In case there is a miscommunication due to one reason or another, there will not be any output on the display or audio device. The monitor can be used as is. My gpu had a dvi d port and I had to get an adapter because my monitor had a VGA cable. The HDCP protocol is only transferred over HDMI. Thankyou so much, FYI i have an MSI 1060 6GB running DP, i also tried different DP port on card, another pc in my house with a 1050 4GB with DP which did not work, so i knew it was the monitors DP port at fault. Tried a different HDMI port on my monitor. Check the monitor's video cable and make sure it is snugly connected to the computer. A legend i tell you, I called AOC and my supplier and was about to box it up for return this morning, until your little trick worked, i hit the toggle switch on the bottom of the monitor to the left which changes between outputs, mine being hdmi and dp like you had suggested...and low and behold it worked!!! So as things stand now, I got the guy to send me a new Wii2HDMI adapter and I bought a brand new HDMI to DVI cable. My aoc monitor has the aoc logo then says no signal then the power light changes to yellow from Green. Power is being drawn. So you likely have a faulty cable or faulty HDMI>DVI converter. Check the "Browse my computer for driver software" checkbox and click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Unplug it and plug back in, switch to DP and it works again. something so simple, yet so hard to figure out.. No. The quick fixes mentioned above will definitely help you get back the HDMI signal and if it does not work for you, you should consult the tech support of the concerned input or output device. Infact 2 are black and 1 is white yet they all have the same model number. Make sure that the signal cable is properly connected to the monitor and is securely inserted into the video card in the back of the computer. I think it just lost signal & went into deep sleep or something.. on the settings on monitor I have turned off Deep Sleep, hopefully it doesn't happen again. What is the reason of this? Please visit and refer to our support page for more information how to contact our technical support. On Windows 10, connecting a second monitor is a convenient way to expand the canvas to work with multiple apps, edit videos, and even play games on your desktop computer or laptop. My display is missing one of the primary colors or it is showing tint color (pink, green, blue).What is the reason of this? Monitor displays an “Out of Range” message. These problems are caused by using an extension video cable or switch box. Click on the “Change display settings” button. As you can see if you are not getting signal in one HDMI port try to plug-in the cable in another port. Please contact the pc or video card manufacturer for further help on driver configurations of your video card. I have a GTX 1050 ti. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and for proper communication between two hardware components, both receiver and sender devices must recognize the HDMI signal and is often called HDMI handshake. Click "Update Driver..." in the "Driver" tab. AOC monitor (no issues here) recently bought a new AOC monitor 6 months ago and it worked flawlessly up to two weeks ago when it suddenly stopped working with this laptop. I’m using a MAC computer. AOC offers an EASE replacement policy for a period of 90 days. Our Customer Service Call Center can be reached at 888-838-6388 and is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm PST, except holidays. What model monitor ? Click on the 'Browse...' button, select the appropriate drive F: ( CD-ROM Drive) then click on the 'OK' button. I used your advice above and physically pulled out the power cable from back of the monitor … Select 'Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can choose the driver you want', then click on 'Next' and then click on 'Have Disk...'. The files will be copied from the CD to your hard disk drive. Fortunately, my display was plugged into my UPS so I can just turn the UPS off to remove the display’s power and force it into a deep reset. whether it be questions about game support or productivity, or if you'd just like to show of pictures of your new setup You can find this on a small white sticker label on the back of the monitor. Move electrical devices that may cause electrical interference as far away from the monitor as possible. I recently bought AOC CQ32G1 which I use for both my PC and my PS4Pro, connected with DisplayPort and HDMI respectively. Click the “OK” button. By changing the port, I mean you should try to change the ports both physically and on-screen software. (The obvious) Your HDMI/ VGA/ MiniDisplay cable isn't plugged in. Come join the discussion about articles, computer security, Mac, Microsoft, Linux, hardware, networking, gaming, reviews, accessories, and more! EPI also provides advanced replacement on its gaming (AGON and G-Series) monitors for the entire duration of their respective warranties, as well as a one-time accidental damage replacement, for one year, at no additional cost, as outlined in the warranty policy TOC found on this website. This means the computer is sending an incompatible display mode to your monitor. You can display the Windows Shut Down screen by pressing START & then Shut Down. Furthermore, you must note that DVI is capable of transmitting only video signals and for audio, you still need to use audio ports. 1.) 