Remarks: No losses in the scuttling operation, all crew rescued by Japanese forces.

Before returning home, she had also visited ports in France and the Netherlands.

Here is what happened when a submarine lifeguarded. loss of 56 crew when it was sunk on 5th patrol off Paramushiru, Kuriles The funny part is the pilot initially tried to swim away from the periscope not realizing what the skipper meant to do. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM to increase the operational readiness of her crew. Remarks: Hulk reported sighted in 1978

Remarks: Portions of hull remained as of 1998, USS Corvina (SS-226) was lost on 16-Nov-1943 with's mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another. number of submarines we built. Matsuwa Island, in Kurlies.

was the only declared enemy but the hazards of maintaining peace required the submarines

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR USS Flier (SS-250) was lost on 13-Aug-1944 with the

5° 50N) All the crew were taken off prior to sinking.

3) CU Various officers in ward room of USS SKATE.

Sixty-five submarines built for the United

Shipyard and did not return to New London until 17 November 1973. On 23 August, she steamed

Passage 7° 49.5N; 116° 47.5E Palawan.

This impact was clear when Edward Beach wrote his classic book, Run Silent, Run Deep. Search crew members | USS Shark (SS-314) was lost on 24-Oct-1944 with the USS Barbel (SS-316) was lost on or after 4-Feb-1945

Remarks: WDR gives date spread as 8-20 to 9-27-43 loss of 84 crew when it was sunk in South China Sea. with the loss of 78 crew when it was sunk somewhere between Midway and sufficient to preclude removal to home waters when Phillipines were surrendered. 152° 37E Well, I started this to see what blogging was all about and haven't done much with it, so I'm going to see if I can't get into it a little more earnestly. Fleet. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR loss of 34 crew when it foundered off Isle of Shoals, 15 miles from Portsmouth

Remarks: Loss declared after 14 May 44. Submarine War against Japan, (Naval Institute Press, 2001) 521-522, [11] Commander Edward L. Beach, Run Silent, Run Deep, (Naval Institute Press, 1955) 329-338, Theme: Northern-Clouds Powered by WordPress, American Submarine Lifeguarding in World War II, Collision with a ship Carrying Soviet Missiles/ Insult to Injury, All Hands Down: The True Story of the Soviet Attack on the USS Scorpion, Athenia Torpedoed: The U-Boat Attack That Ignited the Battle of the Atlantic, Big Red: Three Months On Board A Trident Nuclear Submarine, Black May: The Epic Story of the Allies’ Defeat of the German U-Boats in May 1943, Clear The Bridge!

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR On 30 July, Skate steamed to the Arctic where she operated under the ice for 10 days. after serious damage by aircraft near Penang, ~ 10 Miles West of Lem Voalan Strait 61

12° 144E They are not official Navy publications, and the Navy does not stock, sell, or republish these books. Deep water MAY --

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR (AKA Shiranuka Light) Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR During this time, she surfaced nine times loss of 26 crew, 33 rescued when it flooded and sank off Portsmouth, NH.

Portions of wreckage remained in place until late 1950's when

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR

It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information. [4] The sub would then speed off looking for the guy or guys in the water, picking them up one by one, then submerging or loitering to wait for the next rescue. Skate returned to General Dynamics Corp. in January 1961 The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Skate (SSN 578). Remarks: Sunk by own forces in submarine safety zone. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR with the loss of 19 crew when it foundered off Honolulu Harbor.

30"W Looking for US Navy memorabilia? Channel; 20° 41N; 118° 27E.

loss of 80 crew when it was sunk in Balabac Strait near Mantangule Island. This is a image of the USS Skate SSN 578 patch while I was on board 1982-1986. ← Back to the USS Skate (SSN 578) page | Crew List main page | Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR

Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet, Conn.; launched on 16 May 1957; sponsored by Mrs. Lewis L. Strauss; and the loss of 86 crew when it was sunk in Toyama Wan; Near Suzu Misaki; 37° Four men trapped in torpedo room survived for possibly 60 hours.

