www.historiccharleston.org/russell.aspx, Parlange Plantation: French Colonial Style, visit

The red part is a barn converted into an add-on to the home. The most common type of colonial architecture in the USA is British colonial architecture which makes since given the US was a British Colony for approximately 200 years. British Colonial Styles. The 8 Types of Colonial Houses Explained (Plus 18 Photo Examples in America), B. While most are historic, the second example is a new house built in the colonial style.

Below is our extensive article all about colonial house styles which includes several examples and a list of the different types. As you can see above, it’s been carefully restored and renovated into its current elegant design that maintains the historical interior. They are as follows (you no doubt have heard and seen them all). Wood Shingle Exterior Colonial on Large Property (circa 1840), 9.

Source: Redfin. Camden, Maine is a must-see town if ever touring the Eastern seaboard, USA. Dutch colonial architecture is most visible in Indonesia (especially Java and Sumatra), the United States, South Asia, and South Africa.

The next housing fashion to develop was based on the ancient Roman architecture that inspired the Renaissance and was labeled the Early Classical Revival Style. Source: Redfin. Architecture is very symmetrical and square, Narrow side windows flanking the front door. Yellow and Red 18th Century Colonial House on Kennebec River, 5.

What’s interesting about this particular home is how it retains the historic interior yet isn’t run down at all. Built in 1863, it consists of 7,000 sq. It sits on the Kennebec River in Maine. Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States, Spanish Colonial architecture in the Dominican Republic, Spanish Colonial architecture in Puerto Rico, Spanish Colonial architecture in Argentina, Spanish Colonial architecture in Colombia, Spanish Colonial architecture in Venezuela, Spanish Colonial architecture in the Philippines, Portuguese Colonial architecture in India, Portuguese Colonial architecture in Sri Lanka, Portuguese Colonial architecture in Brazil, British colonial architecture in Pakistan, British colonial architecture in Hong Kong, British colonial architecture in Singapore, French colonial architecture in North America, Dutch colonial architecture in North America, Website on colonial architecture with 29,000 pictures of colonial buildings around the world, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Society of Architectural Historians of Bengal, List of architecture schools in Bangladesh, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Colonial_architecture&oldid=982400301, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 22:08.

The Colonial house style consists of many styles built during the Colonial period (early 18th Century) in America's history when England, Spain, and France had colonies scattered across what is now the United States.

There are many types of colonial house styles stemming from British Colonial (most common in the US), Dutch colonial, French colonial and Spanish Colonial. Early on (pre 1700) the First Period English style houses were based on the building practices of late medieval Britain. Below is a nice collection of 10 different examples of colonial houses in the USA. In Mexico, it is found in the Historic center of Mexico City, Puebla, Zacatecas, Querétaro, Guanajuato, and Morelia.

Below is two photos of the same historic Georgian colonial style house. Hence the name (source: Quickenloans). Three-Storey White Steep-Roof Connecticut Colonial (circa 1900), 10. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Nantucket Colonial with Wood Shingle Exterior (circa 1735), 2. The American Colonial styles including First Period English, Georgian, Federal, Early Classical Revival, French Colonial, and Spanish Colonial are familiar today thanks to the Colonial Revival and Spanish Eclectic styles which were popularized in the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition and continue to this day. White Colonial House on the River (circa 1808), 8. Here’s a side profile of a saltbox style house consistent with a saltbox roof. Related: Types of houses | More beautiful houses | Historic homes and mansions. Above is a very classic British colonial style house in Nantucket, MA (a really great place to visit BTW). Below we showcase a series of different colonial houses, mostly the saltbox style which stems from the British colonial style. The height of the style was 1700 to the American Revolutionary War – which makes sense given the United States was a colony of Britain at that time. This style was popularized in the southern U.S. by popular southern architects such as Thomas Jefferson. According to the National Park Service. www.monticello.org, visit

Since then, the home has changed hands many times. The house is much larger than it looks from the front – it has a large rambling additional section off the rear. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Actually, the yellow portion is the original house.

Blue Colonial on the Water in Rhode Island (circa 1797), Beautiful Tiny Beach House Cottage on Cape Cod, 43 Types of Marble for Your Home (Plus Fun Marble Facts), Rancho Latigo (1860’s-Era California Ranch), Creamy Cinnamon Apple Fruit Salad (Recipe). The above house was built by William and Mary Groves in 1740. Above is a new home built in the colonial style in 1999.

It consists of 3,477 sq. Other cities known for Spanish colonial heritage are Ciudad Colonial of Santo Domingo, the ports of Cartagena, Colombia, and Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Contemporary Yellow Colonial in Maine with Black Shutters, 3. The dominant style up and down the East Coast throughout the 1700s, with Colonial Williamsburg the most notable, Georgian Colonial homes can be found in almost every community.
for placement on our web site, at no cost. When the American Revolution arrived the architectural fashion evolved into the Federal style and persisted until around 1820. This home is 3,445 sq.

