Designing Woman. Gregory Peck. Marilla becomes suspicious of Mike after she finds a photograph of Lori Shannon, Mike's former girlfriend. 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A sportswriter and a fashion-designer marry after a whirlwind romance, and discover they have little in common. recensioni. The original concept for the film reportedly came from Helen Rose, who designed dozens of gowns and dresses for Bacall for Designing Woman. According to her autobiography, she took the role (which was originally intended for Grace Kelly) in order to avoid her home situation, but in interviews she said that this film was among her favorites, and that she desperately wanted the part, even accepting a lower salary. The film earned George Wells an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. She had that certain aura about her which left us all intrigued by her. A beautifully shot film that is hampered by a weak script and the lack of chemistry between Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall. The original concept of the film supposedly came from Helen Rose, the creator of Bacall’s wardrobe in the picture, but in truth the story is largely based on “Woman Of The Year”, the first of the nine Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn collaborations. (uncredited), Lady at Marilla's Fashion Show We were even more fortunate to attain front row seats for both of us, so we had a good view as we were right up the front, and we were able to witness Lauren’s beauty and intelligence in the flesh. She was very generous to me, and truly went out of her way. An Irish maid falls for the son of her wealthy boss, though their disapproving fathers and a bitter strike at the steel mill complicates matters. Lauren will be sadly missed, not only by those who knew her, but by her large plethora of fans world wide. | In fact the opening sequences of the film take place on the West coast; Peck awakens to find himself befriended and his story filed by Bacall, after he had had a bit too much to drink. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. FASHION MONTH. Gregory Peck & Lauren Bacall are hella funny. Both films closely resemble each other and have many similarities, apart from a few changes in the storyline. She is to wear an expensive ... See full summary ». Not long after, I wrote to her again, and within a few weeks, she replied back and signed another myriad of photos. Titolo originale: Designing Woman. It was an interesting interview. Ha vinto un premio ai Premi Oscar, Un giornalista sportivo, goffo e trasandato, sposa una raffinata disegnatrice di moda. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Having a strong cast always helps. i'm not kidding. When an unfamiliar woman, Marilla Brown, approaches him, Mike, through a series of misunderstandings, assumes she is a prostitute. (uncredited), Bellboy-Pager at Pool Attenzione. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. while designing woman is overly long and too convoluted for its own good, i commend his efforts to play with space and movement, especially in a subgenre that’s often approached so practically. Dopo una grande bagarre fra gangster e poliziotti (il giornalista ha pestato i piedi a un "boss" del racket della boxe) intervenuti a difendere la donna da un attacco da parte dei malviventi, ogni cosa si appiana fra i due coniugi. Ending the call, Mike returns to Marilla who explains that she had helped him write his story. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. (IMDb). Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows - 9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, California, USA. When a mobster, whom Mike has been accusing of fixing sports events, decides to go after him he must pretend to be out of town and mayhem ensues. In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood. I instantly opened the envelope to see a plethora of signed and personalized photographs from her. Complicating matters even further is Mike's continuing series of exposés of the activities of crooked boxing promoter Martin Daylor. Un film she has a cute dog who loves attacking men which comes in handy every now and again 2.) "[4], As for modern reviews, Rotten Tomatoes has given Designing Woman an overall positive note, regarding it 72 percent "fresh" as opposed to "rotten",[3] while the website gives it two and a half stars out of five, crediting Bacall for giving a "sparkling comic performance". Ti abbiamo appena inviato una email. He is a sports writer who likes to go boxing matches and horse races. Designing Women is an American sitcom television series created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason that aired on CBS from September 29, 1986, until May 24, 1993, producing seven seasons and 163 episodes. Vincente Minnelli directed the picture, which stars Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall and Dolores Gray, and