CHECK OUT THE ONE DIRECTION BOYS IN OUR GALLERY HERE! Yes, you've already said that. Get a grip of yourself, you're 42. Louis a un nounours, nommé Charlie Bear. Et il interdit les autres membres de 1D de sortir avec elles, car elles sont trop bien pour eux ! The events that sparked this outburst of mine, were your tweets aimed at Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction: ... Steve Brookstein X Factor 23 comments. Seems you don’t need talent anymore.’, MORE: Matt Cardle – David Cameron voted for me to win X Factor. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. It's obvious he wants the attention, I'm sure those girls didn't even know he who was. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. An Open Letter To Steve Brookstein. He was incredibly nervous. 2010-12-17; An Open Letter To Steve Brookstein. This is a thread about Steve. He would need to learn his trade. People tend to be biased in such circumstances. Background. Dear Steve, Very few people know who you are. "You could have thought those thoughts to yourself, rather than actually invite a lot of people to start some kind of campaign against Louis. Are Cheryl And Liam Payne About To Return To The X Factor Together?! I admit Louis is not a great singer and if Steve wants to criticise him he should have left it at one tweet, not start bickering with a dozen teenage girls! Following their One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and former winner of The X Factor Steve Brookstein have clashed again, and this time it was verbal. would have to agree - I just don't understand how if this is a "singing" competition how some of the people get through every year . Louis William Tomlinson, le plus âge de la bande, né le 24 décembre, a 19 ans. That's just sad. At least a mention? Get the poor lad some singing lessons for Christmas. Louis est le seul garçon de sa famille : il a 4 soeurs. Winner of the 2004 series of The X Factor, Steve Brookstein, has taken to Twitter to launch a rant against One Direction 's Louis Tomlinson, … Have a great Christmas.’. You admitted to not being a fan of Steve or even of defending him but to attacking the criticism of him, which you have said is the same thing as forum members opinions. Peu de temps après X-Factor (2010), Tomlinson est face à la critique du premier gagnant de X-Factor, Brookstein Steve. Louis caresse les joues d'Harry quand il s'ennuie. Auto-Tune all over it. 2010-12-10 ; The life and times of Joey Barton. Steve Brookstein on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events The tweet sparked a furious response from the boyband’s fans who bombarded the 2004 winner with responses, defending Louis and his band. Take singing lessons and become a proper singer. La décision de mettre les cinq garçons dans le groupe s'est avérée populaire car ils se sont rendus à la finale de The Factor et étaient le seul groupe à être inclus dans le Factor Tour 2011. The X Factor Is About to Go Through Some Major Changes People, From Will Young To Little Mix: 5 Of The Most Exciting Battles In Reality TV Music Competition History, The X Factor Is Going To Return With One Massive New Format Change This Year, Can Matt Terry Match 1D & Little Mix X Factor Success? Peu de temps après la fin de The Factor en 2010, Tomlinson a été critiqué par le premier vainqueur de Factor, Steve Brookstein, dans lequel Brookstein affirmait que Tomlinson n'était pas un très bon chanteur et ne pouvait pas croire qu'il avait atteint la finale. Sadly for us now what we were told about you seems accurate.". The following month it was confirmed that Louis Tomlinson, Robbie and Ayda would be joining the series. Going off topic or using an argument in a topic to attack other forum members is baiting/trolling. Si il devait avoir un super pouvoir, ça serait celui de voler. Get the poor lad some singing lessons for Christmas. 17/12/10 - 16:48 #202. À l'origine, Louis n'allait pas s'en sortir sur le facteur signifiant qu'un autre concurrent aurait pris sa part dans une direction. if you wish to continue this line of conversation with me could you do so via PM? Si il devait choisir une fille de X factor, il choisirait Cheryl Cole. Let's face it, he will know that he's vocally the weakest in the group. Louis ne voit pas l'intérêt des aventures ou des relations à court terme. (Quote) I do find it strange when people post on public forums that other people shouldn't, er, post on public forums and should just concentrate on their career. Louis' mum Johanna joined Brookstein … Actually this has caused teamtomlinson to trend in the UK, so if anything he is causing the 1D fans to become stronger. One Direction a écrit Tout sur vous, et les mêmes erreurs et un autre monde. As you are not, this would be more suited to a thread of it's own in either showbiz or general discussion, where you could discuss this to your hearts content. Earlier this year he was reduced performing to a crowd of 50 who paid £2.50 each to hear him sing in a village pub, where he told the audience "This is what happens when you fall out with Simon Cowell. Steve Brookstein singles chronology "Against All Odds" (2004) "Fighting Butterflies" (2006) English singer and The X Factor winner Steve Brookstein included "Against All Odds" on his debut studio album, Heart and Soul. Simon Cowell returned alongside new judges Louis Tomlinson, Ayda Field (credited as Ayda Williams) and Robbie Williams who replace departing judges Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. "Now, if you've ever felt like that about something you don't need somebody to point that out to you. I admit Louis is not a great singer and if Steve wants to criticise him he should have left it at one tweet, not start bickering with a dozen teenage girls! If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. Il joue du Piano, et a une passion pour les CAROTTES. Styles est connu comme «The Flirt», Malik «The Vain One», Payne «The Smart One» et Horan «The Funny One». "Listen. But as you've seen, you've had a thousand people tweeting back what a prat you are, so I'm sure you do feel a pr*ck.". Cependant, Tomlinson a reçu beaucoup de soutien d'un certain nombre de célébrités et de fans sur Twitter, beaucoup affirmant que Brookstein était juste amer et jaloux en raison de son échec à remporter beaucoup de succès après sa victoire en 2004. Why be so cruel? You won the first ever X Factor in 2004, and released a Phil Collins cover (Against All Odds), which failed to make Christmas number one, but just about managed to climb the charts to the top spot the following week. Louis décrit le corps de Zayns comme chaud et épicé. A couple of dozen at least," he said. He wrote yesterday evening: ‘After seeing Louis Tomlinson ‘s audition I feel for all those young talented kids learning their craft. I honestly thought you were a nice bloke. Following their One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and former winner of The X Factor Steve Brookstein have clashed again, and this time it was verbal. Far from apologising, Brookstein replied: ‘If you are louis’ mum. David Tennant voted best Doctor Who as he returns to the franchise, Confused by 5G? Il aime les filles qui mangent des carottes. It was released as his debut single on 20 December 2004 by Sony BMG. Steve Brookstein vs Louis Tomlinson's mum on twitter ... Forum Member. You are not a fan and are not defending him. You're whole argument has been that someone famous has as much right to an opinion as anyone else. A Mickey Mouse cowboy builder. 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I don't blame him. Comme les 4 autres membres, il auditionne dans la catégorie "Boys" mais échoue et rejoint alors One Direction, dirigé parSimon Cowell. Il est le membre le plus âgé du groupe de garçons One Direction. Créer un site gratuit avec e-monsite Why do you think this is ok?