I like using a lighter version of the background color, but again, use whatever color you want. We are going to create another abstract element. You can use this background in your artwork or as wallpaper for your desktop. Grunge background set. Backdrop. 2. An additional Vector .Eps file available. I would like to thank you for these tutorials on the gradient mesh and the blend tool. then it automatically snaps to a point fixed in the grid. hey! Vector original minimalist cv / resume template - creative version, COVID-19 Virus Closeup. hey!!! Hi, I'm a digital artist and designer and I really enjoy creating photorealistic artworks. 403 687 60. Very nice tut for a n00b like me, many thx, cheers. Adjust the dash length and the gap length in the boxes below. Select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the Tools Panel on the left and draw a rectangular shape with the following dimensions: width – 900px, height – 500px. 7. Image of blue and green watercolor texture border and blank space in the middle for, Abstract blue background water ripple. but i don’t know how to change it in the preferences. Vector original cv / resume template - creative version with colorful headings, lines and icons. Small army camouflage pattern with various muted grey/gray tones, Outer Space Planet Cartoon Background. Copy (c) , Paste In Front (f), scale and rotate the artwork to get some different results. There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Blank Golden Ticket white background, Flames set Vector. It is Nice Tut!. I learned a bunch. We are going to create another abstract element. Grab the Ellipse Tool (L) and draw several circles in different sizes and put them over the wavy lines. Old worn, scratched,distressed grunge overlays, Infographic Timeline Template with pointers. Pick Specified Steps under the Spacing drop-down menu. I do this kind of work the majority of time in Illustrator, so it’s nice to break out and create abstract backgrounds. Great tutorial, great way to make use of the gradient mesh tool!
Color Abstract Painting. Your image should look like something below: You can also use this abstract image for your desktop wallpaper.

Let’s create another background element. Modern green abstract background composition, Vector cartoon school or college hallway, university corridor. Handwritten modern brush lettering, Typography set. A unicorn silhouette in a galaxy nebula cloud. in response to one of the questions raised. I’d like your opinion. thanks.. thanks for the tutorial, this looks amazing, can this be done in Photoshop?

Wonderful, fast and effective tutorial. Sign up below to get the latest news plus, Illustrator Special Effects #3: Abstract Technology Background, Illustrator Tutorial: Swimming Pool Water Reflections, Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Coffee Cup, Illustrator Special Effects: Abstract Technology Background | Peppermint Design, 30 Best Wedding Fonts for Invitation Cards. I start with a deep violet for the color, but use any color you like. If you want to add more Mesh Points, use the Gradient Mesh Tool (u). Select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the Tools Panel on the left and draw a rectangular shape with the following dimensions: width – 800px, height – 600px. Autumn background. additionally i cannot hold the shift bar while moving the mesh point.

Human head with music notes coming out on white background, Halloween scene.

2. Abstract blue vivid flows going in one direction on blue background. Detailed Political World Map with all names of countries, cities and capitals, river, lake, oceans, seas, islands, South Pole, Vector Blue and Green Watercolor Texture Frame for Abstract Background. can anybody please tell me how to sort this thng. Create two large circles using the Ellipse Tool (L) and place them inside the abstract elements we have created earlier. Click on the Offset Path effect to bring up the dialog box and we are free to edit the effect. I did it but how do I save it to wallpaper format? When done, make sure to lower the opacity down to 50%. Create a blank document and set the Artboard dimensions to about 900 x 500px. Now move the abstract element to the left side of the background. Very generous of you to share your knowledge. (you can use elements separately, Hero and Jesus. Hey Ryan, your tutes are so well put together! Brilliant Colored Tie Dye Background, Horizontal seamless background with pumpkins and autumn leaves. Select both circles and go to Object > Blend > Make (Alt+Ctrl+B) to multiply the objects. Quick, easy to follow, effective, and lots of room for experimentation. Vector forest background. First draw a shape with your tool of choice.

1. Most of the time I'm just observing how objects behave in the 'real' world and it's really challenging to create it in a vector-based software, such as Illustrator. Please let me know. Next, use the Pen Tool (p) to draw a couple of lines. In the dialog, change Rows to 10 and Columns to 1.