It’s a rambling mansion sitting on a bucolic property.

Other cities known for Spanish colonial heritage are Ciudad Colonial of Santo Domingo, the ports of Cartagena, Colombia, and Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Source: Redfin. visit It’s a broad residential architectural style referring to houses built in the USA from the early 17th Century to early 19th Century. 10 Examples of American Colonial Houses – Photo Examples, 1.

In 1983 William and Mary Ann Dykes purchased the home and started restoring it to its 18th Century glory. Reconstructed in 1876, Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul is in the center of Pointe-à … Below are links to specific articles about colonial architecture, specifically the modern colonies: Spanish Colonial architecture is still found in the former colonies of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and in the Philippines. After 1700 the English colonies evolved their building style into the Georgian style. The González–Alvarez House purports to be the city's oldest Spanish colonial home from the 1600s. www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/fnart/fa267/georgian.htm... visit ft., 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.
French colonial architecture is most visible in North America and Indochina. Few original Spanish homes from the colonial era remain, but wonderful examples have been preserved or restored in St. Augustine, Florida, site of the first permanent European settlement in America. Colonial architecture is an architectural style from a mother country that has been incorporated into the buildings of settlements or colonies in distant locations. ft. and has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

"These homes were ideally constructed of brick. Guadeloupe. Within the US, different colonial styles of homes were built in different regions including saltbox, cape cod, Georgian and southern colonial houses. It sits on nearly 1 acre.

Source: Redfin.

Antigua Guatemala in Guatemala is also known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial style architecture.

Above is an 8,000 square foot 18th Century red and yellow colonial house once owned by Captain John Reed. In Mexico, it is found in the Historic center of Mexico City, Puebla, Zacatecas, Querétaro, Guanajuato, and Morelia. Portuguese colonial architecture is most visible in Brazil, Madeira, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Macau, Malaysian city of Malacca, city of Goa, Moluccas, and Java.

Also, during this time the French colonies in Louisiana developed the French Colonial style and further west the Spanish Colonial style evolved. English colonies closely mirrored housing fashions of England although they were 50 years behind. This home is 4,500 sq. First Period is a designation given to building styles used in the earliest English settlements at Jamestown, Virginia (1607) and Plymouth, Massachusetts (1620) and later in the other British colonies along the Eastern seaboard. It’s a large home with 4,107 sq. White colonial with red front door (circa 1810), 7. Above is one example of a prominent colonial house in Camden. Colonial architecture in the United States is most commonly found on the eastern seaboard, which is was where the bulk of the population lived when colonial architecture reigned supreme (1700 to 1800).

visit www.nps.gov/nr/travel/louisiana/par.htm. ft., 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. ft. and has 7 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms. The above white colonial home that’s narrow and deep was built in 1810. For instance, the English in India and the French in Indochina and Northern Africa, tried to retain control of the semantic content of the styles in which they built. ft., 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

This home spans 5,027 sq.

At the same time, however, the local elites were freely using elements of Western architectural vocabularies to create their own hybrid products. Notice the steep gabled roof, abruptly ending eaves, exterior shutters and the symmetrical rectangle design – all elements of British colonial architecture in the USA.

See the rest of this home. The first examples of Georgian-style architecture in America appeared in the British colonies.

It is touristy, but the tourist dollars make it possible to maintain such a beautiful town and the many colonial houses that pepper the streets. Spanish Colonial architecture is still found in the former colonies of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and in the Philippines.

Spacious white classic Connecticut Colonial house similar to the house I always seeing on the TV show “Who’s the Boss”.

Groves-Hodge House in Maine (circa 1740), 4. type of architecture that incorporates classic architectural elements of a ‘mother country’ in buildings or structures in territories overseas The Parlange Plantation House, built about 1750 in southeastern Louisiana, is a classic example of a large French colonial plantation house. Colonists frequently built settlements that synthesized the architecture of their countries of origin with the design characteristics of their new lands, creating hybrid designs.[1]. The above featured colonial house sits on a river in Connecticut. At the time, the property consisted of 100 acres which included two islands.

Italian colonial architecture is visible in Libya, Eritrea and Somalia, and also on the Greek islands of the Dodecanese. www.nps.gov/sair/index.htm, visit The above home balances historic preservation with enjoying present-day comforts. I’ve visited twice and love the town. Georgian Architecture of the 18th Century. Antigua Guatemala in Guatemala is also known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial style architecture. In so doing, they forced a semantic shift that subverted the Western canon in ways that upset European claims to ex…

Bhabha’s reasoning can be best applied to the early stages of the history of colonial architecture.