Although it isn’t easy to distinguish from a 1956 Nash Rambler, this is a 1956 Hudson Rambler custom sedan. That was crucial because the compact’s $13 million development cost was a big investment for Nash, which was doing relatively well financially, but didn’t have the deep pockets of General Motors. Mar 1, 2006. km. While the new Rambler Ambassador was over 200 inches (5,096 mm) long on a 116-inch (2,946mm) wheelbase, weighing more than 3,700 lb (1,678 kg), it was basically a standard Rambler from the firewall back; the extra length and longer wheelbase did nothing for interior space. And it’s my pride and joy. George Walker, who was a design consultant for Nash until 1946, later denied any involvement with the Rambler, as did several of Nash’s own stylists, who told author Michael Lamm that the design of the compact Rambler was based more on engineering blueprints than any real aesthetic vision. 1966 AMC Rambler floor mat. Maybe because it was different. If you change certain aspects of the site's appearance using the accessibility sidebar, it may set these cookies to manage and remember your settings. As for economy, Nash’s claim of 30 mpg (7.8 L/100 km) was a trifle optimistic, but an overall average of 25 mpg (9.4 L/100 km) was very good for the early fifties and about 30% better than the Low-Priced Three could offer. 1961 Nash Metropolitan . More significant was the introduction of four-door models: a Custom sedan and a Custom Cross Country wagon with a “Fashion Safety Arch” roof (designed by stylist Bill Reddig) and standard roof rack. blue. The impetus for the compact cars actually came from Nash’s engineering vice president, Nils Erik Wahlberg, and chief engineer Meade Moore. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. When the Nash Rambler was first introduced, this was the only body style offered, but a two-door wagon was added about two months later. That facelift was primarily the work of new Nash styling chief Edmund A. Anderson, whom Mason had hired in 1950, but was publicly credited to Italian designer Giovanni Battista “Pinin” Farina, a Nash consultant in the early fifties. Accessing certain posts or pages on this website may require you to enter a specific password. 1966 Rambler American Classic 770. Luggage space was another matter; the Landau’s trunk held both the spare and a shield to protect the fabric top, leaving little space for baggage. I am looking under Classic Cars because Classic car guys know where all the cool stuff is. Sears, Roebuck offered its own version of this car under the Allstate name in 1952–53. However, steel shortages limited the amount of raw materials that Nash could get, so Mason turned the compact, now designated the Rambler, into a two-door sedan with a convertible top and the cars were equipped with many standard features that were typically options, to maximize profits for the company. Nash-Kelvinator was in a very different position. You never forget your first car. 62,904 Starting in 1953, the standard Rambler engine grew to 184 cu.

The engine was a flat head 6. | Higher level of comfort, quiet and refinement

Interior has been … Following the merger, 1955 and 1956 Ramblers were badged as both Nashes and Hudsons, with no visible difference between the two. This is a 1960 Rambler American Deluxe two-door sedan, which at $1,795 was the second cheapest of the Rambler American line.

By 1968, the only vehicle produced by AMC to carry the Rambler marque was the compact Rambler American. Nash’s Weather Eye heater, developed by Nils Erik Wahlberg in the mid-thirties, was the most sophisticated in the business, offering thermostatic control of both hot and cool air. AMC Rambler hub caps - 3 different sets I have three sets of four. in. (Google Analytics is a trademark of Google LLC; Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC.).
sedan. The car has 97k original miles and has always been well cared for. The Rambler’s suspension was largely conventional, with double wishbones and coils in front and Hotchkiss drive in back, but the front suspension had unusual high-mounted springs, sitting on top of each upper wishbone and acting against the inner fender structure. 19, No. Roomiest Legacy ever with largest passenger cabin in the midsize segment This car is an amazing build ! Although it would be many years before Detroit embraced unit bodies, their engineering advantages were well-known in engineering circles and several of the independent body companies, including Briggs and The Budd Company, were already promoting the idea. Aside from diversifying his business, one of Charlie Nash’s principal goals in that merger was to secure the services of Kelvinator’s talented president, George W. Mason, whom Nash had selected as his successor. Jeffery was a former bicycle manufacturer who took a fancy to the idea of the automobile, still a radical idea in the Gay Nineties. The Rambler’s engine was the same flathead six used by the old 600, a larger version of which powered Nash’s full-size cars. It was still small by American standards, although it was bigger than a full-size Mercedes of the time.

