The Coast Guard also provided port security , Explosives Loading Detachments, installation and maintenance of aids-to-navigation, established LORAN stations in both Vietnam and Thailand, and conducted search and rescue missions. The cumulative capacities to be installed by juwi until June 2019 in Vietnam now stand at 130 MWp.
juwi is one of the world's leading specialists for renewable energies. The plant is expected to add more than 75 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity to Vietnam’s national grid annually. In March 2019, France-based Quadran International Group and Truong Thanh Vietnam Group struck a credit contract worth US$37 million to build a solar power plant, called Cat Hiep, in the south-central coastal province of Binh Dinh. Điện thoại: +842862876039. This team unites the experiences and extensive resources of senior executives of top US, Latin American and Asian companies, along with government and party officials at the local, provincial, and national levels in the SE Asian market.

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Call back Managing Editor: Nguyen Chi Mai, Vietnam Investment Review under the Ministry of Planning and Investment An independent leader of green electricity production in France, Quadran works with the main sources of renewable energy: wind power, photovoltaics, hydraulics, biogas, and biomass. gọi điện đến số điện thoại của công ty: +842862876039 hoặc đến trực tiếp địa chỉ Tầng 46, tòa nhà Bitexco Financial, số 2, đường Hải Triều, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, TP Hồ Chí Minh. Company, Company, Công Ty TNHH Quadran Việt Nam: MST 0315547942, điện thoại 84286287603, giám đốc- Hàn Thế Phong Guillaume, Bastlen Voineau. Solar, E-Mail, 19.10.2020 / Lot B2-03, 04, Road 5, Tan Dong Hiep B Industrial Park, Di An, Binh Duong. We also secure financing. more, 28.09.2020 / Solar, Greg Austin has been appointed Regional Director for the EMEA region and will start 1st of October…

This new project is to be constructed in Cat Hiep, Binh Dinh province of Vietnam, approx. We install turnkey systems with high-quality components. 100km north of Tokyo.

The new PV project has a size of 50 megawatts and is to be constructed in the middle of Vietnam close to the eastern coastline.