The Bullet Farmer:

What if you're not back by the time the engines are cooled? [realizing he is blind, the Farmer screams].

I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead. My own bloodbag driving the rig that killed her. Turn the rig around! [points to the Citadel] Imperator Furiosa:

Then who killed the World? Max Rockatansky:

[after a pause]

No unnecessary killing!

Sing, Brother Koch! You're not the only one, Max.

NO! Sing, Brother Heckler! After a pause, Furiosa takes it and clasps tight], [the Mechanic performs a C-section on Angharad]. Angharad, is that just the wind or is it some furious vexation? If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic on the fury road! "Battle fodder"! [to Immortan Joe] It's gonna be so ugly. The fourth installment and a reboot of…. And now she's dead!

You shall ride eternal. Nux: [Throws Joe's mask hose into the rear wheels of his vehicle, tearing off his lower face and killing him instantly]. The Dag: Ripsaw Imperator: It's all here! [to Furiosa] [as Joe positions his car in front of the War Rig during the final chase] [to Immortan Joe] The most common causes of excessive growth of body hair are hormone imbalance, certain medications, irregular period, or pregnancy. Max Rockatansky: film. If we can block the pass, it'll be easy. You know, hope is a mistake. Stop the rig.

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Immortan Joe:

The Organic Mechanic:

I'll fetch 'em for ya.

[after Furiosa kills Immortan Joe by tearing his face off]. You traitored him! I never thought I'd do something as shine as that.

Like. I had a brother! He doesn't know what he's talking about! Turn the rig around! Slit: That's mine!

But you're not going back. Con-DUCT-or of the choir of death! [incredulous] It's got everything you need, as long as you're not afraid of heights. Max Rockatansky:

Imperator Furiosa: Max Rockatansky:

[Max and Furiosa come across a naked woman screaming and crying in a cage]. Stop the rig.

Corpus Colossus: Nux: Immortan, if I can get onto the rig, there's a way inside. The People Eater: What's wrong with that? I thought you weren't insane anymore. I was a cop searching for a righteous course. I had a little baby brother! Hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. We can decouple the tanker at the pass, shut it off behind us. Sing, brothers! Cheedo the Fragile: Nux: Immortan Joe: Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. I am the scales of justice; conductor of the choir of death. Yep. Your produce ain't goin' to Gas Town... She's gone offroad, into hostile territory. [after a pause]

It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of this world. Toast: Say bye-bye to the neck! Nux: I'll get him out of our way. Imperator Furiosa: The Bullet Farmer: Just one angry shot... for Furiosa. Why would she do that, Dad? Plant one and watch something die. We are not things. Max Rockatansky: Now pick up what you can and run. It'll take two weeks to skirt the wall of mountains. CHEEDO: The stupid Green Place. You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome. I got to... drive a pursuit vehicle, for a while even Larry and Barry stopped chewing my windpipe.