The Secretary Council of Chiefs however disclosed that the community became calm, after the community king, Eze Prof. Leslie Nyebuchi Eke, addressed his subjects urging them to maintain calm and be conscious of what they drink and eat. People saw when the man came out of that place and I was called.

Dangote Refinery And after a while, he exhibited the symptoms like others, suddenly collapsed, fell into the sea and died,” said Banigo. While people were still grappling with how to unravel the mysterious cause of the tragedy, news filtered in that another three persons had died under similar circumstance at the home of one Mr. Emma, who sells Ogogoro just behind the Bonny General Hospital mortuary. Community member, Mr. Vinyone Franklin said the deadly brew that claimed some lives in Bodo was sold by Mrs. Monica Aalo, who also lost her life, while her husband lost his vision. “We arrested one lady, a schoolteacher as a result of one of the death on Saturday. He explained that shortly after the other two had left, Emma, who resorted to selling Ogogoro after he was sacked as a security guard at the hospital, complained of severe stomach cramps and blurred vision, when he woke up the next morning. There is no reported case of death in Abua and Yenagoa in Bayelsa state, where the sales is a thriving business. Mr. Justice Barituka Zua, said the community has passed the information to all the churches to announce to their congregation of the inherent danger associated with ogogoro consumption. By the time we decided to rush him to the hospital it was late. It comprises of both residential and commercial plots. Chima was immediately rushed to a hospital where he was given a drip that flushed out the substance. And when The Guardian visited the home of the sole distributor of the product in Bodo, she was nowhere to be found. They said he exhibited the same symptoms as Fidelis. The secretary general of the Bonny youth federation acknowledged that consumption of alcohol is common in Bonny, particularly among the fishing community, but noted that the idea that ogogoro can cause blindness has created panic in the island and indeed the entire Rivers State. “ There are more drinkers than smokers in the Niger Delta. Ejekwu told The Guardian that the shop owner reported himself to the police after several reports of death following the consumption of the local gin. Example: Power or water bill. “But as it stands, we cannot differentiate between the good from the bad, so it is better everybody closes shop,” the Commissioner told his visitors. But some of his colleagues opposed the outright ban of ogogoro because of its economy importance, particularly in the local communities where it is brewed and mainly consumed. Disclosing this during a cleanup, organised by APM Terminals Apapa in partnership with Wecyclers at the Ogogoro Island, a riverine community in Apapa, Lagos as … We suspect that there is a deliberate act to destroy the industry by those who poisoned the products and sold to innocent Nigerians in Bodo, Bonny, Woji and Degema.” We gathered that she buys chemical and mix them herself. I see this happening again. The dealers were also warned to stop selling to anybody pending the post-mortem results from the state’s ministry of health.

On the fateful Sunday, at least eight deaths were reported. Akpan, an engineer, it was claimed became addicted to consuming the local gin after he lost his job in 2006. In addition, town criers and youth leaders, too, have been dispatched to warn people to desist from selling and consuming ogogoro. An acquaintance of the late Emma, who pledged anonymity, told The Guardian that he and two other victims took the lethal drink on the eve of their tragic death. But it was when he slumped that he was then rushed to the hospital after having gone through convulsing, coma and foaming at the mouth, which was the terminal point. Secretary, Woji Council of Chiefs, Chief Adele Ejekwu, whose house is behind the local gin dealer shop, narrated how two persons he assisted with accommodation drank the substance and died in less than one hour.

People in the Niger Delta drink kai-kai a lot, especially now that it is raining.

Perhaps the first known casualty in the toxic Ogogoro tragedy that rocked the island according to the President, Bonny Youth Federation, Simeon Wilcox, occurred on June 1, … We should be careful so that we don’t play into the hands of the importers of foreign gins” he said. He said few hours after; he started having some negative sensations, which forced him to inform his in-law and sister.

Places like Lagos, Rivers and other lower ends of the Niger-Delta with close access to rivers and oceans, allow for the natural or artificial formation of Islands. More souls must not be lost before they do something about this,” she added.