features Sam Levene and Chuck Connors. The film features great use of Metrocolor and contains brilliant set and production designs by Hollywood legend Edwin B. Willis. His colloborations with director Vincente Minnelli are always breathtaking. Company Credits Filming & Production From the moment she walked down the aisle in her new wardrobe, Mike said, “The first one in a series of wardrobe changes that never failed to amaze me”. Lori Shannon Sam Levene. The screenplay was solid as it balanced romance, humor, and drama effortlessly. Lauren was ostentatious, but quite adamant in her beliefs. (uncredited), Assistant Stage Manager in Boston An executive plans to fill a high-ranking position by interviewing the candidates' wives. Catch it when you can. This is a well-remembered and critically favored comedic effort, with a surprisingly satisfying ending. Marilla notices this, and develops the instincts that it was her that was the cause of the Ravioli incident. She was one actress, who no matter what decade it was, she was still able to pull off any style and always did it justice. The mob angle thrown into the third act is forced. Use the HTML below. When a mobster, whom Mike has been accusing of fixing sports events, decides to go after him he must pretend to be out of town and mayhem ensues. Was this review helpful to you? Directed by Vincente Minnelli. lauren bacall eating an apple in bed in that silk nightgown...gregory peck in pants two sizes too small...this movie is very messy but it’s a mess i’ll defend to the end. Marilla Hagen: I’ll never understand what my husband was doing shoeless in your apartment. KAJILLIONAIRE - LA TRUFFA È DI FAMIGLIA! Threw on TCM and got sucked in. Marilla Brown Hagen Dolores Gray. Only on the flight back to New York does Mike begin to discover that Marilla had hidden the details of her job, wealth and family connections in order to land Mike. Mum will never forget how close to the stage she was, and being only inches away she was able to witness Lauren Bacall’s clothing, and she has always said that her dress sense was very formal, and Lauren herself displayed a very eloquent aura. On their arrival back in New York, they discover that they are not compatible with each other. (uncredited), Fred Seixas, Card Playing Crony - USA, Apri il messaggio e fai click sul link per convalidare il tuo voto. The gangsters after Peck is played by Ed Platt and Chuck Connors, while Peck's helpful editor is Sam Levene. Marilla Brown Hagen Dolores Gray. Lauren was an elegant and charming actress. It's way better than "Funny Face" and is quite similar to "How to Steal a Million" in terms of the style of humor and delivery. Designing Woman is a film directed by Vincente Minnelli with Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Dolores Gray, Tom Helmore, .... Year: 1957. While she may not have appeared formal all the time, she was still casually dressed in mainstream wear, and she always retained that certain star quality. (and happy birthday to lauren bacall, who nibbles gregory peck’s ears four times in this film). She was not one to venture out in the streets of New York very poorly dressed, wearing dowdy clothes. My Grandma remembers that day as if it was only yesterday, and she said that her outfits on the day were very fashionable and very grand. Original title: Designing Woman. TMDb She said that Grace Kelly considered the part to have been written for her, and would never forgive Bacall, adding "She got the prince, I got the part".[2]. According to MGM records, the film earned $2,175,000 in the US and Canada and $1,575,000 elsewhere, resulting in a loss of $136,000. Rest In Peace Lauren Bacall. Making the movie was a dream come true for Helen Rose, the mastermind behind the many different costumes in the film, and as legend has it, Lauren Bacall was one of Helen’s favorite stars to dress. con Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Dolores Gray, Sam Levene, Tom Helmore, Bess Flowers. Every film that has ever been nominated for an Academy Award in any category. Designing Woman is a 1957 American Metrocolor romantic comedy film, in CinemaScope, about two young, whirlwind-romanced newlywed professionals and their misadventures in adjusting to each other's lifestyles. durata 118 minuti. 10% Marilla biting Mike's ear90% discussing Lori Shannon. Scritta con impeccabile garbo, ricca d'inventiva a livello di regia (e di scenografie), elegante, divertente, è una commedia che regge il paragone con i modelli degli anni '30. Lauren Bacall was dealing with husband Humphrey Bogart's eventually-fatal illness during the shooting. But going back home to New York, they discover that "happily ever after" is harder than "I do". Mike Hagen Lauren Bacall. Mike: So, what's for dinner?Marilla: LORI SHANNONMike: FOR DINNER??! I couldn’t believe it, and I was in a state of shock for a long time, especially with the amount of photos that were personalized.