Its Ferrari-rivalling V10 engine has been developed by F1 experts, and is reckoned to offer more than 600bhp. Climbing aboard is tricky, too. The Furai’s power unit is classic Mazda, a three-rotor mid-mounted rotary engine pumping out 450hp and running on pure ethanol. At the time, Mazda described the Furai as “the embodiment of Zoom-Zoom,” in a line that immediately and irrevocably destroyed all of the hard work put in to try and make the car cool.

We managed to bag an exclusive drive of the Furai at Bentwaters Park in August 2008. Stripping out unnecessary internal weight, improves acceleration at the cost of grip. The Furai managed a few show runs, including Laguna Seca and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Cash On Delivery! In the metal, the car looks out of this world. The Furai packs a huge visual punch just standing still and, sitting only a metre high, you have to crouch down to see inside. Can Mazda really build a Ferrari-rivalling mid-engined supercar for the road with the same ease as it has done for the track? In 2009, he left Mazda for Renault, where he immediately set about introducing a swoopy new design language for the brand that would set it apart from other carmakers. The original race-car interior was upgraded from spartan to especially minimalist, with nothing you’d expect to find in a normal road car, such as air-conditioning or a radio.

Who’s really to know... You see those ‘55’ stickers on the car? Slicks, improving tires reduces wheelspin. The team started with the chassis. Instead of just pretending it had a race car, but building it on road car underpinnings, Mazda said that it wanted to create something more authentic. NOTE: This article first appeared on It takes a minute to climb out, and as we do, we can’t help but wonder what the car – undoubtedly impressive on the track – would be like to drive on the road. We try out the new M550i xDrive to find out…. It was to become the only drive by anyone outside of Mazda, as the car caught fire during the photo shoot. A teaser image of the vehicle was released on 11 December 2007. Mazda Furai by Russell Jesse from But what Furai has shown the Mazda team is the real value of teamwork and key partners: Racing Beat worked tirelessly to develop the world’s only ethanol powered three-rotor rotary engine. Sports tires, improving tires reduces wheelspin.

Out on the test track, we hit 100mph before the first big corner. The MAZDA FURAI was a concept car that debuted in 2008. Wet system with throttle body plate, with 50HP jets. 1-4-9 mph.Technically speaking, the MX-5 Miata is already a assembly model. The company made a big noise in its press releases for the 2008 Detroit show that it didn’t intend to take the Furai racing, while at the same time criticizing other manufacturers for presenting concept cars that weren’t intended for any practical benefit. Mazda Furai Race-inspired two ... the car looks out of this world. Renault could cut UK models in no deal Brexit profit drive. The Furai’s power unit is classic Mazda, a three-rotor mid-mounted rotary engine pumping out 450hp and running on pure ethanol. Higher capacity bottle, increase boost duration to 3 seconds. The mazda furai matsuda furai was a concept car revealed on 27 december 2007 and manufactured by mazda. At low speeds, the engine sounds more like a helicopter at take-off than a highly tuned rotary powerplant. Composite axles/propshaft, reduces weight. The fastest, most extreme car to make its debut at this year’s Detroit Motor Show was produced by Mazda. Uprated clutch and lightened flywheel, quickens gear changes and revs faster. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Mazda wanted the driver to hear the sound of the wind, the shriek of the engine, and the crunch of their own vertebrae. Re-jetted nitrous system, with 100HP jets. Mazda Furai.

Minor edits have been made. At nearly two metres wide and four metres long, the structure was also the perfect place to mount a very special 450bhp rotary engine. Although the scissor doors open wide, the cockpit is snug to say the very least – especially for two occupants!

The Mazda Furai (松田・風籟, Matsuda Furai) was a concept car revealed on 27 December … And after wriggling through the door, we are shoulder-to-shoulder with racer Jamie Bach, ALMS driver of the Courage that donated the chassis on which the Furai is based. But as we found out, the wild lines are really only half the story. Those flowing lines were drawn using the very latest CFD tech to make the car as aerodynamically efficient as possible.

Our main goal is to accomplish the best possible level and further the advancement of the vehicle. The first pictures of the sensational Furai (Issue 994) revealed what an incredible piece of design the car is. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. This included cutting-edge components and materials from the world of motor­sport, and one of the most famous engines in the company’s history.