Exactly what you want to pay and presto you have a wonderful car. I only considered it because I had a friend who used Carvana, and I trusted them. Carvana made sure my $1000 promotion check was overnight mailed to me. The car I received was *exactly* the car I examined online, right down to some inconsequential bumper scuffs. Taylor was great and saved the car we wanted! This was the first electric car I've had. You can only compare up to 4 cars at a time. - and the paperwork was handled in about 5 minutes. I even caught a bit of luck. And I have received follow up calls from both Carvana and the financing company asking how I'm liking my car and explaining everything. There simply was none. All electric means no costs for gas or oil. Quiet and comfortable. By accessing this website, you agree to the TrueCar Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Also the quietest car we have ever owned. Saves thousands a year on gas!! They all had the best personalities and were very customer focused to make me feel at ease with the process. The part that I found the most extraordinary was the 7-day money-back guarantee, which pretty much covers a change of mind unless you get into an accident or drive it a ton (over 400 miles, and even then, they?? All manuals, one full feature key, and one valet key were provided. It fits our family of 3 perfectly with room to spare. Carvana reusable coffee cup and key chain. And that is a big concern. The whole process took about 30 to 45 minutes at the most. Taking the Stress and Pain out of Car Shopping. Thank you Carvana for changing the car buying experience forever. I was searching for a new car at local area dealerships and in two instances got to the negotiating table and couldn?? Yeup, it was just like that. Smile ear to ear. No maintenance required. 1,242 listings starting at $3,574, 1 Great Deal out of So toa put-your-enviro-creds-where-your-mouth is, I looked at used Leafs (with ~80 mi max range). So for many years, I have driven past another dealer in the same town to drive out to Maita Toyota. 1984-Celica (1988) 1996 Avalon (2001) 2000 Avalon (2002) Just had some work done on the 2000 Avalon. To uploading my paperwork (5 minutes). Carvana changed all that, with the exception of the excitement factor. They are a company that has integrity which amazing. Most Reliable and Fun Car I've Ever Owned. Haven't been to a gas station in two years! ?what the heck.??? No hassle, no hidden costs or agendas. Such a great find! Practically maintenance free. Buying a car you have never physically seen in person can be worrisome, but Carvana also has that covered with their 4 month, 4000 mile service contract, not to mention their 7 day return policy. Can't wait to get my Husband a car now. My S model does not have a quick charge option, nor are there quick charging stations in my area. Too funny. I received an email from Carvana and a gift certificate thanking me as well. I am so happy with my vehicle! She called ahead to let me know she was on the way. The young women who delivered my car was a joy to work with. Save up to $2,217 on one of 424 used 2015 Nissan LEAFS in Ontario, CA. It has been so perfect we are buying EV #2. Everything was accurate and straight forward. I bought a 2016 Lexus GS 350 two weeks ago through Carvana. Actually, it?? When she arrived she let me take the car for a test drive while she took care of my trade. The entire experience was first rate: From searching online for the right vehicle (price, features, condition) to the buying experience and through delivery. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Contact Low to zero maintaince, fun to drive, never uses gas, makes you feel good about driving again - that you arent messing up the planet - at least as much as a gas car. I was spending a couple hundred dollars a month on gas before I got this car. 764 Great Deals out of All in all, I was dreading buying a car (and selling my used one) and Carvana made it pleasurable. I went home to see what cars were available and sure enough they had the car I wanted with 11k miles less than anything in my local market within the price point I was willing to pay. My work has free EV chargers so the increase in my power bill is minimal. Certified Dealers are contractually obligated by TrueCar to meet certain customer service requirements and complete the TrueCar Dealer Certification Program. When we got to the store, it's not like a dealership with a lot, but it had three beautiful, well lit, very clean, showroom like bays that your vehicle is sitting in for your to do a complete inspection of it. Come find a great deal on used 2015 Nissan LEAFs in your area today! You can manage your searches in your profile. Being there for 8 hours (you should get paid for being there you're there so long). It's sleek, quiet, peppy and fun. Love contributing to the green footprint, I am a single mom and needed a car company I could trust to take care of me honestly. It is an ideal second car for local driving. Please note, our particular location does not have the car vending machine just yet. It’s smooth and fun to drive. The process was easy, the customer service was fabulous, the price was amazing, my car was delivered TO. I had my doubts about buying a car online for sure. Naturally, it was clean, filled up with a full tank, with new tires and the whole nine yards. They even had a notary show up! Not only did I save tons of money - with the federal, state, and local rebates, plus avoiding gas stations for