2. To see if the computer is operating properly, press the CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard repeatedly while checking the CAPS LOCK light. Use the Windows Shut Down screen and activate the AUTO-ADJUST feature of your monitor. This is the place to ask! On a windows system press windows key +P to open the screen projections. (LCD monitor only). When I try to extend my screen to the monitor, my mouse goes off the screen as if it would if the monitor was showing anything, however no signal is still received. The recommended setting for LCD panel is can be found in the user manual under 'Setting Optimal Resolution'. Also use the maximum refresh rate your monitor is capable of at the resolution your are using. Try turning on your computer and monitor in a different sequence. I saw on that someone returned two units for faulty display ports and thought I was about to have to do the same. Set the “View by” to “Large icons” or “Small icons”. Welcome to TechPowerUp Forums, Guest! Adjust RGB color or select desired color temperature. Press the Start button and highlight the “Settings” option.Select the “Control Panel” folder. Click on 'Driver' and then click on 'Update Driver...' then click on the 'Next' button. If you think the ports have become loose, you should buy a new HDMI cable and some good quality cables come equipped with a self-locking mechanism. To power cycle the monitor you just need to disconnect the HDMI cables and turn off the power. talking abt best software, autodesk/unity3d/notepad yes notepad!! During which, EPI will replace defective monitors with an “EASE” monitor as stated in the warranty policy TOC found on this website. Ive had the intermittent problem of the monitor reading no signal in a yellow box in the center of the screen. Is that it is the only Console that dosnt support HD and this adaptor will not boost the wii's screen resolution. Why cookies? You must log in or register to reply here. Today you will have to use HDMI cable in one or another electronics device at home or at your office. Please reference downloading driver information. Now select the appropriate signal source. Click on the 'Open' button, then click the 'OK' button. Verify that the video card and monitor driver are properly installed. Since your video card is located inside your computer, you will have to contact your computer manufacturer for assistance. but seems odd because its been working fine for weeks. Make sure that your computer is turned on and working properly. monitor still works great through HDMI with my brothers mac and with a seperate Blu ray player also via HDMI. Click "Personalization" and then "Display Settings". What is the Internet of Things and How Can It Help You? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Select 'Display a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver', then click on 'Next' and then click on 'Have disk...'. Select the Power Management icon. Planning on building a computer but need some advice? If you have drivers-dump on your system you can give its path or can automatically update the latest display drivers from the internet. Open the "Update Driver Software-Generic PnP Monitor" window by clicking on “Update Driver... “and then click the "Browse my computer for driver software" button. I … The problem is not with the monitor, it's with the tower. Select the 'Monitor' button, then click on 'Change...' button. If you do find any issues during installation, please contact Mac's technical support. theres nothing to brag abt potato, but it can run decent 30fps fullhd with good setting:), GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming K7 // Gigabyte H97M -D3H, Corsair DDR4 3600 32gb //G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB 1600, EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC ULTRA GAMING// EVGA GTX 1050 ti, Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 512, 2 Tb FireCuda// Samsung 1Tb SSD, ASUS VP348QGL 34" Quad HD 3440 x 1440 // 55" LG 4K SK8000 Series, Corsair Obsidian Series 550D // Silverstone Granada GD05, Focusrite Scarlett // HDMI to Samsung HW-R650 sound bar. If this does not work, please visit and refer to our support page for more information how to contact our technical support. (It’s normal for some of the pins to be missing). If you are not getting a display on the monitor of your desktop PC, you need to recheck the software drivers of the display card or on-board display chip. What is the reason of this? Last Updated June 16, 2018 By Subhash D 2 Comments. The system will automatically select the maximum refresh rate and corresponding Color Matching Profiles. 1. You should verify this by trying the monitor on a different working system, when you plug the monitor into the computer you should get a display…if the monitor still doesn’t show an image on the different system, this indicates an internal problem with the monitor. How can I obtain parts for my out of warranty monitor? Now it's time to plug in your second cable. Select 'Monitor' Two cables are needed to connect this to your screen. Makes me wonder if that guy just needed to do this also. Do I need to use an adapter? Can you plug your tv in to the display port? Press J to jump to the feed. It sounds weird to me that you don't have a DVI (or even a HDMI) port on your GPU. What does it mean? You may need to completely remove power from the display by unplugging it to reset it This was necessary for me. Now everything works fine on both sides, the problem being that when I switch back to DP there is no signal and monitor switches back to HDMI. Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop. Ive disconnected and reconnected the cables. I alredy updated the drivers directly from the AOC website (more current than the CD provided with the box) with same results. Most of us use converter cables to convert the DVI signals to HDMI or vice-versa. My gpu had a dvi d port and I had to get an adapter because my monitor had a VGA cable. We’re just forcing a complete “cold” reboot to that any hangups in the display’s firmware are cleared. Once it is connected, I get a message "Display connection might be limited", the monitor turns on and provides a "No signal" message and then turns off. Maybe they have a fix. Why is my screen image not centered or sized properly?