(that was posted in August). Use. Dimension now lets designers to add and control multiple directional lights, giving greater control over scene composition. Adobe is stepping into the realm of augmented reality with the release of Adobe Aero. Tap, drag, and drop to place objects in a scene, create animation paths, and add triggers that allow viewers can interact with projects. As far as Substance... licensing just got updated today as well, doesn't look like it's coming to CC anytime soon (and not sure where you heard that? Users can import assets from Creative Cloud, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Stock's 3D collection. These new and updated tools are aimed at those who work within gaming, entertainment, and architecture fields, helping to give creative control back to the artists who use them. Adobe's technology and research teams are currently looking into how this may be implemented on. Dimension now features the ability to easily port projects to Adobe Aero directly, allowing designers to view design in an augmented or mixed-reality setting. Bookmark and render different perspectives without having to change your work. What type of assets can I import into Adobe Aero? Additionally, Adobe will be releasing high-quality, customizable textures that will be available for designers to download from Substance Source. and export your asset or scene directly into Aero with the File > Export > Selected for Aero … Create high-quality images and 3D interactive content from a single Dimension file. Users will be able to paint in real time with brushes that can be modified on the fly. Match Image can detect the lighting of an image and generate lighting, such as sunlight, ambient light, or multiple lights accordingly. Below are some of the newest and most noteworthy updates the program has received. Any word on this? Adobe's 3D design and rendering software, Adobe Dimension, has hit version 3.0 and received the biggest update to the program to date. (that was posted in August). Each light features controls for direction, size, color, and intensity. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content. I really want SketchUp on the iPad and with AR functionality. The feature takes advantage of NVIDA's RTX raytracing technology, which can increase render speeds up to nine times. According to a product rep in the feature request portal, "Plans for AMD and Mac is still in the works but won’t be happening this year." Adobe's technology and research teams are currently looking into how this may be implemented on, Additionally, Dimension now allows for GPU Rendering -- although it is currently a beta feature available to Windows users only.