Other eroded surfaces, such as the Udi-Nsukka escarpment (see Udi-Nsukka Plateau), rise abruptly above the plains at elevations of at least 1,000 feet (300 metres). Spanish and English are Puerto Rico’s official languages. These celebrations depict the relevance of solidarity and love shared in families. Men are dominant over women in virtually all areas. The Hausa, who do not consider dancing to be an art, divide their dances into the categories of social dancing and ceremonial bòorii dances. Food is an important part of Nigerian life. The middle two-thirds of the country, the savanna regions, contain reddish, laterite soils; they are somewhat less fertile than those of the north because they are not subject to as much seasonal drying, nor do they receive the greater rainfall that occurs in the more southerly regions. There the vegetation provides humus and protects it from erosion by heavy rainfall. River basin development projects have created many large man-made lakes, including Lake Kainji on the Niger and Lake Bakolori on the Rima River. For example, some households are headed by women. Dance for the Ubakala shows their value system, helps resolve conflicts, and also institutes change.

The soils in the northern states of Kano and Sokoto, however, are not subject to leaching and are therefore easily farmed. Kingdoms and empires of precolonial Nigeria, Controversies surrounding the 2007 presidential election, Nigeria under Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan, The 2015 elections and electorate concerns, Recession, fight against corruption, and insecurity.

In the precolonial period the country normally produced enough agricultural commodities to feed its population, and it even maintained a surplus for export. A bride and groom posing with their wedding guests in Nigeria. This may be the result of the women being widowed or divorced. Updates? Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Movie theatres, showing mostly Indian and American films, are popular among the urban middle- and low-income groups. The most mountainous area is along the southeastern border with Cameroon, where the Cameroon Highlands rise to the highest points in the country, Chappal Waddi (7,936 feet [2,419 metres]) in the Gotel Mountains and Mount Dimlang (6,699 feet [2,042 metres]) in the Shebshi Mountains. The forest soils represent the third zone. Family life is influenced by traditional norms and customs. Because so many Nigerians live outside the country, funerals for non-Muslims are often delayed for a month or more to allow all the family members to make plans to return home. Nigeria - Nigeria - Daily life and social customs: Nigeria’s vibrant popular culture reflects great changes in inherited traditions and adaptations of imported ones. A sound knowledge about Nigeria family life will necessitate a brief discussion on the following headings: Marriage. Thank you to Sr. Catherine Akhare OLA (Nigeria province) for this informative look at family life in Nigeria. It is believed that if such measures are taken, then the Nigeria families can have balanced family lifestyle and Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? With so many different cultures and regions, food can vary greatly. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Families are a crucial aspect of Nigerian society and are typically larger than in the west. Pope Francis' prayer intentions for 2020 with links to the Papal Video's as they become available... © 2014 OLA Nigeria has a rich artistic heritage, including both traditional and contemporary art forms. Nigerian families are also distinctive in their respect towards elders or superiors. Gari (ground cassava), iyan (yam paste), or plantains accompany the soup. The desire to have children among Nigerians, is a driving force of both the educated and uneducated population. Family life is influenced by traditional norms and customs. Hausa Medicine: Illness and Well-being in a West African Culture, 1988 Children are the pride to their families. Click here to fill out our prayer request form. From the naturalistic statues produced at Ife to the bronzes made for the king of Benin, Nigerian artists have crafted art that is world famous. The Jos Plateau rises almost in the centre of the country; it consists of extensive lava surfaces dotted with numerous extinct volcanoes. Many dishes are flavoured with onions, palm oil, and chilies. Rivers draining the area north of the Niger-Benue trough include the Sokoto, the Kaduna, the Gongola, and the rivers draining into Lake Chad. Nigeria is in West Africa. Nigeria is bordered to the north by Niger, to the east by Chad and Cameroon, to the south by the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Benin.

("Countries and Their Cultures") Uwechue, Ralph. Establishments serving alcoholic beverages are found everywhere except where Islamic laws prohibit them. Ekpe masks and ikenga (personal shrines) from the Igbo in eastern Nigeria and ibeji (twin) sculptures from the Yoruba in western Nigeria are just three examples of the art produced in pre-colonial Nigeria. Other Nigerian artists include the Nsukka group, formed at the University of Nigeria at Nsukka in the early 1970s, consisting of Uche Okeke, Chike Aniakor, Obiora Udechukwu, El Anatsui, Tayo Adenaike, Ada Udechukwu, and Olu Oguibe. Women are often voiceless and, most times, with constrained freedom and without her own identity. Nigeria's movie production industry, nicknamed "Nollywood", is the second-largest in the world by volume. The Oshogbo movement, founded in the early 1960s, includes the artists Muraina Oyelami, Twins Seven-Seven (Prince Taiwo Osuntoki), Bisi Fabunmi, Tijani Mayakiri, Rufus Ogundele, and Ademola Onibonokuta. website by tanika Design, Provincialate Ardfoyle ConventBallintempleCork prov@ardfoyle.com021 4294076, Ardfoyle CommunityBallintempleCorkolaardfoyle@hotmail.com021 4291851, Dublin Community70 B Shelbourne RoadBallsbridge, Dublin 4olasrsdublin@gmail.com01 6685796, Rostrevor Community1, Greendale CrescentGreenpark Road,Rostrevor, Co DownBT 34 3HFolagreendale@hotmail.com048 41737653028 41737653, Claremorris Community52 Elm ParkClaremorrisCo Mayoolaclaremorris@gmail.com094 9373569. However, none of the states in southern Nigeria allow this practice. There is always more value ascribed to the male than to the female. Nigerian contemporary music, which combines Western popular music with indigenous forms, has been exported throughout the world and has had wide influence (see also African popular music). Rice is eaten throughout the country, and in the north grains such as millet and wheat are a large part of the diet. Hotels and nightclubs are part of the landscape of the larger cities. Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa. Nigerian bandleader King Sunny Ade is the foremost musician of. However, Nigeria’s most diverse feature is its people. This is changing in modern society. The implication of the findings is the need for certain Nigeria family lifestyle to be totally abolished, and the need for the involvement of the religious organization and the women’s family to be emphasized. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. The Niger has many rapids and waterfalls, but the Benue is not interrupted by either and is navigable throughout its length, except during the dry season. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The characteristic landforms of the plateaus are high plains with broad, shallow valleys dotted with numerous hills or isolated mountains, called inselbergs; the underlying rocks are crystalline, although sandstones appear in river areas. Characteristic landforms in this region include oxbow lakes, river meander belts (see meander), and prominent levees. Hydromorphic and organic soils, confined largely to areas underlain by sedimentary rocks along the coast and river floodplains, are the youngest soil types. Funerals are also times when the family gathers.