Then, Spot finally manages to sniff them out when he finds the herd's tracks, with Arlo discovering the presence of "Rustlers" as well. He was able to take out Thunderclap and his gang all by himself. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Jack Bright The next morning, when Arlo wakes up to find Spot and encounters a group of Pterodactyls led by Thunderclap, who turn out to be savagely carnivorous, Spot is found by them and the two of them run away before encountering a pair of T-Rexes named Nash and Ramsey, who both ward the pterodactyls off. Has been since the day he was hatched. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Henry saves Arlo from a flash flood before being swept away and killed.. Taglines After Nash and Ramsey fight, Arlo and Spot then meet their father, Butch, who agrees to let the two of them join their party if they can help them locate a herd of steer they had lost. Young Arlo is afraid of everything. Nevertheless, Arlo honorably allows Spot to return and stay with them. Spot is taken in by another caveman family. That doesn't stop him from getting somehow freed from their grasp when he gets captured by them later on, and then tearing a hole into Thunderclap's wing membrane. However, Poppa Henry's obsession with finding Spot gets him killed and Arlo hurt on the leg. Despite the grief she is still feeling from her husband's death, Momma Ida still keeps her and her kids going so they can survive the winter. Just then, a snake falls out and attacks Arlo. After falling into the river near his home, Arlo must find his way home. | Using Spot's nose to track the herd down, the four dinosaurs follow him. Spot is the deuteragonist of The Good Dinosaur. • A Wild Adventure! The boy uses Arlo for a bridge, and then shows him a berry bush. When Arlo tries to survive on his own with minimal success, Spot finds him and eventually gives him some berries to eat after trying to feed him with a live lizard and a bug after helping him survive out there. 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To be fair, it was out of self-defense and helping Spot, so it is partially justified. A flash flood begins and a massive mudslide crashes into the river and triggers a torrent. The Good Dinosaur (2015) Full Cast & Crew. And wins. Arlo successfully attacks two of them while Spot just barks at them; allowing Butch to scare them off for good. Parents Guide, Rankings List Of All 22 Disney-Pixar Movies 1995-2021, 65 million years ago, an asteroid made its way out of the belt and sped toward Earth. "Spot is a wild, tough and tenacious human boy who has lived alone in the wilderness for much of his life. The next day, as the T-Rexes are herding, Arlo and Spot prove a big help when they manage to bring back part of the herd that was intending to separate from them. A flock of hunter-scavenger pterosaurs led by Thunderclap. Arlo. After Arlo is washed up ashore far from home, Arlo still insists on finishing off Spot. Featuring human-dinosaur hybrids and aliens, it’s the perfect combination for middle-grade readers. Later, he appears again towards the end of the film, this time bringing his wife, son, and daughter and … However, Arlo must first overcome his fears before he reunites with his family. Plot Keywords It turned red as it entered the atmosphere, and then it sped past, missing the planet entirely. Saves Arlo from a storm-generated flash flood, at the cost of his own life. Badass Adorable: After he becomes more assertive, Arlo manages to take out a gang of predators and save Spot all by himself. However, during his vision (caused by being hit on the head with a rock), he has the opportunity to travel home with the spirit of his father. | A pack of Velociraptors who seek and prey on Butch's prized herd of longhorns. he takes down an entire gang of pterodactyls to save Spot. Disappointed, Henry takes Arlo to track the cave-boy, leading them into a ravine. When other humans show up, Spot chooses to go with them at the cost of leaving his best friend Arlo. The father was first seen howling at Spot and Arlo and wanted to get a closer look but Arlo takes Spot away. happy to be reunited with him at the end, showing that Buck, Thunderclap survives and is still hunting critters, having learned little from his experiences beyond "don't attack dinosaurs", While whether or not they're dead is unconfirmed, all of them are defeated when they're knocked into and swept away by the river...which was swollen by the storm they so emphatically worship, AND I FORGOT WHAT FEAR IS! While his successful siblings are allowed to "make their mark" (a mud-print on the family's corn silo), Arlo's timid nature makes tasks difficult for him. As they continue their journey, Spot and Arlo both hear the calls of the same caveman and his family just as they come over the hill overseeing Arlo's farm. His parents died at some point in his life and since then he's been on his own. Spot and Arlo howl at each other one last time and he and his family disappear over a hill. After young apotosauras Arlo's father getting washed away by a flood. He quickly gets over it and in his daydream of his father, Arlo tells him that his death wasn't Spot's fault. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Later, he appears again towards the end of the film, this time bringing his wife, son, and daughter and embrace Spot and want to adopt him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The boy grabs the snake's tail and starts to gnaw on its skin. The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest and smallest of his family. Video Games: Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition • Dino Crossing I'M NOT AFRAID OF, harasses Arlo when he won't relinquish Spot, Administrivia/Pages Needing Transparent Images, Arlo yells at Spot when the former believes it's Spot's fault that, Thunder and lightning are Arlo's biggest fears, because. Spot seems to bond very well with them, hinting that the family wants to adopt him, but Spot still insists on going with Arlo. DINOSAUR BOY by Cory Putman Oakes is a goofy new science fiction series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once they find their herd and Butch instructs Arlo to lure the rustlers out, Spot and Arlo get on a rock in the middle of the herd and Arlo screams real loud when Spot bites him on the leg since Arlo proved to be a failure at it first, which attracts the rustlers, who are revealed to be a group of Velociraptors led by Bubbha.