They boast 15 inches of ground clearance, a two-speed, low-range gearbox as well as towing capability of 3,400kg and a range of 200 miles. Factory Five Project 818 Electric Conversion Kit, AC Motor, Regen Brakes, Liquid Cooled Controller. Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system is very well known. It lacks the true go-anywhere ability of some of the other cars in this list, however. If it’s anything like the petrol and diesel X3s, the electric version should be capable of driving on mild off-road surfaces and be a great choice for towing. This can be configured to match the original vehicles performance characteristics or we can add a performance ‘tweak’. Shipping price includes shipping to any location with a loading dock. electric off-road.

Universal EV Kit (5) Citroen 2CV EV kit (2) Citroen HY EV Kit (1) Porsche 911 EV Kit (2) Porsche 996 (911) EV Kit (2) Porsche 912 EV Kit (2) Porsche 914 EV Kit (2) Renault 4 EV Kit (2) Jaguar E-type EV Kit (1) Peugeot 404 EV Kit (2) VW Karmann Ghia EV Kit (2) VW Tranporter T1 EV Kit (2) VW Transporter T2 EV kit (2) VW Transporter T3 EV Kit (2) Hey Folks, has anyone attempted to convert a 110 defender station wagon? Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products) Result Pages: 1 .

The B1 and B2 will be the first two models from the Detroit-based startup and they promise outstanding levels of off-road ability. I'd consider using 6 volt batteries in this vehicle rather than the 12 volt (same number of volts total, but twice as many batteries) for better charge conservation and more cycle lives.Note on keepin' it warm in Alaska: There's a company in Canada called REV Consultants Ltd that specializes in cold-weather electric cars. EV Conversion Kits.

It only makes sense that a heavier vehicle would burn through the charge quicker, as would running two additional wheels, but has it been done?Hi, Jeremy!Certainly, it's been done.Above is a picture of Rod Wilde's Land Rover, with the 4x4 drive train it was born with, now fully electric.He used an Advanced DC motor, 144v system, and 12 volt AGM batteries. With a 78kWh battery, the XC40 produces 402bhp and 660Nm of torque, giving a 0-62mph time of just 4.9 seconds. We recommend budgeting £18,000 + VAT or more for an appropriate conversion and other sympathetic upgrades.

Unlike other BMW electric cars that wear the ‘i’ badge – the i3 hatchback and i8 sports car – the iX3 is based on an existing model in the range, the X3 SUV. All rights reserved. Buyer pays actual S&H. While it misses the ground clearance that gives other 4x4s the edge off road, and while it can only tow a 750kg trailer, it has plenty of traction and power. How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle. Four-wheel-drive electric cars are more common than you might think. Read our full review of the Audi e-tron and its e-tron Sportback sister model. Falcon Electric Limited © 2020. We supply only the best quality parts making your conversion reliable, usable and have outstanding performance at very competitive prices. The best four-wheel-drive electric cars offer great traction and acceleration. The answer is, "that depends on where you get it".

This is an actual DC fuse (they retail for $128.00), not a re-purposed AC fuse -- which will not work correctly in an EV. ... AWD EV OK by: Dan Bentler Have couple thoughts regarding 4WD EV 1.

I know little about this but grew up in an engineering workshop. Highway-capable electric car kits such as this typically sell in the $7,500 to $8,900 price range. Easily installs in most vehicles with readily-available shaft and motor adapter plates (has the same shaft and bolt pattern as the Warp series motors). Wilde EVolutions 71 Land Rover 4x4 Conversion. These are our favourites. Here are our pics for 2020, All-new electric version of the iconic 'Humvee' promises around 1,000bhp, a three-second 0-60mph time and formidable off-road capability, Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar will make 1,873bhp and cost around £2million, New Toyota-based family SUV with plug-in hybrid power will cost from £45,599 in the UK, with sales starting in November, All-new Skoda Enyaq iV SUV goes on sale later in 2020, with prices starting at £33,450 before the government grant, We're here to help! More. A 4x4. Perhaps even like the ‘Tesla Allterrain‘ that we shared a month ago?
Shipping price includes shipping to any location, Drive Systems & Gear Boxes For Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Installation Brackets And Adapters. Elon Musk mentions Tesla electric bus. It takes a little know-how, but it's not rocket science. Unlike m ost kits on ebay that come with a small, 8-inch or 9-inch diameter motor, this kit includes a massive 10-inch motor for peak torque and maximum horsepower!. The iX3 will go on sale in 2020, with a 70kWh battery promising a driving range of nearly 250 miles.