Facing The Lekki Free Trade Zone Express Road, Ogogoro, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos ₦ 4,500,000 The study was used to determine an optimal lay-out of the quay and berthing facilities along the Commodore channel of Ogogoro island, including the related dredging scope. The island has been perturbed by its riverine area, which has caused less than stellar improvements in terms of modernisation and seemingly slow pace of development. It is obvious that Vincent, perhaps, was not aware that what killed Fidelis was a toxic gin. *NEIGHBOURHOOD:* My family is in pains and government must track the source of this deadly gin before it claims more lives. She is in police custody” he said. The doctor said those who brought him to the hospital said he complained of having headache, waist pain and not seeing properly, ironically, they had assumed it was the aftermath of the drink of the previous day. He explained that while the hospital was trying to ascertain the circumstances surrounding his abrupt death, it was discovered that the people he had sat down to indulge in drinking the previous night had also died under similar circumstance, and this aroused the curiosity of health workers. “The ogogoro business is a huge multimillion industry in the Niger Delta. She explained that even before he became comatose, he was unable to reveal to anyone, where exactly he took the drink. Mixed-use Land for sale in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Mixed-use Land for sale in Ogogoro, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Utility bill with the address on your account on Nigeria Property Centre (not more than 3 months old). At that point, the methanol had already metabolised to its end product. Kisi, who described the ogogoro business as a multimillion naira industry that employs thousands, expressed concern about the decision of the government to ban its production, sales and consumption, when it has failed to use State apparatus to trace the source(s) of the lethal brand that has claimed over 60 lives in Rivers State alone in recent weeks. But now, cases are being reported in Ahoada West, Gokana, Port Harcourt, Degema. He drank a little and offered his colleagues to drink but they declined due to the warning that poisonous drink was in circulation. Property seekers can feel more confident doing business with Verified agents, who are more likely to be legitimate and trustworthy. Get the latest news and analysis of issues from Nigeria, Africa and around the world, direct into your inbox, daily, Last Modified: October 21, 2020 at 9:42 am, Northern group confers Leadership Award on Primate Ndukuba, At Synod, Abiodun urges Ogun citizens to obey COVID-19 protocols, commends church for their prayers, Bishop Ukanwa extols virtues of Archbishop Maduoma, Violence against protesters in Nigeria: An appeal for calm, Telecoms operators apologise for network outage, Hoodlums vandalise FRSC Lagos office — Sector Commander, Oriental Hotel condemns attack on facilities, Florida Democrats told vote for Trump 'or we will come after you', FG to set up 5-man committee on complaints on IPPIS by unions, More deaths nationwide, 24-hr curfew in five states, Nigerian Government silent hours after Lekki killings, Freight forwarders shut Tin Can, demand end to extortion by Customs, Former Real Madrid star Robinho to be jailed ‘immediately,’ says minister, Obama stumps for Biden in final stretch of White House race, Outrage in South Africa over police brutality in Nigeria, H.E.

Ejekwu however urged the Ministry of Health to ensure it traces the source of the producer of the local gin for prosecution. Akpan’s widow said: “ I am a professional nurse and qualified midwife, I was in church last week and they called me to come and attend to someone, who was dying close to my street, without knowing that my husband was involved.”, “But when about five deaths were recorded, I asked my husband severally if he patronised the bar, but he denied. The Guardian gathered from community people in Bodo, where approximately 24 persons were said to have died, that some of the victims’ death was caused by sheer ignorance because they disputed the claim that ogogoro kills. A commercial motorbike driver, Itoro Etim, said it will be difficult to control consumption due to the rainy season and the attendant cold weather.

He disclosed that there was panic in the community as irate youths set ablaze the shop of Friday Dickson (aka Etiaba), owner of the shop where the local gin was bought and consumed. Yet there is no federal presence,” said Wilcox. This property listing does not constitute property particulars.The information is provided and maintained by Deeds Properties & Facilities Manager. “Between the 1st and 4th June, I actually attended to six of the cases brought to the hospital. We have Bodo General Hospital, but it is not functional. Shortly afterwards, he too complained about his vision becoming blur. Because these institutions are required to screen people, Nigeria Property Centre's verification process increases security when dealing with parties you do not know. The Director, Public Health, River State Ministry of Health, Dr. Nnanna Onyekwere in an interview with The Guardian explained that the shortage of ethanol due to increase in demand of local gin might have lured the producers to use methanol to produce the drink.

Drums of the lethal Ogogoro confiscated from various joints and distribution outlets in Bonny, (Inset: Vincent Kaakien, a victim in Bodo), In spite of fatalities, source of poisonous liquor unknown.

And in Dema Abbey village, it was said that two people lost their lives, while in Epelema, a husband and his wife with two others were also consumed by the deadly ogogoro. Rivers State lawmakers have, meanwhile, summoned officials of Ministries of Health and Information to appear before an ad hoc committee of the House to explain the circumstances surrounding the death of the victims and measures put in place to prevent further deaths.

This was resisted as people kept brewing and taking the drinks secretly. She said: “I can’t sleep since then, the sudden death of my husband is too much for me to bear, no sign at all, we have been together for 21 years, it is not easy staying alone with the children now.”. “In Abua, we use palm wine to produce kai-kai, which is distributed to other parts of the Niger Delta. People will drink when they are angry and when they are happy. “The health workers are not serious about their job. Just imagine how much money has been lost in the past one week. Lekki deep sea port

In the retail market, the palm wine gin is more expensive than the industrial ethanol in the production of the local gin. In spite of the measures put in place to check the ogogoro trade, the most worrisome thing has remained the inability of the authorities in the State to trace the source of the lethal ogogoro. 0-3months: 6M One of them had this toxic alcohol. The victim, who left behind his wife, Mrs. Pauline Akpan and four children is said to have died refusing to tell loved ones he had consumed the contaminated gin. We lost a lot of youths due to its consumption and this is because of joblessness.