Additionally, students will be able to interpret geologic maps, including sedimentological and structural data, and will determine past sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic environments of formation and the processes by which deformation and exhumation occur, along with developing the ability to apply Earth science field techniques in order to unravel the geologic history of an area. More data has been generated in the last 2 years than over whole history of humanity prior to this. You want to make sense of our highly complex world and become an informed citizen. We also organise dedicated Geography Careers Events. Research and response Liverpool go to the UL Admissions QQI page for a full list of modules. Certain QQI Awards are acceptable in fulfilling admission requirements for this programme. Students will gain the practical experience required to assess appropriate measurement strategies for specific environmental problems and identify sources of geophysical measurement error. Modules include Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems, and you will develop valuable research project skills in preparation for your final year of study. Our inclusive admissions policy values breadth as well as depth of study. Students on certain modules may wish to purchase a hand lens and compass clinometer but these may be borrowed from the Department. (LO3) On successful completion of this module, students should be able to record observations and interpretations in a scientific notebook. To develop experience in communicating between multiple disciplines and both scientifically literate specialist and non-specialist audiences. Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, Climate Change: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation. Work in our outstanding practical facilities, alongside world-renowned lecturers. You'll also study 1 of these compulsory maths modules, based on your existing maths qualifications: Working closely with teachers you can develop skills and experience beneficial to a career in teaching. Some modules are assessed in part through traditional exams, but some have elements of coursework. Geography is central to how we understand the world we inhabit. The module uses a lecture and laboratory-based problem-solving approach to explore some of the fundamental physical and chemical processes underlying physical geography. A higher degree of specialisation then develops in subsequent years. Catch these videos showcasing our student Ridzuan and the subject are committed to teaching well.

This module will give you an insight into the physical dynamics and ecological interactions within glacial systems. Therefore the general public is usually keen to embrace "sustainable agriculture" but is generally unaware of the economic and food production costs of proposed changes in crop management. It is designed to provide a foundation for environmental and physical geography modules in the second and third years. For full details of the University's financial support packages including eligibility criteria, please visit our fees and funding page. Throughout the trip, you will study the links between cultural, economic, political and social processes and the ways they influence life in New York City. BSc Geography will give you an understanding of the world around you by exploring the human and physical environment. You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. (LO1) Ability to describe what the basin types are and the mechanics of their formation, (LO2) Ability to describe and apply a workflow to calculate hydrocarbon volume in place and appreciate the uncertainties inherant in the answer, (LO3) Ability to collect industry-standard sedimentological information, (LO4) Ability to synthesize, evaluate and report on a sedimentological, petrophysical and petrological dataset from the North Sea to assess: the petroleum system, reservoir quality and economic viability. The module will introduce common forms of spatial analysis and will provide an understanding of which to use under given the situations. To help students identify and effectively employ appropriate sources of data and information. Students will focus on each of the key energy technologies learning how to detail its importance, its forms and uses, how much is produced, and its cost and environmental impact. A major objective is to bring familiarity with meteorological analyses and forecasts.

(S6) Problem solving/ critical thinking - creativity analysing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions. Environmental case studies will be used in a mixture of lectures and workshops where students will learn to manipulate trigonometric equations, describe the basic principles of calculus and solve simple equations. For further information, contact Review the three groups of criteria to determine your fee status as follows, Depending on how you meet these criteria your status will be one of the following -, More information about fees can be found on the Finance website. To highlight the relationships between engineering geology and hydrogeology   Four. Jonathon Ackroyd, GCSE requirements (minimum grade C/4):English or Welsh and Mathematics, The University welcomes applications from students studying the Access to Higher Education Diploma. The challenges and opportunities of urbanisation, economic growth, migration, and environmental degradation will be examined along with one the most critical issues facing our time: the rapid and extreme changes in our climate. Emily Brown, Physical Geography is EVERYWHERE - especially in Aberystwyth.