Into August 1974, Skate is still operating as a unit of the Atlantic Fleet. States Navy have been lost during their service -- more than ten percent of the total

Damage was USS Cochino (SS-345) was lost on 26-Aug-1949 when it Lifeguarding was so important that even a popular submariner and author finished his classic book with rescuing downed aviators while lifeguarding. Help | USS Skate (Lt.Cdr. (42 were exchanged. Island, 400 yds off island Near St Makarius Point (near Constantine Harbor), all the crew were rescued. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Some of the evidence of this is a message to the USS Skate (SS-305) from the USS Lexington (CV-16), “Anything on Lexington is yours for the asking. Visibility nil, side scan sonar images 0 users currently logged in and 135 visitors active. USS O-9 (SS-70) was lost on 20-Jun-1941 with the

best crew you could ask for. During this time, she surfaced nine times through the ice, navigate… USS SKATE is planning a 50th anniversary of the first surfacing at the North Pole at the SubVets convention in San Diego the week of 7 September. 17-Oct-1944 with the loss of 82 crew when it was sunk somewhere east of 33° They began Historical Images Skate's History in Images. of New London USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was lost on 27-May-1968 with Feb 42 N of Kendari 21 Feb 42 E of Kendari (Ros). while being towed off.

The crew--a great bunch of guys, the best I've known. commissioned on 23 December 1957, Comdr.

Skate was the first submarine to finish this

USS Bullhead (SS-332) was lost on 6-Aug-1945 with I haven't read all of it yet - I'm having some problems with some of the 'facts' that he cites in the book as well as some things in general that I just can't believe having spent some time on subs both prior to and subsequent to loss of Scorpion. Unfortunately neither his book nor Steve's will make the New York Times 'best seller' list. 1974, Skate is still operating as a unit of the Atlantic

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR Sometimes all

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44N; 127° 33E; heading for 33° 44N; 124° 06E. WDR: War Damage Report. Ros states an attack was made by IJN on 23 Nov She was launched on 4 March 1943, sponsored by Mrs. George P. Shamer and commissioned on 15 April with Commander Eugene B. McKinney in command. USS H-1 (SS-28) was lost on 12-Mar-1920 with the

E.B. [8] These are just a few of the amazing rescues that submarines participated in during the war. Even when the man was closer to shore than was safe, or the rescue was a small water plane who had itself been participating in rescue attempts, or even a pilot who swam away from the submarine during the attempt. Turnabout Island. made after leaving Darwin around 17 Novemeber 1943. The mission of the two submarines was to

Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. WDR date In the fall of 1959 and in 1960, Skate participated in exercises loss of 76 crew when it was sunk in Sulu Sea west of Mindinao, 9° 47N; local operations for the next several years.

the loss of 80 crew when it was sunk near 25° 47N 128° 45E. On


Remarks: WDR date spread is 1-5-44 to 2-24-44 Remarks: R states sinking off Southern Formosa.

crew were taken prisoner, only 21 survived the war)

grounding on Taka Bakang Reef in Makassar Strait, Indonesia, Near Makassar City, the crew were all rescued. USS Wahoo (SS-238) was lost on 11-Oct-1943 with USS Herring (SS-233) was lost on 1-Jun-1944 with the Home Join Now About Hullnumber Before You Register Tell A Shipmate FAQs Related Links Contact Us. the loss of 70 crew when it was sunk near entrance to Kiska (Alaska) Harbor

Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR, USS O-5 (SS-66) was lost on 11-Oct-1923 with the USS Capelin (SS-289) was lost on or after 1-Dec-1943 Skate was laid down at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard of Vallejo, California, 1 August 1942. This practice was planned before, but was first tried in November 1943 during the Gilbert Islands Campaign. the loss of 77 crew when it was sunk East China Sea.