Range is a respectable 248 miles, with a quick charge taking you from 0-80% capacity in around 40 minutes. High Performance EV Systems. The EV West Factory Five 818 Starter Kit is a grea ... Model : FFR 818 EV: Manufacturer : EV West: Weight : 250.00: I own a '19 VW E-golf and would love to transplant the electric powertrain into an old beetle or possibly a Thing (if I can find one cheap enough). by Jeremy (Alaska) Wilde EVolutions 71 Land Rover 4x4 Conversion.

I've just come to respect the work they do and the service they provide for the EV community! The EQC is a luxury mid-sized electric SUV that offers four-wheel-drive grip and a bit more ground clearance than you get in a Mercedes saloon or estate car. For many electric cars, you can add up to 100 miles of range in ~35 minutes with a 50kW rapid charger. EVDrive has been focused on full performance electric drive systems for nearly a decade. Featuring an electric motor on each axle and similar ground clearance to Audi’s Q5 and Q7 SUVs, the e-tron feels surefooted in all conditions and is capable of towing (up to 1,800kg) or driving across a slippery field.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Unlike m, ost kits on ebay that come with a small, 8-inch or 9-inch diameter motor, this kit includes a massive.

The Taycan is faster than a Tesla Model S, has one of the longest ranges of any electric car on sale and its handling lives up to the Porsche badge. It's easy to do. A full conversion can take anywhere from 50-200  hours depending on the vehicle selected, choice of performance, range, fit and finish required. If you are well versed with the internal workings of an automobile and you are good with hand tools, you can start by purchasing electric truck conversion … Driving Electric is a registered trade mark, New electric GMC Hummer EV off-roader revealed, Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar: price, specs and release date, New 2020 Suzuki Across hybrid: prices, specs and on-sale date, 2021 Skoda Enyaq iV electric SUV: prices, specification and on-sale date, Your electric-car questions answered: DrivingElectric reader queries, Complete guide to the Source London charging network. It is more powerful than the popular NetGain Warp 9 and Advanced DC FB1-4001 motors. Looking for an electric car conversion kit? Thanks! Removal of Internal Combustion engine and supporting systems, fabrication of motor mounts, battery box and gearbox adaptor plate. Mr. Rudman, who co-founded Manzanita Micro with his University of Idaho roommate, Joe Smalley, took his past experience from converting a 1978 Ford Fiesta and applied it to reconfiguring his 1984 4×4 Toyota extra-cab pickup to an all-electric off-road vehicle for him to use on the less beaten paths in Washington state. Mercedes-Benz unveils EQC 4x4 electric off-road SUV. Note that not all of these can be described as true off-roaders, but their four-wheel-drive systems can certainly come in handy on wet or muddy surfaces, or during a cold snap. While it lacks the ground clearance of some cars here, the Tesla has permanent four-wheel drive thanks to an electric motor on each axle. Mercedes-Benz unveils EQC 4x4 electric off-road SUV. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. After the conversion you will have a brand new drive train, with little to no maintenance. In combination with the DC motor, Rich uses his own 2000 amp speed controller which yields an impressive 400 lb-ft torque. A nerdy girl's take on electric vehicles, conversions, and climate. Our conversions start from £10,000 + VAT for a DC motor conversion using reconditioned parts. Our designs can be found in some of the top performing electric vehicles on the planet. As electric motors are small compared to petrol and diesel engines, it’s relatively easy for manufacturers to position one at the front of the car driving the front wheels, and another at the back for the rears. It’ll come with various battery sizes, with the largest 135kWh pack giving a range of over 300 miles. But how much do they cost to charge exactly? The XC40 Recharge is Volvo’s first electric car, based on its smallest SUV model. You are charged for work completed on your vehicle each day so if we have completed 2 hours work on your vehicle and are waiting for the parts to be powder coated then you will only be charged for 2 hours that day. Installation of Electric Motor, Inverter, Battery Management System (BMS). Our experience and expertise allows us to produce high quality solutions for the most demanding or unusual applications.

Due to the weight of the motor, it will have to be shipped separately by truck freight. This kit is designed for excellent performance on any car or truck up to 5000 pounds... even on the highway! If you're just starting your electric vehicle conversion journey, you might be saying to yourself: “You know what I need? Electric car facts and frequently asked questions from the e-mail bag.