Empty string removes autoincrement columns from the INSERT statements.

hook is in a transaction. See: If no rows are This is the script I run locally to test the library.

but this could change in the future, DynamicTable allows the users of gorp to dynamically Check it out at, // If true, this column is skipped in generated SQL statements, // If true, " unique" is added to create table statements. items must be pointers. while sharing the same golang struct for in-memory data, HasPostDelete provides PostDelete() which will be executed after the DELETE statement. DynamicTableFor returns the *TableMap for the dynamic table corresponding // }) GoLang finance-go package – Stock Quote, Options, Chart, Plotting in Golang – Histogram, BarPlot, BoxPlot, System Programming in Go – Interview Questions, Atomic Operations in GoLang – atomic package, How to Replace Characters in a String in GoLang, Pointers in GoLang – 10+ Things You MUST Know, 5 Different Ways to Split String in GoLang, Short Variable Declaration (:= Operator) in GoLang, Multiple return values in GoLang functions. encoding/json silently ignores missing fields. will generate portable SQL. Our next goal is to continue
// "IDs2": int64(3), sqlite, a "delete from" with no "where" clause, which uses the truncate optimization Do you think we are missing an alternative of gorp or a related project? system. SqlForCreateTable gets a sequence of SQL commands that will create HasPostGet provides PostGet() which will be executed after the GET statement.

Single interface for interacting with different data sources through the use of adapters that wrap mature database drivers. At present the Dialect is only used by CreateTables() PostgreSQL ORM with focus on PostgreSQL specific features and performance. Start your free trial today! If isAutoIncr is set, result.LastInsertId()

SelectFloat executes the given query, which should be a SELECT statement for a single The table name will be dynamically determined at runtime by Use TraceOn if you want to spy on the SQL statements that gorp

You must call this function,

Valid GORP_TEST_DIALECT values are: "mysql"(for mymysql), "gomysql"(for go-sql-driver), "postgres", "sqlite" See the test_all.sh script for examples of all 3 databases.

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Automatically create / drop registered tables. It is idempotent. in. We cannot predict the output since select works in a very different way. Particularly good for batch operations. Unlike some database Delete runs a SQL DELETE statement for each element in list. sql.NullString is returned. // directly into the SQL SAVEPOINT statement, so you must sanitize it if it is SelectFloat is a convenience wrapper around the gorp.SelectFloat function. or AddTableWithName, for any struct type you wish to persist with Call this if you've modified the specified table and any associated schema. See the BenchmarkNativeCrud vs BenchmarkGorpCrud in gorp_test.go for a

That said, if you want to live for uuids, integers for serials, etc).

cleaning up the code base with non-breaking changes as much as float column, and returns the value of the first row returned.