years! Limited or no warranty. This is an amazing car. The entire process was easy from start to finish. With saving as much money as I did I wasn't expecting good customer service. CarMax Sacramento South - Now offering Curbside Pickup and Home Delivery. Very inexpensive to operate. Thank you Carvana for this wonderful experience. I appreciated the fact that I could get my personalized financing terms without a hard hit on my credit, in the event I didn't go through with a purchase. The dealerships were either low balling my trade or asking for more than the car was worth. It was the best transactions I've done since finding my husband. There were some small blemishes on the interior and they sent out a car detailer to treat the problem. This will change the way you think about car salesmen! Sign Up, Already have an account? A few weeks later, he brought up Carvana again....curious, I decided to check it out online. Standard options are pretty good, especially for the heated handle. You do pay some good cash when you get work done here, but you know all the parts are top notch original parts and that the work is done correctly, promptly, and it is backed! If you have ANY hesitation - don't - my Carvana experience was FANTASTIC! Charges easily and quickly. (I transacted entirely in cash, so I cannot speak to the process when there is financing.) 1983-Celica. © 1995-2020 Kelley Blue Book Co.®, Inc. All rights reserved. Vroom - Get It Delivered Nationwide, Contact-Free, Used 2015 Nissan Pathfinder in Tempe, AZ. Nice touch. To having the car delivered, taking a test drive and signing the papers (20 minutes). For Carvana, it was only the necessary tax and tags. Picking up the car was a fun experience with putting the token in the machine. Nothing negative about any one else ever, Steve Morris you are missed! Beyond this, and *absolutely unlike* any other online business, I could speak to a *real human being* within a few minutes of calling (I had six or seven conversations with Carvana agents over the 3 1/2 weeks from car selection to car receipt). From the quick and easy search, to no haggle pricing, to easy payment (I was able to pay cash online, but they also offer financing), to a no-risk 7-day return policy AND an additional 100-day warranty on top of that! All-in-all, close to a perfect buying experience! I browsed inventory as widely or narrowly as I wanted, for as long as I needed. Nice car. I owned a 2011 Leaf for over 5 years (older battery chemistry, range degraded too much), now own a 2014 and 2015. Historically, it has been time consuming, emotionally taxing and most of us go into a dealership with far less knowledge than we ought for a purchase of the magnitude of a car. On the day of delivery the Carvana truck was right on time, and in 45 minutes, which included a 15 minute test drive, our new car was ours. The 7 day money back guarantee is nice and I was pleasantly surprised that Carvana sent me emails following up on how car was driving and reminding me how many days I had left on 7 day guarantee. I haven't pushed the range yet, so I can't say anything intelligent about range anxiety. Every time I had a question I would call into Carvana and I would get a different person, but that wasn?? It is harrowing at best. Superb car. I just bought a 2001 Lexus 300 and I love it. My first purchase was back in 1984. © 2020 Cars.com and I will recommend Carvana to anyone who is looking to buy a car. All I can say is that that experience was enough to put me off the whole process. I cannot emphasize enough how this is the future of car buying. CarMax Phoenix-Gilbert - Now offering Curbside Pickup, Floor Mats & Cargo Area Mat w/Premium Pkg. My husband told me about Carvana from a commercial ad he heard/saw. And ironically, we had bought our other vehicle from a dealership just 3 months before being introduced to Carvana. 16 listings starting at $7,588, Carvana-Touchless Delivery To Your Home Review. After delivery, I took our new car to our long-time trusted mechanic for an in-depth inspection. At day 3, although I loved her, she didn't have all the bells and whistles I truly wanted so that evening, I was back on the Carvana site, shopping for a replacement minivan....it's so easy to do when it gives you results based on your financial settings....I found the new 'her' a few hours later. Perfect commuter, range up to 100 miles, less in the winter, and it degrades a bit over time. Lots of car for the money! The girl that delivered my car at 11:30 am exactly as promised, was super friendly and showed a genuine interest in any concerns I expressed. Yes, where do I start. I am absolutely recommending them to all of my friends and coworkers and I hope (as a relatively new company) they keep up the excellent work. I took this as a sign to go for the car I?? ?all preparatory contract paperwork was prepared in advance leaving only title transfer stuff to take care of. Documentation of Carvana's 150 point inspection was not provided. We found a few more things that we felt should be fixed...minor things. Bottom line: I love the car, I got it at a good price, and it could not have been easier. Save cars. Then you go to carvana.com. There was nothing to lose. She also promised a little care package and to my surprise, I received a FedEx package a few days later from Carvana packed with goodies! The car was 100% was described?? I love driving by gas stations and never having to stop. If you don't like it for ANY reason, you can return it in 7 days, no questions asked.