There is a time for work, to do mitzvoth (good deeds), and a time for rest. And, I do really love using these books, so of course I can tie this in to the fact that we learn about the Inuit in our Native American unit, and the kids love that! Available from; accessed 2015-05-29. Students actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding. …..”wake up, wake up little girl” she said softly. …..”So you say you’re on your way back to your grandma’s place near 9th and 7th Street, right?”, Asked Papa Bear. …..”Sarah” answered Goldilocks, “Zaide” Sarah. One morning Mama bear prepared breakfast. There are no related guides or videos. Retrieved October 21, 2020, from …..”Now, you two go to the sink and wash your hands and don’t forget the hand washing blessing. …..So Goldilocks began her trek back towards grandma’s place at 9th and 7th. The Three Bears & Goldie Locks (Different perspective) The Three Bears & Goldie Locks. Prekindergarten ELA Classic Tales Domain. I’ll turn it in anyway, better late than never.’. …..”Well Bears are bad, and evil” replied Goldilocks still a little distraught, “They attack and eat people and tear them limb from limb!”, …..”I think wolves do that” said baby bear, “it was a big bad wolf that ate little Red Riding Hood’s grannie!”, …..”Oi Vey” groaned Papa Bear shaking his head, “She must have gotten a hold of last month’s Field and Stream magazine, you know, the one that had the article about the hikers in the Rockies getting attacked by a grizzly.”, …..Mama Bear just smiled at Goldilocks and sat down in the bed beside her. We have a Sabbath Eve chicken dinner in the oven, and Goldilocks here has the Challah. : Find ten fun ways to use opposite cards in this helpful post. Papa Bear put the roast chicken, mashed potatoes and corn in the middle of the table. She knocked to be polite but ended up barging in. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”! …..Mama Bear went over to the table and looked at her bowl of porridge and exclaimed; …..”Oi, someone has been eating from my bowl of porridge too!”. Tthe Cat. …..Mama bear lit the candles and waved her hands, as if drawing in the light of the Sabbath candles, then recited the prayer; …..”Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam……..”  Then Papa Bear took the Challah and cut it, and recited the Sabbath prayer for the bread, then gave a piece of Challah to those at the table. She had plainly slept through her stop at 7th and 9th Ave. ….”Have a nice day” said the driver as he got back on. (Brazoria County nature trail), Copyright 1999-2020 Worthy Christian Forums - A division of Worthy Ministries. Then she went into the adjoining bedroom and found baby bear’s bed, (who wasn’t really a baby anymore on account that he was already 13 and bar-mitzvahed). She made her way to this small, strange house in the middle of this vast Brooklyn forest. …..She remembered the stories that grandma and grandpa had told her about “schnorers” back in the old country, destitute beggars asking pedestrians for a few Kopeks or even a Ruble or two near the great city of Kiev. Once she boarded, Goldilocks settled down in a seat in the middle of the bus, leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. . Just then Goldilocks was awoken. Noisy Items: coin, apple button, earring, car, basketball easer, whistle, plastic letter D, small metal cookie cutter, and glass pebble. May 13, 2017 in Absolutely Positive! …..”Well dear” replied Mama Bear, remembering the question, “What kind of bears are we? Papa bear, though, moved quickly in front of her. It was off the beaten trail but nevertheless, curiosity got the better of her. …..Soon, she came upon a small log cabin house that was nestled between a clump of trees. He cried. She lay down in the first bed which was pretty large, but the mattress was too hard and firm. By rockcanyon. …..”First of all, my name is Goldilocks, and well…this is how it went.”  So she told the story of how she left her apartment and headed towards grandma “Zaide” Sarah’s place, fell asleep on the bus, got off at the wrong stop, ran out of bus tokens, head back to grandma’s place, took a short cut through the park and then…ended up at the Bear’s house. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. …..”She never answers the stupid phone” cried Goldilocks,  “and mama baked this Challah especially for her!” she added, taking the paper wrapped loaf of Challah bread out of her backpack, showing it to the bears. No one answered, so she pushed open the door and went inside the BEARkowitz residence. …..”Someone has been sitting in my chair too” exclaimed Mama Bear, noticing that the cushion had been moved. …..”OK, it’s settled, YOUNG BEAR, you sit with Goldilocks, the Sabbath is almost among us” replied Mama Bear as she put on her white scarf. …..So baby bear and Goldilocks washed their hands, recited the blessing, and went over to the dining room table. “You know” he began, “This is a very interesting situation. …..After about ten minutes of rocking back and forth in the small rocking chair, Goldilocks began to feel sleepy so she went into the master bedroom and found two beds. …..”Gut Shabbos” replied Goldilocks, “Gut Shabbos to all of you and thank you.”