They exchange two long kisses, one on the couch and another when she wraps her arms around him to congratulate Daffy for removing the ghosts from her body.

Tina is roughly the same height as Daffy, although she is in considerably better shape than Daffy (Which isn't hard considering he is a weak and feeble wuss). Again she looks very similar to Daffy in appearance; other than her white wedding dress shown in the family album, and the red hat she wears during the short which closely resembles her hat from The Henpecked Duck.

She is bossy and violent from the start. Melissa Duck / Tina Russo Duck (full name Tina Melissa Russo Duck) (from the The Looney Tunes Show) is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons and the animated television series Baby Looney Tunes.

Melissa seems to be more than aware of Daffy's extreme faults but loves him all the same. She orders Daffy to sit on their egg for a while. Once he accesses her e-mail, he notices a message from a guy named "Michael." • Bugs N' Daffy Melissa Duck's most notable role is that from the series Baby Looney Tunes, which casts the adult characters from the original Looney Tunes theatrical shorts as their infant selves. When Tina leaves, Daffy takes her place, literally. to which Daffy said "look no bump!" Melissa Duck first officially appeared by name in adult form in the original Looney Tunes short Chuck Jones' The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950) which was, in 1994, voted number 31 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. Melissa Duck is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons and the animated television series Baby Looney Tunes. In Daffy Duck, Esquire, she told Daffy that her dad, Frank Russo, is coming to town for the week, but she isn't going to be meeting him, because she fears that her father will not approve of Daffy because he is unemployed, uneducated and is not financially stable. Daffy informs her that he cannot talk as he is looking into the case of the missing gopher, Tosh. She is expecting another visit from the stork, which Daffy is desperate to prevent. Rawr rawr! However, after thinking about it, Daffy realizes that being a "mother" isn't what he wanted, which seems to irritate Tina. She even punched Daffy after he got a new beak job that made him hideous (although he thought he looked perfect because the operation also smoothed the bump on his beak) to get him to return his face back to normal (and because he insulted her beak by calling it a nightmare). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Voice Later, she is seen with Lola backstage, fixing her makeup. While there, she tries her best to style hair on fake heads, but ultimately fails at doing so.

The plot followed Daffy attempting to save Fair Lady Melissa from having to marry the evil Grand Duke Sylvester with whom she is not in love. She appears to have undergone somewhat of a personality change in Season 2, although the majority of her personality is still the same. Despite the comparisons between Melissa's and Shirley's characters, Melissa Duck never featured in an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, despite other original Looney Tunes having done so. She becomes somewhat more aggressive, and is shown to at times be, as her manager described "rude and mean spirited", especially when she is annoyed with someone, even customers whom she will talk back to or argue with.

She tells him that she sent it to vent anger without fear of repercussions. She is featured as main character Daffy Duck's blonde girlfriend in several cartoon shorts but is only referred to as Melissa in one, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, where she is voiced by Bea Benaderet. Melissa had a crush on Daffy Duck ever since she was an infant. The blonde duck in this cartoon bears visual similarities to Daffy's girlfriend from Muscle Tussle (as well as a vague resemblance to the female pigeon Hatta Mari from Plane Daffy, 1944) and may represent the "origin" of the Melissa Duck character. When a jealous Daffy feeds the duckling growth pills, he is surprised to see it age into a white, female duck with blonde hair. In The Stupid Cupid, this Mrs. Daffy has no name and no lines. She hatches a brood of ducklings, and she and Daffy must later protect them from a group of eagles. In Stork Naked (1955), Daffy is married to a duck named Daphne who, once again, appears very similar to Daffy but this time wears a blue bow in her head. We don't know much about her personalty, though she was snarling and holding Daffy up by the neck in their wedding photo. She says to Daffy "Mmm! Also like the female duck in Duxorcist, she was a bit taller than Daffy. Shorts: Mrs. Daffy Duck:Robert ClampettSara BernerMartha WentworthMel BlancJune ForayMelissa Duck:Marian RichmanBea BenaderetB.J. Daffy then complains about the butter being hard and being served store-bought rolls. Shirley and Melissa are similar in both looks and personality. She is a hard worker, as shown by her commitment to her job and is very intelligent, as she understood how to put up a shelf and tried to give advice to Bugs (who wouldn't listen) and also helped repair his house by herself (proving she is resourceful and possibly has knowledge of plumbing and architecture).