The first use of the name Rambler for an American made automobile dates to 1897 when Thomas B. Jeffery of Chicago, Illinois and builder of the Rambler bicycle, constructed his first prototype automobile.

Ford had their Mustang, Chrysler had the Barracuda, and General Motors had their pony cars such as the Camero and Firebird. In 1917, he renamed that company Nash Motors. That was particularly impressive considering the proliferation of new compacts from other manufacturers, who joined the fray in 1960. Thomas Jeffery in his first prototype Rambler motor vehicle 1901.

One piece for both driver and passenger. This is a base-model (Deluxe) 1962 Rambler American two-door sedan, the third generation of the short-wheelbase Rambler. 1964 Rambler American $6,950 . Kaiser’s Henry J bowed in September 1950, just five months after the Nash Rambler.

The most popular color?

In 1963, the entire Rambler line received the Motor Trend Car of the Year award. I always liked something different, something everyone else doesn’t have. The global marketplace for vintage and handmade items. (Nash later introduced a slightly cheaper Deliveryman model aimed at precisely that market, although the Deliveryman was not well-publicized and sold in limited numbers.)

I don’t think I can ever remember my uncle driving anything but an AMC. In 1937, Mason became president of the new Nash-Kelvinator corporation, although Nash remained board chairman until his death in 1948. Don’t wire money or take advance payments. They moved swiftly to consolidate Nash and Hudson production, which began to converge with the introduction of the 1955 models that fall. 1976 Australian-assembled Rambler Matador (U.S 1974 model). I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *.

Like the big Nashes of the time, the compact Rambler was a fully unitized design using what Nash called “Airflyte” construction. - Automotive dictionary and encyklopedia - all about cars, motorcycles, engines etc", "Nash Low Cost Air Conditioner Cools or Heats by Turning Knob. This was standard on Custom wagons, adding an upscale look. Those figures, measured with a stopwatch and an uncorrected speedometer, were undoubtedly optimistic, but the little Nash actually had a fractionally better power-to-weight ratio than did a 1950 V8 Ford.

(, The Nash Rambler Custom two-door wagon was the same overall size as the Landau convertible, but was vastly more practical. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalisation, advertising, and to help our site function. One or more wp-saving-post cookies may be placed while creating and/or editing posts or pages, to help manage version control and the autosave feature; these cookies normally expire after about 24 hours. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. You can hide the "Support Ate Up With Motor" box and prevent the loading of its embedded content by switching the toggle switch for this category to "OFF." Reduced !! The body structure was primarily the work of Ted Ulrich, who apparently also dictated much of the styling. (Photo: “ My dad bought a used 1961 Rambler American to drive to work so he could save gas and park the barge. For an American car, it was. Mason’s enthusiasm was by no means universally shared among Nash’s executive staff or even its engineers.

AMC vehicles were badged as “Rambler" in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Venezuela, South Africa, and United Kingdom.

Other engine sizes won't work. 15D42006A01 Price: $30.00 obo Call or text: 204-479-0327 Pick up ... Vintage Original NOS (New Old Stock) Dealer Sales Brochure for the following: 1967 AMC (AMERICAN MOTORS) AMBASSADOR inc. 880 / 990 / DPL / MARLIN 1967 RAMBLER inc. REBEL 770 / 550 / SST 1967 RAMBLER ... 1969 Rambler project car , runs drives 232 6/cylinder automatic all new brake parts some need to be installed all the trim pieces complete restorable car. It’s in pretty good shape but not perfect. in. The V8 added 275 lb (125 kg) to the nose and reduced fuel economy by more than 20%, but the bigger engine boosted sales. You must be at least 18 to comment. At 174.5 inches (4,432 mm) overall, the Henry J was slightly bigger than the Rambler (although it rode the same wheelbase), but was substantially cheaper and offered both four- and six-cylinder engines. in. This website uses Google Analytics.

(, The Nash Rambler wagon was all-steel; the wood trim is a woodgrain appliqué.