. These hyperlinks lead to websites published or operated by third parties. Other tasks may be, in our opinion, “too cold” “too bland” or just “too boring” for us to handle, or accept. The author of that original version of the Goldilocks fairy tale to be published was Robert Southey, who was UK Poet Laureate from 1813 until his death in 1843. Young lady, how would you like to be our Sabbath Eve dinner guest this evening?”, …..”Yes” added Mama Bear, “it would be an honor to have you!”, …..Goldilocks didn’t quite know how to respond. To see all our guides, please visit the Enhance Instruction section here. She went to the corner of 9th and 7th and waited for the bus. So Goldilocks started through Prospect Park with backpack and challah loaf inside. Copyright 1999-2020 Worthy Christian Forums - A division of Worthy Ministries. …..Her knocking opened the door a bit more. …..After all had partaken of the bread and the wine, Papa Bear said, “Aumein” and the rest responded,  “Aumein”. Publication Date: 2012 "Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur . I’ll still make it back to grandma’s before the Sabbath begins.’. And, of course, we love Jan Brett. He sat down on one of the park benches to meditate on the creation of HaShem. Goldilocks and the three bears (from a Jewish perspective) By Jacob Ben Avraham, May 13, 2017 in Absolutely Positive! First she tried papas and it was to hot, then she tried mamas and it was too cold. Let me start by saying science has been seriously suffering this year :( With my crazy schedule, we literally have only 75 min a week to squeeze in science (or social studies, depending) and it is driving me bonkers. Leave a comment | posted in New Endings. • Assume the perspective of the three bears and express different possibilities, imaginary or realistic (SL.P.6) • With prompting and support, follow a simple illustrated recipe (RI.P.10) • Use the sensory attributes hot and cold (L.P.5b) She still had her back pack on and she slowly got off the bed. To help the bears, she stocks their pantry, fixes the furniture, and installs a lock on the front door. The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. …..’Great’ she thought, ‘so this is where it was, two weeks too late. Southey’s version of the tale, called ‘The Story of the Three Bears’, marked its debut in print, when it appeared in Southey’s book The Doctor. Part of a kindergarten math unit on measurement. …..”Someone has also been sleeping in my bed” replied Mama bear, noticing that the sheets were pulled back a bit. Introduce children to the tale as it is told through the voices of different authors with different styles. With the loaf of challah in her backpack, she hurried along New York Ave as fast as she could walk. Yahhh, Yahhhh, yahhh…. She rubbed her eyes a bit and sat up. …..”Gut Shabbos everyone” said Papa Bear, nodding at Goldilocks. “Not all bears are bad dear” she said, trying to calm the young girl, “but grizzlies, well, they’re bears with an attitude”. …..This somewhat intrigued her. Then Baby Bear (who wasn’t a baby… know the rest) went over to his rocking chair and said; …..”Someone has been rocking in my chair, look, my comic book that was on my chair is on the floor!” and he went over and placed the comic book on the rocking chair seat again. …..”Never seen her in my life Papa!” replied (well, we have call baby Bear something else). This summer my family has been just spending lots of QT time and resting up for the upcoming school year. If someone is here, we’ll soon find out.”. Soon she noticed a trail that led to Brooklyn’s only forest. From of the New York State Education Department. (2011, March 4). …..”Yeah, but they’re probably a pair of rugs now in the Tsar’s palace” responded Baby (but not so baby any more) Bear, a little excited to join the conversation. An immersive, engaging five-day professional development experience tailored to leaders and teachers of ELA and math. …..”YES” shouted Young Bear, pumping his fist in the air, “Young Bear, Young Bear, Yes, Yes!”. …..Goldilocks was really enjoying the BEARkowitz’s Shabbos meal, and then she noticed that “Young Bear” was looking at her, and seemed to have something on his mind. He read through the story, smiled and said within himself; ‘Yes, this would be perfect for next Sabbath’s message.’  So, the rabbi went home and made some notes with the help of the rebbetzin. GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS FROM A JEWISH. We’ll just look around and see. …..”I like it” replied Goldilocks, smiling from ear to ear. He then set the Challah bread next to the chicken and sprinkled some salt on it. But the Cossacks were the ones looking for trouble mind you!”. But “oi” it was too cold and bland. Goldilocks side of the story is most common and well known.