A 2018 amendment to the Supreme Court Rules allows attorneys to earn all CLE credits through non-live programming. He argued that while Beshear may have had good intentions, he did not follow procedure. ), Messages from Chief Justice Minton, staffing guides and other documents, Kentucky Court of Justice COVID-19 Health and Safety Requirements, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, Administrative Office of the Courts1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601 Cameron said the governor overstepped, “micromanaging nearly every aspect of Kentuckians’ everyday lives.”. 514 W Main St Chapter 39A of Kentucky’s constitution grants broad emergency powers to the governor during states of emergency, like seizing, taking or condemning property. However, for this temporary order, the Kentucky Supreme Court invoked section 110 of the Kentucky constitution, which gives the highest court in the Commonwealth power to issue orders necessary in aid of its official power to reverse legal decisions. We are continually making changes that will ensure access to the courts while protecting the health and safety of court personnel and the public. Driver's License Services. All sales conducted in-person must meet the health and safety measures required by Kentucky Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-43, “Kentucky Court of Justice Response to COVID-19 Emergency – Health and Safety Requirements for the Expansion of Court Operations,” including but not limited to, the requirements for facial coverings, limited occupancy capacity, social distancing, and … The order upheld the ruling of Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd in February 2012. ), (Replaces in its entirety Supreme Court Order 2020-37, dated May 13, 2020), (Replaces in its entirety Supreme Court Order 2020-23, dated April 14, 2020), (Administrative Order 2020-32, dated May 5, 2020, replaces in its entirety Administrative Order 2020-14, dated March 27, 2020. Accordingly, to avoid uncertainty and financial hardship, Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-31 does the following: Here is a link to the Order in its entirety.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. <> But both injunctions were stayed Friday by an order from the Kentucky Supreme Court, which means all of the executive orders, including Beshear's mask mandate, will stay in effect. endobj All rights reserved. Introducing our Spectrum News app, Kentucky's Patient Numbers Continue to Rise. endobj It consists of seven justices who are elected from the seven appellate districts and serve eight-year terms. In order to assess how effectively the Cabinet for Health and Family Services is doing its job in protecting children, the Kentucky Supreme Court recently ordered Kentucky welfare officials to publicly release records of child abuse cases resulting in death or serious injuries. He added that the Kentucky Supreme Court will only decide if the governor has the power to enact these executive orders by law or not during the pandemic. %���� The Supreme Court is the state court of last resort and the final interpreter of Kentucky law. x4�}!JG�UB�++�We�݋��"�z+��#Jo_Q�w���~qɮ���6!��iGivA��C;d �:6N>/G��e��o�#v��}�v3�A�7_�.o�lt���mxtqND�h�I�rN:tА���-�.����~=���^^~%��ڝ~�_��_qQO/o.�.q婂0��k�m�����`8��bT�P�$��O�̹���� �k߱��9#���e(���V8A��]��]g�{+eQ'���2c�CV*�qs{���]�+�z]����,�,�����v����pȑӢL� However, the Supreme Court recognizes that many attorneys prefer live programs and it may be challenging to find free or low-cost non-live programming in 2020. Appellants' Brief - 8-28-2020 by WKYT on Scribd. Beshear’s team said his emergency measures successfully flattened the curve. ), (Administrative Order 2020-27, dated April 23, 2020, replaces in its entirety Administrative Order 2020-25, dated April 14, 2020. stream Public invited to discuss foster care system at virtual meetings Oct. 13-21. %���� Action that he could take, like requiring masks. However, the Supreme Court recognizes that many attorneys prefer live programs and it may be challenging to find free or low-cost non-live programming in 2020. Any executive orders reversed by the federal courts, such as allowing in-person church services, remains intact because those decisions were made based off of the federal constitution. Beshear issues orders allowing driver’s licenses to be renewed remotely through Sept. 30 and ending 90-day extension to renew licenses, Supreme Court provides guidance on jury trials as courts plan to gradually expand operations starting June 1, Chief Justice Minton announces cost-cutting measures for Judicial Branch, Chief Justice Minton forms Reopening Task Forces to prepare courts to resume limited in-person services, Supreme Court issues additional guidance on handling court matters during pandemic, Supreme Court to hear arguments by videoconference April 22 due to COVID-19, Supreme Court extends suspension of in-person court services through May 31, 2020, Supreme Court suspends in-person services at court facilities, requires court proceedings to be conducted remotely through May 1, Supreme Court order gives attorneys more time to complete continuing legal education for 2019-2020 educational year, Supreme Court provides guidance for custody and parenting time orders during the pandemic, Supreme Court issues new amendments to order limiting in-person court proceedings, extends restrictions to April 24, Supreme Court issues new amendments March 17 to order restricting court proceedings during pandemic, Driver’s license offices statewide closing for social distancing, Order for Isolation of Individual Pursuant to 902 KAR 2:030, Order for Quarantine of Individual Pursuant to KRS 212.245(6), Order for Medical Testing and Body Substance Sample. The Kentucky Supreme Court stated Friday it wants the lower courts to continue hearing the cases from each side, which creates a record for the Supreme Court to review when the case finally makes its way to their court house. “It’s hard to say that that will happen, but it could and then the governor wouldn’t be stripped of the power, and the court wouldn’t be saying he exceeded his power; he just needed to follow a certain procedural step first,” Marcosson said. Confidential Support for Lawyer Impairment Issues (KYLAP). This information will also be available on our Administrative Office of the Courts The Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort is the operations arm of the state court system. Beshear’s executive orders unlawful. The judges will hear from both parties at 10 a.m. Sept. 17. He said it’s unusual because Kentucky’s Supreme Court doesn’t usually step in during ongoing litigation by lower courts.