You should try lowering speeds even below default to see if it helps. Although this monitor is not actually advertised as an HDR panel, it is compatible and can take advantage of the wider colour gamut. ======================== PC SPECS ========================, ======================================================, ====================== MAIN PROBLEM ======================. You will find him on Mixer under his gamertag, OMA Monster. I have this same problem for 6 months, the temporary solution I found was to activate UNDERVOLT in AMD Software. Every step before with newest drivers and whql drivers, 6. in power management, change pci express link state power management from moderate power savings to off, ======================= SOLUTION =======================, When I was trying to check fan tuning in amd adrenaline, I saw that maximum rpm for gpu funs is about 50%, I have set configuration to  and seems working good, no time for now to check playing longer but no crash for 35 min of game, will check longer today. The screen itself is a VA panel with a perfect anti-glare layer, giving great viewing angles even with its curve and fairly good colour gamut. Have you found any solutions yet? This monitor is constructed from matt black plastic with satin red accents on the bottom of the monitor and around the stand. ROG STRIX x570 e-gaming, bios 2606 version (newest) CPU/APU. The e-sports professional standard for gaming. Unfortunately AMD is incapable of fixing the issue. It's the same kind of black screen you get when you change settings in the Nvidia control panel and click apply. Adaptive Sync technology eradicates this disastrous problem by ensuring your monitor's refresh rate is always synced with your processor's. The screen’s VA panel delivers superior consistency in color temperature, wide viewing angles, and crisp contrast to ensure excellent image reproduction. He often uses the products we are reviewing on his stream, so if you have any questions, you can ask him directly on his broadcasts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. If you game on a PC that can reliably pump out pixels to the glorious 3440×1440 display, then it makes a great alternative to bulky multiscreen setups. Have the same as you. This 21:9 high resolution display has a high vertical resolution and a wider panoramic image – that means more space to work, better movie quality, and more immersive gaming. For the current-gen consoles, though, the additional outlay for an ultrawide is not really worth it considering the lack of support. oh wow it is like they just want it to get over with and be done with it... so mate will you return the card? Also provides four different filtering modes – reading, web browsing, multimedia, and office. Hopefully, with the advent of the next-generation of consoles, support for ultrawide monitors will be possible. I will ask my seller what about this case, but this is not a problem with graphic card, just with amd drivers... idk how its possible they are selling technology which didn't work properly. 11 Replies ravenbridge Sep 7, … On the rear you have all of your ports. The 3440×1440 144Hz panel offers frame rates good enough for competitive gaming, whilst still capable of being powered by modest hardware. Curved screens offer a more immersive user experience that puts you at the center of the action. The specified peak brightness of 300cd/m2 is a little lower than you would expect from HDR panels, though, with the result that HDR content won’t get that pop and wow factor you get from brighter, locally dimmed displays. QHD (1440p) and UHD (4K) display all the little image details that you’ve missed until now. The only issue is that the image is then stretched across the display. The design of the CU34G2X is similar to a few of AOCs other monitors bar its dimensions. High Resolution. If you have a desktop and a laptop, the display can be shared between them. The screen’s Pop by and give him a follow! This has been ongoin since last year. Although so far it seems that the CU34G2X just doesn’t like my Xbox, that is not entirely true. Reds appear bold, without the glaring over-saturation common in many panels. It did, however, encourage me to use my PC for more than just YouTube and I couldn’t be happier that was the case. With a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, your display will be equipped to perform at the pro gaming standard. Being used to the 24” standard monitor that usually sits on my desk, the ultrawide beast that is the CU34G2X has not only changed my general opinion of ultrawide monitors but of my preference in screen size, too. Reducing shortwave blue light output for healthier eyes. This would have been very useful for streamers utilising a second PC to display their chat, for example.I have tried using both my Xbox and PC on at the same time, but given the resulting 10.5:9 aspect ratio is not supported by the Xbox, you end up with the image compressed, and it’s not really suitable for gaming in this configuration. Turn off/on pc (usually works with everything), 2. Brighter lights, darker shadows, and more vivid colors everywhere bring inspiring levels of clarity and immersion. Viewing angles on ultrawide monitors can often suffer from colour warping when viewed off-centre, but the CU34G2X performs admirably. Aided by FreeSync and Xbox play-anywhere I set out to experience Forza Horizon 4 on this back-breaking goliath. Ergonomic. Now I have upgraded to a 4K 144hz monitor, AOC CU34G2X to be specific. Fresh windows installation without radeon adrenaline installation (just device manager and manual driver update, not from windows automatic update ofc), 3. By enhancing RGBCMY color for more vivid images (via That is not the end of the ultrawide’s usefulness, though. Hair not rendering properly with cpu and gpu. Black levels are decent, and thanks to the VA panel, contrast is also very good despite the average maximum brightness. Maybe overheat -> unstable default speeds or bad design / too close to limit -> unstable default speeds. Fresh windows installation with radeon adrenaline installation, 4. Error: No hay un controlador de gráficos AMD. ===================, 0. The Xbox One X will actually detect the screen as 4K due to its horizontal pixel count and will work with Freesync to allow variable refresh rate settings.