.e orogbum school iv (PU: 32/22/04/034)U.p.e orogbum school v (PU: 32/22/04/035)U.p.e orogbum school vi (PU: 32/22/04/036)U.p.e sangana i (PU: 32/22/04/018)U.p.e sangana ii (PU: 32/22/04/019)U.p.e sangana iii (PU: 32/22/04/020)U.p.e sangana iv (PU: 32/22/04/021)U.p.e sangana ix (PU: 32/22/04/026)U.p.e sangana v (PU: 32/22/04/022)U.p.e sangana vi (PU: 32/22/04/023)U.p.e sangana vii (PU: 32/22/04/024)U.p.e sangana viii (PU: 32/22/04/025)U.p.e sangana x (PU: 32/22/04/027)U.p.e sangana xi (PU: 32/22/04/028)U.p.e. The original indigenous occupants of the area are the Ikwerre people, a subgroup of the Igbo … It is composed of a number of courts, each specialized for a different task. It is equipped to adjudicate disputes between people or the government at various levels. comp. The official seat of government is in Port Harcourt.

Tai Local Government Area Secretariat, Saakpenwa-Ogoni, Rivers State Nigeria . Mayor Victor Ihunwo News Politics Mayor Victor Ihunwo Thanks Gov Nyesom Wike. The council comprises the chairman who is the chief executive of the local government area, and other elected members who are referred to as councillors. There are 23 LGAs that handle local administration under an elected Chairman or Mayor. Presently, there are 10 judicial divisions within the High Court of Justice, and about 26 judges carrying out their professional work.

Port Harcourt local government area is included in the Greater Port Harcourt region. Port Harcourt City Council.

Following general elections in April 2015, the current House of Assembly was formed. Council elections are organized through the Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission. comp. As with the federal government of Nigeria, power in Rivers State is divided into three main branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Port Harcourt (local government area) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. secondary school borokiri i (PU: 32/22/07/001)Govt. Primary education in many cases starts at the age of 4 for majority of Riverians. The 8th House of Assembly was inaugurated on 1 June 2015.

Most judicial appointments including that of Chief Judge are made by the Governor, but acting upon the recommendation of the National Judicial Council. Abuloma/amadi-ama. The local government area covers 260 km2 and at the 2006 Census held a population of 464,789.

[2] Members of the House of the Assembly are elected from single-member constituencies. [1], The total population in the area was last recorded at 638,360 people in 2011 from 538,558 in 2006. port harcourt ix (PU: 32/22/05/054)C.p.s. | Judicial power is exercised solely by the judiciary of Rivers State. public and private schools for both elementary and secondary education. PHALGA PRESS STATEMENT MAYOR OF PORT HARCOURT CITY THANKS GOV NYESOM EZENWO WIKE Mayor of Port Harcourt City Hon Victor… You missed. secondary school borokiri iii (PU: 32/22/07/003)Govt. port- harcourt v (PU: 32/22/05/050)C.p.s. Students spend five or six years in primary school and graduate with a school leaving certificate. It is situated 52 kilometres (32 mi) southeast of Ahoada and about 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Bori. port- harcourt iv (PU: 32/22/05/049)C.p.s. To date, only 7 individuals have served as chairman of Obio-Akpor local government council.

secondary school borokiri vii (PU: 32/22/07/007)Govt. That's it. Home; About; Blog; Contact; Sample … [6], List of political parties in Rivers State, Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission, Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Rivers, "Rivers State House confirms four commissioners, others", "Why Buhari, APC Shun Amaechi – Gov. Tai …