“We’re also getting our electricity meter changed to a smart meter so we can take advantage of off peak charging. “You push the Propilot button and it engages the Propilot computer. Watch. “It also has a reversing camera, guided lines and things of that nature,” adds Shane. A previous version of this article had the incorrect WLTP driving range stated for the Nissan Leaf e+. OK people, this is what we promised.Full disclosure of all pricing !! pic.twitter.com/xlBWm0pTwq. The couple says they also enjoyed the lane assist, although it was a bit disconcerting at first. 7 new & refurbished from $268.98. “We did entertain getting a 40kWh out of Japan for $37,000, but someone planted the wild idea of getting a 62kWh instead, so we set a goal of getting long range Leaf for under $50,000.”. AU $950.00. Leaf in Landsborough, Qld by tomkauf Jun 3, 2020 15:31:43 GMT 11: General Questions, Comments and Info. Due COVID, we had to transport down to Canberra for $445, but these are wacky times. Free postage. Can non-Tesla electric cars use Tesla EV chargers? or Best Offer. “Propilot is adaptive cruise control basically, and steering assist,” says Shane. We just want to help spread the word :) Watch . Moderator: Jim Hare. “We have 2.5 kW solar, but as in the ACT we are 100% renewable contracts, the solar does contribute but it doesn’t lessen carbon emissions.”. “It seems a little gimmicky but I find that we don’t really utilise it at all.”. Officially added to the “Specialists and Enthusiast Vehicle” (SEV) register in August along with the Kia e-Soul, the Fiat 500e and Peugeot E208, the Nissan Leaf e+ is a step up from the 40kWh Nissan Leaf which sells in Australia from $49,990 before on-roads and offers only 270km range (WLTP). 13-16 NISSAN LEAF BATTERY DISCONNECT BRACKET ALUMINUM HOLDER MOUNT OEM (Fits: Nissan Leaf) $69.00. She specialises in writing about new technology and has been writing about electric vehicles for two years. Get all the info pics & video on the remarkable 2018 Nissan LEAF - My Electric Car information, specs, pics, video, extras “I love it – it’s nice, it’s comfortable,” says Karen, adding that she loves that it is smaller than the couple’s previous vehicle, a Nissan Xtrail. … “When you pull into tight car park if it thinks you’re too close it’ll bring that corner up so you can see more clearly.”. “We know we can get to Wagga on one charge,” says Karen. “We are lucky, we are in Canberra so operate in cooler climate,” says Shane. “The price convinced us to get the 62kWh – the drive away price for the 40kWh Leaf is around $54,000-55,000,” says Shane.